A brief HR lesson from psychology

by Michael Haberman November 9, 2016

Tweet Teaching in a class the other day we were discussion motivation, getting people to do things. The next day I was reading a book called The Wisest One in the Room by Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross. They were talking about the “push and pull of situations.”  In this discussion they told of the […]

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Supporting Your Valued Senior Staff: Tips for Managers and Human Resources Directors

by Michael Haberman November 8, 2016

Tweet This is a guest post written by Jim Vogel of ElderCare.org. He enjoys providing valuable information to seniors and their caregivers. His mission is to help ensure seniors are able to thrive throughout their golden years. Jim is the co-founder of Elder Action, which aims to provide useful information to aging seniors. If your employer […]

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Just because it is workers’ comp doesn’t mean it is not covered by the ADA

by Michael Haberman November 7, 2016

Tweet When an employee has to leave work due to a work-related injury it causes difficulties for many people, especially if it is a disabling injury. That disability status throws the situation into a different category. It is no longer just a worker’s comp issue it is also now a potential Americans with Disabilities issue. […]

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Future Friday: The Human Condition

by Michael Haberman November 4, 2016

Tweet I was reading a piece by Dan Schawbel, a favorite writer of mine, where he was talking about 10 trends for 2017. (I could gripe that we are just into November and we are already getting 2017 articles, but hey Christmas decorations are already up as well.) In his article in Forbes Schawbel says […]

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Daylight Savings Time and the FLSA

by Michael Haberman November 3, 2016

Tweet Ah… that treasured extra hour of sleep arrives this Sunday morning at 2 a.m. when suddenly the clock switches to 1 a.m. Well at least it does on computers and smart phones, but most of us have to go through the exercise of changing the multitude clocks in our houses. Many of us will […]

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Do employers have to allow employees time to vote?

by Michael Haberman November 2, 2016

Tweet With the election less than a week away the question of voting time for employees is always asked. Not all companies have a state policy. If the company is less than four years old the owners may not have thought of the issue. Here is some guidance for employers and employees for that matter […]

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Does an employee have to say the magical words “reasonable accommodation?”

by Michael Haberman November 1, 2016

Tweet As a consultant to small business I get this question frequently. In fact I got it twice in the month of October. The truth is there is nothing magical about the words. The case According to attorney Krista Sterken, of the firm Foley & Lardner LLP, a recent case affirms that an employee NEVER […]

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You can train them now or you can train them later but later may cost more

by Michael Haberman October 31, 2016

Tweet Teaching a class the other day, I was covering the subject of training, particularly supervisory training. I referenced a blog post I wrote in September entitled Lack of Supervisory Training costs a company $277,565. It is unfortunate that those cases are more frequent than they should be. I have come across yet another example. […]

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Future Friday: A world of those that “can” versus those that “can’t”

by Michael Haberman October 28, 2016

Tweet Are we creating a work world of those that “can” versus those that “can’t” was the question I had after reading an article in The Guardian. The article was about the future of work and the prognostications about how it is going to change. Let’s face it the world of work is changing already […]

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Is Culture a “bias” trap?

by Michael Haberman October 27, 2016

Tweet I read an interesting post by attorney Daniel Schwartz of Shipman & Goodwin LLP. In his post Schwartz references a WSJ article called ‘Culture Fit’ May Be the Key to Your Next Job. The article, by Rachel Feintzeig, talks about the interviewing practices of companies as they try to find candidates with the right […]

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