What can you do with a disloyal employee?

by Michael Haberman April 5, 2016

Tweet It is a safe bet that most companies have, at some time, had an employee or two that they considered to be disloyal. In most cases the penalty for disloyalty most often applied is termination. Unfortunately today the National Labor Relations Board may disagree with you and that may embolden your employees. This was […]

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The power of belief!

by Michael Haberman April 4, 2016

Tweet I am not talking about belief in an all-powerful being or beings residing somewhere other than earth. I am talking about belief in yourself. Numerous writer have talked about the power of self-belief. I have read Earl Nightingale , Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Napoleon Hill, and one of my favorites Denis Waitley.  Waitley said […]

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Future Friday: The Rise of Virtual Reality

by Michael Haberman April 1, 2016

Tweet The subject of virtual reality has come up in a number of discussions lately. I was interviewed by a writer on the use of virtual reality (VR) in the workplace. I have noticed a commercial that shows a doctor studying a VR image of a heart on his way to surgery. There have been […]

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The current I-9 expires today. What should you do?

by Michael Haberman March 31, 2016

Tweet In case you have not paid attention to your I-9 form lately it expires as of today! So far no new form has been issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). So what are you supposed to do? This has happened before. You need to just keep using the current form until […]

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Do you include the right people in the interview process?

by Michael Haberman March 30, 2016

Tweet We all know the purpose of the interview is to provide information that will help you hire the best candidate to fill your open position. If you follow my advice you know that I recommend behavioral interviewing as the best interview method. Not familiar with behavioral interviewing? It is based on the premise that […]

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Why it is important to have accurate time records!

by Michael Haberman March 29, 2016

Tweet Continuing with the theme that I established yesterday, poor HR practices, today I want to talk about the importance of keeping accurate time records. Supposedly we all know that the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires accurate time records for non-exempt employees. That is the basis on which we determine how much they are […]

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Out dated personnel practices can cost you!

by Michael Haberman March 28, 2016

Tweet I titled this “personnel” practices rather than HR practices because, as you will see, what this company did reflects pre-2000 ways of thinking. Many companies still operate this way and they are bound to suffer for it at some point. Pre-hire medical forms The Americans with Disabilities Act has been around since 1990. In […]

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Future Friday: Looking at your employees through a digital lens

by Michael Haberman March 25, 2016

Tweet According to a paper by Gartner businesses need to now look at their world though a digital lens. This means that businesses need to look at people and things in a different way to maximize and better understand the opportunities that are available. I think this can be applied to employees as well. The […]

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HR Solutions that Every HR Department Needs Today

by Michael Haberman March 24, 2016

Tweet Today’s post is a sponsored post written by Sandeep Kumar of Advance Systems Most businesses today are highly complicated. Regardless of whether you have 2,000 employees or 20, your organization can benefit from the kind of sophisticated, technologically advanced web-based tools that simplifies the tracking, recording, and accessing the information you need to succeed. […]

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Revisiting A Cup of Coffee and A Chat: Networking at Its Core

by Michael Haberman March 23, 2016

Tweet I came across an article called Serendipity as Strategy, written by Michael Soto of Spark Collaboration. It was a very interesting read. He talked about the ways in which companies are working to increase employees meeting and interacting with each other. These “chance” meetings have been found to increase collaboration, productivity, and employee engagement. […]

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