Future Friday: Is the future of work really part-time jobs?

by Michael Haberman August 1, 2014

Tweet People are concerned about having enough jobs for people as more and more jobs are taken over by automation. Indeed that should be a concern. Recently Larry Page suggested the best way to take care of this was by making everyone part-time. Let’s take a look at that suggestion. Should all work be part-time? […]

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Do you engage in Ugly-ISM?

by Michael Haberman July 31, 2014

Tweet A recent article on the website Mail One talked about how it pays to be beautiful, literally. The article describes how beautiful people make more money and get better treatment than those of us not considered beautiful. According to the article Economist Daniel Hamermesh calculated that attractive people earn an average of $230,000 more […]

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Do you have what it takes to be a Hall of Fame member?

by Michael Haberman July 30, 2014

Tweet Being in the Baseball Hall of Fame is a pretty rare honor. In its history there have been somewhere around 80,000 professional players, yet there are only 306 in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Walking around and reading the plaques on the walls it becomes evident quickly that it takes a special person. This […]

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Three Men & A Book: Book Review of Start by Jon Acuff

by Michael Haberman July 29, 2014

Tweet       The Three Men & a Book trio, of Todd Schnick, Bill Ramsey and I reviewed Start by Jon Acuff. Acuff provides the reader with advice on how to leave the life of average and embrace “awesome.” He tells you how to face your fear and just “start.” He tells you how […]

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The Affordable Care Act: Conflicting court rulings

by Michael Haberman July 28, 2014

Tweet I am sure you have read by now that two different courts had two different rulings concerning the Affordable Care Act. Naturally proponents for both sides claimed that their point of view will prevail. One thing is clear is that the outcome is not clear and will undoubtedly be decided by the US Supreme […]

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Future Friday: Competing Businesses of the Future

by Michael Haberman July 25, 2014

Tweet Today I have looked at pictures that were posted by friends on Facebook; I have viewed a few YouTube video of people at the beach; I saw that several friends had checked in at Starbucks on FourSquare. Some of you have probably posted “selfies” and I even had one friend post what he called […]

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Five ways to make telecommuting work

by Michael Haberman July 24, 2014

Tweet I sat a dinner last night with my wife and a friend and past co-worker of her and was on the fringes of their conversation as they caught up on business. He is still working for the company that let her go in 2013. They talked about opportunities that she had fed his way. […]

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Pregnancy discrimination: The EEOC issues new guidance

by Michael Haberman July 23, 2014

Tweet On July 14th, 2014 the EEOC issued new guidance to dealing with pregnancy under Title VII. Originally addressed under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, how to deal with pregnant women has been a big issue for employers for a long time, especially for smaller employers. According to Seyfarth Shaw this guidance ties pregnancy […]

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Public Salaries: Is Transparency Right For Your Company?

by Michael Haberman July 22, 2014

Tweet This post is from my friends at SocialMonsters.org Disclosed company revenue and monthly progress reports; shared self-improvements; internal emails between two employees sent with the team cc’ed. Buffer, a social media sharing solutions company, functions with this level of radical transparency. Buffer finds power in the vulnerability, openness and accessibility of transparent ideas and workflows. […]

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Wellness and Gamification: A Podcast

by Michael Haberman July 21, 2014

Tweet At our Naked HR Radio site we interviewed Mike Tinney, President of FIX and Utilifit. His goal is to fight the epidemic of obesity in the US, and increasingly in the world, by getting people up and moving. Even if this movement is for a short period it can have a major effect on […]

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