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Omega HR Will Help You Complete Your HR Projects Fast, Effective and Efficiently

Omega HR will help you get your projects completed that you may not have the time or resources for. Why take chances with what may very well keep your organization compliant and effective in a world of constant change. Discover how Omega HR can bring in your HR project on time and on budget with your objectives in mind. Look and listen to how Omega HR Solutions has helped Sayward Masselter, HR Manager of Atlanta West Carpets and let us know how we can help you.

Omega HR can help you with projects such as:

  • Employee Handbook – Omega HR will review your current employee handbook to make sure it is compliant and up to date with the most recent legislative changes or can produce your first handbook. Our handbook template has been reviewed by employment attorneys to be sure it will hold up under the toughest scrutiny. Each handbook is customized to fit your organizations corporate culture. Never trust this project to computer software or cheaper online sources when the communication needs to be clear, concise and compliant. We can assure you that we not only have the best end product in the business today but at a cost that will fit your HR budget. Please use the request form below to let us know your needs and receive a free quote today.

  • Employee Job Descriptions – Omega HR will write custom job descriptions for you taking the pain out of the process so you are confident that they will hold up for any and all employees. This effort is not only for the serious HR practitioner but is a must especially these days in light of so many employee issues where the boundaries are blurred or not observed at all. This will not only lead to disgruntled employees but poor job performance as well. Omega HR will work with you to develop solid job descriptions based on your own business needs while observing the current legislative landscape that has been difficult for even the best practitioner to follow. Don’t take any chances with the negative impacts that can occur if you leave this important project out or have outdated job descriptions. Please use the request form below to let us know your needs and receive a free quote today.

  • Employee Performance Management – Omega HR will help you set the baseline for your employees so that they know what you expect from them and then provide a tested and tried system that will help you measure the results. Human capital is the one asset your business depends on to be able to have a profitable bottom line. Payroll is the largest business expense but can be wasted if job performance guidelines are not established and measured in an ongoing basis. Omega HR is able to customize a performance review process or review and update your current one or can provide a software based approach that is customizable as well. Make sure your business is looking after its most valuable asset and use the request form below to let us know your needs in order to get a free quote today.

  • Internal Forms & Procedures Development – Omega HR will help you get all of your businesses internal forms developed so they best reflect your corporate culture as well as capture the information you need. Omega HR will make them available electronically with each form customized to your specific needs. Why have your employees waist time, paper and printers only to write by hand inevitably leaving out information requiring more of your time to review only to go back for missing information again. Omega HR is able to produce online forms where important fields can not be left blank or with errors. Omega HR will also help you develop a process so that all of your internal as well as government required forms are stored and retrieved electronically so that your business is truly green and most efficient. We will also help you develop procedures for your own employee requirements as well as to properly adhere to government requirements. Don’t go another day pushing paper use the request form below to let us know your needs and receive a free quote today.

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