50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

by Michael Haberman July 3, 2014

Tweet Fifty years ago on July 2nd the Civil Rights Act was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson. In HR it is the foundational law that guides workplace actions around discrimination. Title VII Title VII established equal protection for people in the protected categories of race, religion, color, sex and national origin. Since that […]

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Three Myths About Holiday Pay

by Michael Haberman July 1, 2014

Tweet I am on vacation this week but I thought you might find this replay of a previous post about holiday pay interesting. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings that have developed about how and what people must be paid. Much of this comes from the past practices that people learned from working […]

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Holiday Pay for the 4th of July: Revisited

by Michael Haberman June 30, 2014

Tweet This was originally posted on July 5, 2011. I thought I would revisit it prior to the holiday in 2014. I was reminded of this post by someone else finding it and posting a link to it on their blog. If someone is interested I thought you might be too. The Fourth of July […]

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Future Friday: A Wrap up of #SHRM14

by Michael Haberman June 27, 2014

Tweet In keeping with my Future Friday theme I wanted to talk about Tom Friedman’s keynote address and the picture of the way work is going to be in the coming decade. Gutenberg moment Friedman said in his introductory remarks that we are in a “Gutenberg” moment at this time, meaning that the shift that […]

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Schism at SHRM14

by Michael Haberman June 26, 2014

Tweet The schism I am speaking of is that between SHRM and the HRCI. The divide was very obvious at this year’s conference. I attended two events/sessions that dealt with the certification process and had several conversations. Here is my take on the subject. HRCI’s presence Actually the HRCI was not at the conference. Not […]

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SHRM Conference Report from Tuesday

by Michael Haberman June 25, 2014

Tweet One of the more enjoyable aspects of the conference is that you have an opportunity to network with, and socialize with, people from around the country. Many organizations host parties to facilitate that. The one I attended was put on by Glassdoor and was held at the Hard Rock Cafe. As an official blogger […]

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SHRM Conference report from Monday

by Michael Haberman June 24, 2014

Tweet This conference is huge. The sheer numbers of people moving around can create roadblocks at the very popular sessions. The first session on Monday I attended was delivered by Tim Sackett. He was telling the crowd what their CEOs want from them. He had some sage advice that included: – Hire people that scare […]

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SHRM National Conference Kicks off with Winner

by Michael Haberman June 23, 2014

Tweet The 2014 SHRM national conference kicked off today with huge attendance and more non-US representatives than ever before. Hank Jackson talked about a new direction and new things HR must attend to in the future. I as happy to hear about the future stuff because that is what I write about on Future Friday. […]

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Future Friday: Pushing the minimum wage

by Michael Haberman June 20, 2014

Tweet Earlier this week in a podcast I talked about the near future of HR. Just in case you thought I was blowing smoke I present to you a statement from the current Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez. It is entitled: Statement by US Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez on mayors’ resolution calling for an […]

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Why it is important for employees to understand about timekeeping

by Michael Haberman June 19, 2014

Tweet I overheard an interesting conversation this morning, or at least it was to an HR geek. I was in a medical office and heard several nurses talking about when they clock-in. The conversation went something like this: The scenario Nurse 1 “Did you find out why I got in trouble?” Nurse 2 “Yes, you […]

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