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Many small employers will depend on the office manager, controller or CFO or even the CEO to be responsible for their HR functions. They may even have people in the organization to help administer the benefits and deal with employee issues as they may arise. The problem is that this is not their core competency. They are responsible for the HR even though it may not be what they originally joined the organization to do. However when there is a problem they are the ones ultimately responsible. Does this sound like you or your company?

Executives and managers of employees need a human resources advisor to act as a sounding board, researcher, and source of information when confronted with difficult decisions regarding employee issues. Omega HR provides this type of advisement from a practical, yet knowledgeable, approach that can be expanded as needed.

For example let’s say that you have an employee that you know you need to terminate but it is a female employee and she is pregnant. Sound like trouble waiting to happen? What would you do? Who do you depend on for good counsel when issues arise that require a carefully thought out decision? The attorney? An outside consultant? The Internet? While that may work, is it the best and most cost effective way?

How much is peace of mind worth these days with what is your company’s most valuable resource? Now there is an affordable way to have a shoulder to lean on when you need an HR expert who will help guide you through the proper steps required so that nothing is left to chance. Look and listen to how Omega HR Solutions has helped Ben Carter Properties with their same situation:

Omega’s HR on demand is customizable and scalable to fit your specific needs. We have three basic levels of service with monthly agreements starting as low as $100 per month. Offering levels include:

  • Unlimited phone/email support
  • Updates on industry practices and legislative issues that are specific to your business
  • Initial employee handbook review to bring it up to date with current legislation
  • Initial compliance review to confirm or uncover any current issues as well as the expertise to get them corrected

Additional services are available such as:

  • Policies and recordkeeping review
  • Employment practices and process review
  • Employee relations practices and process review
  • Employee compensation practices and process review
  • Workers’ compensation and OSHA safety practices review

Please take a moment and let us know your biggest HR problem so we can get back to you right away with a no obligation quote:

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