Future Friday: The automation of the C-Suite

by Michael Haberman April 24, 2015

Tweet As we talk about the future of work and the replacement of workers with automation little consideration is given to executive positions. My guess is that if you were to poll the C-suites of companies most of them would feel that their jobs are safe from automation. After all how can you automate the […]

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Five things that annoy your employees

by Michael Haberman April 23, 2015

Tweet Last Saturday I was at a reception for the opening of a new office for my financial advisor. One of the people that I was chatting with brought up the subject of things that upset customers. He said he had read a great article on five things that annoyed customers. I immediately thought customers […]

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A little RESPECT goes a long way: A SHRM Atlanta Report

by Michael Haberman April 22, 2015

Tweet Aretha Franklin sang about it, but at the SHRM Atlanta conference this week Paul Meshanko talked about it. Meshanko, a speaker, writer and consultant talked about the neuroscience of respect. Here are some of the facts he gave us about the subject: Respect biologically primes the brain for performance. Respect releases three drugs; serotonin, […]

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From the Archive: A big KEY to making the most of your conference experience

by Michael Haberman April 21, 2015

Tweet I am attending the SHRM Atlanta 2015 conference day two today. This is the 25th annual conference that the SHRM Atlanta chapter has produced. I thought that I would republish a post from April of 2013. The value of attending such a conference is not diminished by two years of time.  I am preparing […]

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Republication of 7 Steps to becoming a practical HR Futurist

by Michael Haberman April 20, 2015

Tweet Today I am presenting at the SHRM-Atlanta conference in Atlanta. I will be presenting on Seven Steps to Becoming a Practical HR Futurist. Hopefully I will see you there. If not, I am republishing a blog post that covered this topic. The more I read the more it becomes apparent to me how important […]

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Future Friday: Adjusting to a life of Smart Tech

by Michael Haberman April 17, 2015

Tweet I have several times in the past envisioned a future for HR departments where robots and smart technology will replace HR professionals who are transactional in nature. I have said that I can foresee an HR department where the walls can identify and talk to any employee who walks through the door. Smart Tech […]

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An Opinion: What is the big deal about Women in management?

by Michael Haberman April 16, 2015

Tweet This is an opinion piece. So if you don’t like my opinions don’t read this. I just read an article asking the question Should More Women in the Workplace be a Requirement? The author quotes German law where companies are required to have women in 30% of their supervisory and managerial positions. He asks […]

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NLRB rules calling your boss a “NASTY MOTHERF**KER” is protected!

by Michael Haberman April 15, 2015

Tweet In the words of the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live “Isn’t that special.” In a ruling that is certain to make some people shake their heads the NLRB ruled that obscene and offensive language did not go “beyond the pale” as one dissenting member said. It seems to open the door to making […]

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In the news

by Michael Haberman April 14, 2015

Tweet This post today is a small collection of news items that caught my interest and I wanted you to be aware of them as well. Retaliation claims still the biggest The EEOC issued  report on claims shows an overall decline in claims, perhaps a reflection of the improved economy. The numbers showed that retaliation […]

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Ambush election? What the heck is an ambush election?

by Michael Haberman April 13, 2015

Tweet Tomorrow, April 14, 2015, is the date that the new rule on “ambush” elections from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) goes into effect. Are you clear on what this is? What exactly is an “ambush” election? In the world of organization unions will spend a great deal of time and money in trying […]

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