Five acts that violate the overtime provisions of the FLSA

by Michael Haberman March 27, 2014

Tweet   CNN Money published a list of the top 10 industries that violate the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. These industries include full service restaurants, fast food restaurants, janitorial services, day care, hotels and motels, convenience stores, nursing homes, security services, grocery stores and doctor’s offices. Many of these are franchises, […]

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EEOC and FTC team up to clamp down on employers

by Michael Haberman March 26, 2014

Tweet   The EEOC and the FTC team up to emphasize rules already in existence. Part of the EEOC’s strategic plan is to insure that the use of background checks closely watched and to this effort they have teamed with the Federal Trade Commission, which is responsible for the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Nothing new […]

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Why is the work day eight hours long?

by Michael Haberman March 25, 2014

Tweet   Have you ever wondered why we work an eight hour day? Where did that concept come from? In our agrarian days people would work sun-up to sun-down working the fields. As civilization increased and developed jobs developed that were not controlled by the need to be in the fields and work settled into […]

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Why you should document when the decision was made!

by Michael Haberman March 24, 2014

Tweet   I know I write frequently about the importance of documentation. There is a reason for that! It will save you grief, heartache and money. Here is yet another reason why documentation is important. The Situation  Attorney Christopher Ward, of Foley & Lardner LLP, makes the point that a successful defense of a lawsuit […]

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Future Friday: Why the future of HR is so grim!

by Michael Haberman March 21, 2014

Tweet   It never makes for a pleasant day to read how your profession is stumbling around in the dark without a flashlight. That is what I read into the recent Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report recently published. This month marks the 25th anniversary of the Internet and unfortunately much of HR is […]

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Supreme Court asked to decide another Wage and Hour issue

by Michael Haberman March 20, 2014

Tweet   About a year ago I wrote a post called Supreme Court to decide on the Definition of “Clothes”. I thought at that time it was ridiculous to have the highest court in the land decide such trivial things. I envision them deciding groundbreaking and monumental things. But now they are being asked again […]

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How Much Vacation Time Should You Offer?

by Michael Haberman March 19, 2014

Tweet As a consultant to small business I frequently get asked how much vacation is “the right amount.” So when offered this guest post I felt I should post this. By Donna Stewart, writer for How much paid time off is fair to give to your employees? How much is fair to your business […]

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What Mr. Obama’s call for new overtime rules means to you.

by Michael Haberman March 18, 2014

Tweet   One headline declared “With A Swoop of His Pen Obama Makes Millions Workers Eligible For Overtime Pay.” This refers to the speech that President Obama made regarding changing the overtime regulations. The President said he was going to direct the Department of Labor to revise the Fair Labor Standards Act, first passed in […]

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Personal Life at Work: Tips for Achieving Balance and Staying Productive

by Michael Haberman March 17, 2014

Tweet Today’s post is written by Eric Friedman, founder and CEO of eSkill.  We spend a great deal of our time and a large part of our lives working. Spending so much time in the office, it’s no wonder we sometimes see our performance affected by our emotions and whatever we are going through in […]

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Future Friday: Is Just-in-Time HR to become a “shared economy” position?

by Michael Haberman March 14, 2014

Tweet   Futurist Thomas Frey has projected that the change to a sharing economy is going to be a major disrupter to business and society. In his article The Disruptive Nature of the Sharing Economy: Finding the Next Great Opportunities, he writes about the existence of a number of businesses that are already in place […]

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