Future Friday: How you think about technology makes a very big difference

by Michael Haberman October 3, 2014

Tweet As I have been preaching about HR in Future Friday I have indicated numerous times that technology will have a major impact on how HR does its job and the impact it will have on companies. When I mention this in my classes not everyone is thrilled to hear this information. I for one […]

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“Hiring for fit” may cause you legal problems

by Michael Haberman October 2, 2014

Tweet Let me start off by saying that I believe that it is important for most people being hired into an organization have a “fit” with the culture of the organization. However, if the assessment of “fit” is just a subjective evaluation then you could be headed to court. Background Attorney Robert LaBerge, of Bond […]

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Another case of stupid HR?

by Michael Haberman October 1, 2014

Tweet The EEOC has announced that they have filed a lawsuit against Dollar General for a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The specifics of the case, as stated by the EEOC, seem to point to a case of stupid HR. The specifics At the Maryville, Tennessee store a cashier suffered from insulin-dependent diabetes. […]

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Do busy days make for bad ethics?

by Michael Haberman September 30, 2014

Tweet In HR we deal with the fallout from rules being broken, procedures not being followed, and decisions being made that don’t meet the ethics of the organization. If you have ever wondered why people do those things the answer may be in their work schedule, so says a new study. Busy people A study […]

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Giving an employee a piece of the action may violate the FLSA

by Michael Haberman September 29, 2014

Tweet The start-up world is full of stories of companies using equity in the business as a way to compensate employees when there was not enough cash to pay their salary. The company would go on to be successful and those employees became millionaires. That is part of the allure of going to work for […]

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Future Friday: We shape our destiny

by Michael Haberman September 26, 2014

Tweet Thinking of the future is not hard to do. We do it all the time, we plan marriages, we imagine children growing up, some of us plan for our retirements. In fact good financial planners are futurists, you can be too. It is a matter of constructing the story of your life, your job, […]

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The HR Carnival Fall Edition- It is all about change

by Michael Haberman September 25, 2014

Tweet Having just passed the autumnal equinox the season in the northern hemisphere has changed to Fall. So change is what Michael VanDervort made the them of this edition of the HR Carnival. There may be fewer posts than usual but they are powerful. It includes pieces on counterculture in your organization, letting change happen […]

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Are you on the new OSHA list that expands reporting requirements?

by Michael Haberman September 24, 2014

Tweet The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a final report that significantly expands the list of businesses that are covered by new reporting requirements, is your business on that list? New rule On September 11, 2014 OSHA issued a press release announcing an expanded list of types of businesses that must comply […]

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Using Independent Contractors just got riskier!

by Michael Haberman September 23, 2014

Tweet One area of employment law that has always been fraught with danger for employers has been the use of independent contractors. I have written about it before, here and here as examples. The use of independent contractors is scrutinized by several government agencies, both federal and state. The use of ICs is looked at […]

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Why I have written 1500 blog posts

by Michael Haberman September 22, 2014

Tweet Today I am posting the 1500th post on my blog. I get asked why I continue to write as much as I do. I figured with this post I would briefly answer this question. A little history As I noted about a week and a half ago my blog just turned nine years old. […]

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