An angry employee is not just an employee relations issue

by Michael Haberman May 3, 2016

Tweet I had a client call the other day looking for advice on what to do with an angry employee. The employee was causing all sorts of havoc with fellow employees, to the point of causing tears. We talked about the situation and I provided some advice on what they might do. The question I […]

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A good thought for a Monday

by Michael Haberman May 2, 2016

Tweet As you start off this week keep this in mind.

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Future Friday: How to make the future a calmer place

by Michael Haberman April 29, 2016

Tweet If you are anything like me, and I am betting you are, your day is constantly interrupted by the technology that surrounds you. Email notifications, automatic downloads, pop-ups, even your alarm clock are all aspects of what is called interruptive technology. You can do somethings to mute these interruptions but you can’t get away […]

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Do you have the habit that makes people successful?

by Michael Haberman April 28, 2016

Tweet In his article 10 Habits of Ultra Successful People: The Secret Sauce to Success, Charley Mendoza divulges to us what has made Bill Gates, Elon Much, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban and others so successful. The list is excellent and I try to apply  many of these, regrettably somehow missing the wild success mark, but […]

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Are employees protected from termination for social media posts?

by Michael Haberman April 27, 2016

Tweet Curt Schilling, former superstar turned ESPN announcer, was prominent in the news last week because he got fired for comments he made about the North Carolina “bathroom” law. (If you are not familiar with what that is you click here.) Many people may have thought that Schilling was protected in his comments, so what […]

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If you use Independent Contractors are you free from union trouble?

by Michael Haberman April 26, 2016

Tweet The logical answer to that question would normally be “yes.” Unions are groups of employees that have gathered to provide them the opportunity to deal with wages, hours and working conditions, but if you have been paying attention you know the National Labor Relations Board has been working hard to extend their domain into […]

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The ADA interactive discussion is a two-way street

by Michael Haberman April 25, 2016

Tweet Under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA) there is a requirement that employers have interactive discussions with employees (and candidates) to determine the extent of their need for an accommodation to perform the essential functions of their job. This discussion needs to be documented in order to show that discussion occurred and […]

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Future Friday: Cognitive Computing and the employee experience

by Michael Haberman April 22, 2016

Tweet An age of customization is coming due to the power of cognitive computing. What is cognitive computing you ask? I am sure you have heard the term it is filtering into many discussions today. IBM introduced the concept to me last fall at a conference I was invited to attend. (See Future Friday: Cognitive […]

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I was a Millennial in the 70’s and the 80’s

by Michael Haberman April 21, 2016

Tweet I have been doing some preparation work for a panel discussion that I will be moderating in May at Thrive2016. The panel will be discussing, the still very hot topic, of Millennials. In this case we will be talking about developing leadership skills in Millennial employees. As I went through my research I came […]

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Is “driving” in the job description as an essential function for employees who visit clients?

by Michael Haberman April 20, 2016

Tweet When you hire someone to be an outside sales rep you assume the way they are going to get from customer to customer is by driving, but do you specify that in your job description? Have you made that an essential function of the job? What about other jobs that require the employee moving […]

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