What defines the task in knowledge work? Peter Drucker answers!

by Michael Haberman May 24, 2017

Tweet Peter Drucker was interested in knowledge worker productivity. He considered it a management challenge of the 21st century. In non-knowledge work, or manual work, the task is always given. What is made on the assembly line is not up to the choice of the assembly line worker. That is not the same issue that […]

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What Are the Biggest Time Wasters In Your Organization?

by Michael Haberman May 23, 2017

Tweet Today’s post is a guest post from Stuart Hearn, who is an HR director with over 20 years of experience in HR. He is now CEO of Clear Review — a purpose-built performance management software system. Time is money. This is a saying that will be forever relevant in the world of business. The average […]

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70,000 reasons on why you don’t decide whether your pregnant worker can perform her duties

by Michael Haberman May 22, 2017

Tweet I am not sure at what point in history we decided that pregnant women are too delicate to continue to work. I am sure our nomad ancestors did not decide to stop their activities because a female was pregnant. In fact there is a study that shows that women living in settlements do worse […]

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Future Friday: Letter to vendors at #SHRM17

by Michael Haberman May 19, 2017

Tweet I have written numerous times on Future Friday about robots and artificial intelligence taking over positions in the HR department. It is not hard to find many such a post or article today. In reality, at least for a while robots will not be replacing HR workers, rather they, or more correctly AI (artificial […]

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Three great reads in HR for Thursday

by Michael Haberman May 18, 2017

Tweet Here are three great reads that all HR people should look over today. First up is Robin Shea with HR’s hottest must-have: universal workplace emoji! It is hard to believe we are using emojis as business communication tools, but we are. Just be careful with it. Perhaps we need a sexual harassment emoji? Next up is […]

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Progress made to revising the FLSA to reflect today’s reality

by Michael Haberman May 17, 2017

Tweet The House of Representatives has taken a step to revise one of the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act which has frustrated employers and employees for years. It is a step toward making the FLSA more reflective of the way the workplace works today. Comp time Comp time, or compensatory time, currently under […]

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The Abuse of Cultural Fit in HR Can Hurt Your Business

by Michael Haberman May 16, 2017

Tweet Today’s post is a guest post written by Nate Vickery, a business technology expert and a futurist mostly engaged in finding and implementation of the latest technology trends into SMB and startups management and marketing processes. Nate is also the editor-in-chief at business oriented blog- Bizzmarkblog.com. He has written this very interesting post about cultural […]

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An HR lesson in FBI Director Comey’s firing

by Michael Haberman May 15, 2017

Tweet Unless you have been at the bottom of the ocean or on Mars, you know that James Comey was fired by President Trump. Comey was the FBI Director and found out about his firing while on a trip. It was announced on TV and he saw it announced by a news station while making […]

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Future Friday: Does increased productivity translate to higher wages?

by Michael Haberman May 12, 2017

Tweet Last week while on vacation I was reading Martin Ford’s Rise of the Robots, not exactly your typical beach reading, but interesting nonetheless. Ford was talking about the rise of technology in the 1990’s and the effect it had on wages. His analysis raised a question for me. I hope you can help me […]

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From the Herman Trend Report: Retire or Not? A Global Look

by Michael Haberman May 11, 2017

Tweet With growing numbers of medical breakthroughs and advances in our knowledge of the relationship between environmental toxins and disease, people worldwide are living longer than ever before. Half of US Baby Boomers waiting until at least age 70 or not choosing to retire at all According to a recent survey by Harris for CareerBuilder, […]

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