How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection: A Guest Post

by Michael Haberman May 23, 2018

Tweet Today’s guest post was written by Tom Reddon. Tom is a forklift specialist and blog manager for the National Forklift Exchange. He also sits on the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) Executive Dialogue team. Follow him on Twitter at @TomReddon Does the thought of an OSHA inspection send shivers down your spine? Is your company […]

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Understanding the Ethics and Laws of Workplace Security Monitoring

by Michael Haberman May 22, 2018

Tweet Today’s post on security monitoring is brought to you by my friends at  As surveillance camera systems and other monitoring methods have grown more efficient and more convenient to install and use, more businesses are upgrading their security technology. This has brought major security benefits, but it has also created new privacy concerns. […]

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Networking news for #SHRM18 attendees

by Michael Haberman May 21, 2018

Tweet I have participated in several #NextChat sessions for #SHRM18. One of the frequent topics of discussions is networking. People are provided with all kinds of advice. Some of this includes: Bring business cards to help break the ice Don’t bring business cards, that will make you look outdated Talk to people at the lunch […]

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Future Friday Replay: Habits of a Futurist

by Michael Haberman May 18, 2018

Tweet I read an article in Business Insider called Why Every Corporation Should Employ A Futurist where the author talked about what a “futurist” could do for companies. Two of these were: Futurists think in terms of “multiple futures” rather than one. Not only does this increase the chances that one will have a plan for the […]

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Age discrimination in today’s world

by Michael Haberman May 17, 2018

Tweet In the scheme of things in the working world, I am an old man. As I approach my 67th birthday (July 7th for those of wishing to send gifts) I am continually frustrated by reading stories and listening to friends talk about incidents of age discrimination. I just recently had a friend feel compelled […]

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The Penalties for Wage and Hour violations are NOT just fines!

by Michael Haberman May 16, 2018

Tweet In a press release from early May, the USDOL announced that a conclusion had been reached in a case reaching back to 2009. According to the release: The U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire has sentenced Kevin Corriveau, owner, and operator of Kevin Corriveau Painting Inc. of Nashua, to six months […]

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Two News Items of Interest to HR

by Michael Haberman May 15, 2018

Tweet The arena of human resources is not a static one. Rather, one of the main challenges for people in the profession is the fact that rules, regulations, and practices are changing all the time. In that vein, I have several things in the news of which you need to be aware. Exempt salary level […]

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If you require the overtime, pay the overtime

by Michael Haberman May 14, 2018

Tweet I am amazed sometimes at the things employers will do to avoid paying overtime. If this is done unintentionally, it is a sign of ignorance and lack of proper understanding of the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. If this is done intentionally this falls into the category of wage theft. Below is […]

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Future Friday: Why can’t we teach collaboration?

by Michael Haberman May 11, 2018

Tweet Reading an article on megatrends in the job market I came across a statement that said “But I’m convinced that the future belongs to women. Why? Because they tend to possess the human characteristics that will give them the advantage in the new jobs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Like the capacity for collaboration […]

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13 Ways to Detect Substance Abuse in the Workplace: A guest post

by Michael Haberman May 10, 2018

Tweet Alcohol and drug use in the workplace isn’t something to take lightly. Serious harm can occur to your property and staff if an affected employee causes an argument or accident. Promises, a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction, states that over 70% of all substance abusers in the United States have at least […]

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