#SHRM16- Images from the conference

by Michael Haberman June 23, 2016


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#SHRM16 report Day 3- Focus on the FLSA

by Michael Haberman June 22, 2016

Tweet Today I attended two packed sessions on the FLSA and its impact on companies. One session dealt with nonprofits and the second dealt with the FLSA overtime rules in general. #SHRM16 People still very concerned about the FLSA. Room packed for @TDMcCutchen presentation. pic.twitter.com/h1tEY2Bv3X — Mike Haberman (@MikeHaberman) June 21, 2016 Nonprofits The session […]

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#SHRM16 Report- Day 2: Visiting the Vendors

by Michael Haberman June 21, 2016

Tweet Although I hit two great concurrent sessions today and a very interesting keynote address I will talk about them at another time. I wanted to highlight some of the vendors I have visited. I look for some of the smaller vendors, not exclusively, but generally some that have an interesting product or service. Ultimate […]

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#SHRM16 Report on Opening Day

by Michael Haberman June 20, 2016

Tweet The 2016 SHRM conference started with a great set of keynote that followed Hank Jackson’s opening remarks. According to Hank Jackson, SHRM’s CEO this is a breakthrough year for human resources. In fact that is the theme for this year BREAKTHROUGH. Jackson says that today’s workplaces need to be innovative, competitive, and equitable. Flexibility […]

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Future Friday: Next week at #SHRM16

by Michael Haberman June 17, 2016

Tweet I am changing the focus of Future Friday from several years from now to next week. As most of you know I am an official blogger for #SHRM16. I will be at the conference starting Saturday, June 18th. If you are not attending there is still a way for you to follow the action […]

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#SHRM16 Interview with Tim Mulligan the CHRO of the Year

by Michael Haberman June 16, 2016

Tweet I lived in Southern California for my high school and college years. In college I studied comparative animal psychology, primates in particular. As a result I was very familiar with the San Diego Zoo. I have probably been at least 15 times and consider it to be one of the premier zoos I have […]

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Personal agenda for #SHRM16

by Michael Haberman June 15, 2016

Tweet I thought as an official #SHRM16 blogger I would share my personal agenda for the conference next week. I do this because I am not the stereotypical conference attendee or blogger. I am an “old guy” in HR. I sponsor myself, I don’t have corporate backing for my attendance, other than my conference fee […]

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Improving solutions for Talent Acquisition

by Michael Haberman June 14, 2016

Tweet What do you get when you cross a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and an interest in the talent acquisition space? The answer is Jonathan F. Kestenbaum, who is the Executive Director at Talent Tech Labs. I had the opportunity to meet with him this past week at Talent Tech Labs in New York City. The […]

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How a Purpose-Driven Brand Can Motivate Employees

by Michael Haberman June 13, 2016

Tweet When it comes to a job, sometimes employees are just in it for the paycheck, the time off and the benefits. After all, we all need to sustain ourselves in our daily lives, as well as provide for our families. But some people are in it for more. With many studies showing people as […]

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Future Friday: Is the future of the gig economy more regulation?

by Michael Haberman June 10, 2016

Tweet A great deal has been written about the “gig” economy, including things that I have written such as here and here. It has its proponents and its opponents. The proponents say it is going to free workers to have more control over their lives and add more freedom to their day. The opponents say […]

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