The NLRB creates another test for Independent Contractor Status

by Michael Haberman October 30, 2014

Tweet If you have been paying attention (here, here and here) the U.S. government has been cracking down on the use of independent contractors. In a big move to restrict “mis-classification” of employees as independent contractors the USDOL and the IRS have been stringent is applying the rules for determining independent contractor status. Now the […]

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How do I terminate an employee with an H1-B visa?

by Michael Haberman October 29, 2014

Tweet H1-B visas are special documents that allow people with special skills to work in the United States. Only 65,000 of these visas are issued annually, thus terminating someone on an H1-B is a big deal. Requirements to have an H1-B According to the Department of Homeland Security, USCIS, a worker on an H1-B visa […]

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Is Your Small Business Prepared for Disaster?

by Michael Haberman October 28, 2014

Tweet Today’s post brought to you from our friends at You may think your small business doesn’t have to worry about recent large-scale data breaches at big companies like Target. However, experts like Defense Intelligence Agency’s senior officer Tyler Cohen Wood warn that small businesses are at even greater risk because hackers think they […]

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Why it is important to your job to get enough sleep

by Michael Haberman October 27, 2014

Tweet As we approach the weekend where daylight savings time comes to an end I thought some facts about the importance of sleep on performance were in order. I have written some similar posts in the past, see in particular Three Work Reasons to get a Good Night’s Sleep. Facts The average American adult, while […]

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Future Friday: Training will be critical in the next decade

by Michael Haberman October 24, 2014

Tweet According to a study conducted by Oxford Economics for SAP on SuccessFactor clients the future for many companies shows them to be unprepared in a number of different areas regarding people, talent, and HR. One area in which these companies reported being behind the curve, from both the executive view and the employee view […]

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Voting laws: Are you aware of what yours are?

by Michael Haberman October 23, 2014

Tweet If you are like me you are happy to see the national election approaching on November 4th. Actually if you are like me you want to see November 5th get here. I just want the inane election ads to be over with!  In the meantime you may get some questions as to what the […]

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Is pay secrecy disappearing in the private sector?

by Michael Haberman October 22, 2014

Tweet There has been an ongoing debate about pay secrecy versus pay transparency for some time now. The old way of doing business versus the new way of doing business. The old way said that what you made was your business and no one else’s. The new way says that transparency is more egalitarian and […]

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The Power of Collaboration

by Michael Haberman October 21, 2014

Tweet I had the good fortune to be at Dreamforce14 this past week. For those of you who have not heard of Dreamforce, it is the annual conference for It is a huge conference and pretty much dominates San Francisco when it is in session. I wrote about it when I attended in 2012 […]

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How by doing good you can do right by your company

by Michael Haberman October 20, 2014

Tweet I received an email that started off “What if I told you that you could help 23 million people today?” I knew it was not junk mail because I recognized the name of the company. So it intrigued me and I looked further into this subject. This blog post is the result, because I […]

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From the Future Friday Archive: Advice for Future HR Professionals

by Michael Haberman October 17, 2014

Tweet This is from the archive and was very popular when first published. A friend and colleague, Bill Ramsey, asked me the other day what I would tell a high school senior, who had expressed an interest in human resources, about what they should be doing to prepare for a career in HR. He thought […]

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