The New OSHA rule effective January 1, 2017 hits big companies first

by Michael Haberman December 12, 2016

Tweet On May 25, 2016 I published a blog post called OSHA establishes publication rules to “nudge” employers. Well the time has come for that rule to be effective. On January 1, 2017 the “nudging” becomes a big push. Are you ready? What has to be published? According to OSHA as of “Jan. 1, 2017, […]

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Future Friday: The Paradox of the Present and how it keeps us from seeing the future

by Michael Haberman December 9, 2016

Tweet As I have mentioned numerous times I do a presentation called 7 Steps to being a practical HR Futurist. I also teach the HR classes in which we include “environmental scanning” as one of the key skill sets needed by HR professionals. People nod and agree that it is important to pay attention to […]

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Advice on Handling Negative Feedback

by Michael Haberman December 8, 2016

Tweet I thought this infographic was interesting. Not everyone knows how to handle negative feedback, especially those new to the workforce. Here is advice from 57 people. Negative Feedback | Make an Infographic

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What is confirmation bias and how to overcome it?

by Michael Haberman December 7, 2016

Tweet Have you ever had a situation where you looked at some data and it confirmed what you thought? Or you were interviewing a candidate that belonged to the same sorority you belonged to and she was just as bright as you expected her to be? Or the millennial employee you have is just as […]

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Mandated Paid Sick Leave- an inevitability?

by Michael Haberman December 6, 2016

Tweet Many large companies offer paid sick leave to their employees. Many smaller companies do as well, but some do not. For those companies that offer it the amount of time offered varies. In the smaller business market that I work in the average is three days with a range of 0 to 5 days. […]

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Ignoring the minimum wage is a big deal!

by Michael Haberman December 5, 2016

Tweet With all the talk about minimum wage and minimum salary, a company ignores at its own peril their obligation to pay people the proper hourly wage. So Life Time Fitness found out. They were ordered to pay Corporate-wide back wages of $476,329 due to 15,546 employees at locations in 26 states. They had to […]

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Future Friday: Shifting Megatrends and how they will affect the workplace

by Michael Haberman December 2, 2016

Tweet Price Waterhouse Coopers, LLP also known as PwC just released a new paper discussing five megatrends they have identified. These five megatrends are discussed in their paper in terms of how they will affect global defense and security. I am going to discuss two of these megatrends in terms of how they will affect […]

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Is the Fight for $15 self-defeating?

by Michael Haberman December 1, 2016

Tweet As I write this the employees at O’Hare Airport are on strike in conjunction with multiple Fight for $15 rally’s spread across the country. Bolstered by support from unions, particularly the SEIU, workers are trying to get increases to $15 per hour. Is it working? Or are they shooting themselves in the foot? Who […]

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EEOC issues National Origin discrimination guidance

by Michael Haberman November 30, 2016

Tweet National origin discrimination is certainly in the news today. With large numbers of people seeking refuge in the United States from the wars and dismal conditions in their home countries and due to the rise in terroristic act national origin discrimination has been at the forefront of many discrimination cases. It is however not […]

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Hey Employers you now have to train employees on the use of a ladder!

by Michael Haberman November 29, 2016

Tweet On November 18, 2016 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a new 513 page final rule on Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems. This rule becomes effective January 17, 2017 and will affect 6.9 million establishments that employ 112 million employees, according to Seyfarth Shaw. Included in these regulations is a […]

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