New Report Identifies Best Jobs for Veterans

by Michael Haberman March 30, 2017

Tweet I don’t generally republish verbatim reports sent to me, but in this case I thought I would to support the efforts of veterans getting hired. CareerCast published New CareerCast Report Identifies Best Jobs for Veterans which shows some very interesting results. In its new report, CareerCast has identified eight of the best civilian careers for veterans, including […]

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140,000 reasons to complete I-9 forms correctly

by Michael Haberman March 29, 2017

Tweet You would think that since the I-9 form, also known as the Employment Eligibility Verification form, has been around since 1986 people would have read it and understood the provisions surrounding its use. Apparently that is not the case. Acceptable documents When bringing on a new hire there is a list of documents that […]

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Your nonunion employees are still protected by the National Labor Relations Act

by Michael Haberman March 28, 2017

Tweet Many employers are unaware of the National Labor Relations Act which provides protection to employees even though those employees do not belong to a union. A recent decision by an Administrative Law Judge shows just how far this can be taken. Walked off the job According to attorneys Robert T. Quackenboss, Kurt G. Larkin […]

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It is not just women who claim sex discrimination lawsuits

by Michael Haberman March 27, 2017

Tweet I think when most of us hear about a sex discrimination lawsuit we have a tendency to think a woman has filed a claim for discrimination on the basis of her sex. We would probably be right the majority of the time, however, not always, as witnessed by a case settled in Las Vegas. […]

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Future Friday: What will you have to do to keep your job in the future?

by Michael Haberman March 24, 2017

Tweet Last week I wrote about the views of Gerd Leonhard on Future Friday: Lost your job to a robot, sorry but re-education will no longer secure your rescue. If you read that you may recall that Leonhard thinks humans will have to be “creators” to have their jobs protected. Anything that can be routinized […]

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The potential consequences of improper classification of independent contractors

by Michael Haberman March 23, 2017

Tweet There is a minefield awaiting many employers as the strength of the “gig” economy continues to grow. Many employers are interested in taking on workers to do contract work, thus avoiding the expenses that go with having employees. It often seems a simple solution, but as Uber has discovered, those relationship can be fraught […]

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OSHA’s Top 10 Safety Violations

by Michael Haberman March 22, 2017

Tweet OSHA has released the top 10 safety violations for the last fiscal year. They could have just said “See last year’s list” because it is the same ten violations. The appalling thing is that, even though these violations don’t change, there is little improvement being made. Last year 4500 workers were killed in the […]

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Is mandatory paid Family and Medical leave just around the corner?

by Michael Haberman March 21, 2017

Tweet Back in December I somewhat addressed this topic with my post Mandated Paid Sick Leave- an inevitability? Now we see movement toward mandatory paid family and medical leave with the introduction of a bill in Congress. Is the time this trend will come to be? The US in last place According to the website […]

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Problems with your company culture? Look in the mirror!

by Michael Haberman March 20, 2017

Tweet Have your employees been leaving? Have your Glassdoor ratings not been where you would like them to be? Employee productivity not where you would like it to be? It is very likely you have a culture problem. Who is to blame? Who creates the culture? Every organization has a culture. Some have a good […]

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Future Friday: Lost your job to a robot, sorry but re-education will no longer secure your rescue

by Michael Haberman March 17, 2017

Tweet The title above is a paraphrase of a sentence that futurist Gerd Leonhard wrote in a an article entitled 2017: GOODBYE TO THE AGE OF REPLICATION, WELCOME BACK TO ORIGINALITY: PRODUCTIVITY… IS FOR ROBOTS. It is a fascinating take on what we may soon be facing in the world of work. Gerd says that […]

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