Future Friday: Is the future of management in gamification?

by Michael Haberman July 3, 2015

Tweet At the #SHRM15 national conference speaker, writer, entrepreneur Marcus Buckingham talked about his research and writing on leadership. He was releasing a new book Standout 2.0 in which he talks about assessing your strengths as a leader in order to be better in your job and in your life. During his presentation he was […]

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Report from #SHRM15: The USDOL Causes a Buzz

by Michael Haberman July 2, 2015

Tweet The morning of the last day of the #SHRM15 conference started with Dr. Oz. I was prepared not to be all that interested in what he had to say, but he was actually pretty interesting. Here are some of his pearls of wisdom from my Tweets: HR is the cutting edge of healthcare because […]

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Report from #SHRM15 Part 2

by Michael Haberman July 1, 2015

Tweet The day started with a HUGE dose of Steve Browne. If you are not familiar with Steve he is an HR executive in Ohio. He is an advocate of culture, not just good culture, but great culture. Some of my tweets from that session include: HR should not do things they should “do” people! […]

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Report from #SHRM15

by Michael Haberman June 30, 2015

Tweet The keynote address to kick of the Monday at SHRM15 in Vegas was Marcus Buckingham. What a great presentation. I will be posting more about his work later. I plan on reading his book. Buckingham talks about employee engagement, but in a different manner than the normal discussion. A few tweetable moments I captured […]

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#SHRM15 is about connecting

by Michael Haberman June 29, 2015

Tweet Steven Browne is one of the most outgoing HR people you will meet. He is that way with a purpose. He made a presentation on the Smart Stage at the SHRM Conference in Las Vegas. According to Steve he is “geeked” to be at SHRM15 and he wanted to convey the value of interacting […]

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Future Friday: The Future of HR is in relationships- Four Tips for the #SHRM15 Conference

by Michael Haberman June 26, 2015

Tweet I have written a number of times that the future of HR is to keep the “human” in human resources. As technology advances and jobs consisting of tasks become increasingly automated the one area that will not be automated is that of “relationships.” People connections Steve Browne, the Executive Director of HR for LaRosa, […]

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Making your employees feel proud to be an employee

by Michael Haberman June 25, 2015

Tweet Sitting in my office I heard my wife exclaim from her office “That’s wonderful!” Naturally I was curious and asked her “What was wonderful?” She said she had just received the company newsletter and it contained a story that she said told about something the company did that was “just so cool.” Company cool […]

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SHRM National Conference and Building a Smarter Workforce

by Michael Haberman June 24, 2015

Tweet Starting next Sunday, June 28, I will be attending the SHRM National Conference in Las Vegas. I am going at a member of the official blogger team for SHRM. In that capacity I will be live Tweeting from the keynote presentations and selected concurrent sessions. I will be posting blog discussions once or twice […]

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When stupid HR results in new laws

by Michael Haberman June 23, 2015

Tweet I think there is already too much employment related legislation, so I hate it when stupid HR practices prompt legislators to introduce legislation to counteract the stupid HR practice. But alas… No good reason A group of Democrat Senators have introduced the MOVE Act, short for the Mobility and Opportunity for Vulnerable Employees Act. […]

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A New Frontier at Work: Balancing the Scales for Employee Well-Being

by Michael Haberman June 22, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at SocialMonsters.org. We live in an age where the meaning of work-life balance is slowly diminishing. Most workplaces value employees not only for their work, but for their dedication and constant commitment to the job. For many, this means long hours, lots of in-office face […]

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