HR Blogs Worth Reading

The following blogs are ones I read frequently. They are well written and are informative and stimulating.

The HR Capitalist by Kris Dunn

Compensation Cafe by Ann Bares

Compensation Force edited by Ann Bares

The Human Race Horses by Michael Vandervort

Fistful of Talent edited by Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee

The Ohio Employer Law Blog by Jon Hyman

The HR Ringleader by Trish McFarlane

The Evil HR Lady by Suzanne Lucas

Upstart HR by Ben Eubanks

Great Leadership by Dan McCarthy

The HR Bartender by Sharlyn Lauby

Profitability Through Human Capital by Cathy Missildine-Martin

Leading Engaged Companies by Barbara A. Hughes

PseudoHR by April Dowling

Inflexion Point by Mark Stelzner

Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog

Rehaul by Lance Haun

Steve Boese’s HR Technology by Steve Boese

Three Star Leadership by Wally Bock

HR Bacon Hut by Lyn H.

Incblot by Dr. Daniel Crosby

WinWinHR by Lorene Schaefer

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