Why it is important to have multiple ways to report harassment

by Michael Haberman March 4, 2015

Tweet When you craft your harassment policy there are two important aspects of the policy that many companies miss. First is there has to be a way for someone to report the harassment. Secondly that reporting method has to have alternatives available for the person reporting the harassment. Let me explain why that is important. […]

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Why Office Setup Plays a Large Role in Employee Happiness

by Michael Haberman March 3, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at SocialMonsters.org By the end of the 1960s, human resource professionals had already discovered the link between office design and the productivity of employees. Soon after that, it was apparent that workplace happiness played a direct role in worker retention. With people spending one-third or […]

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The “new” rule for who is a spouse

by Michael Haberman March 2, 2015

Tweet As I have told classes and blog post readers the changing nature of relationships in the US will alter the framework and definitions we have in the workplace. Up to this time those changing definitions only applied to some states and to federal contractors under Executive Orders administered by the OFCCP. As of February […]

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Future Friday: An important study on the Future of Work

by Michael Haberman February 27, 2015

Tweet Rather than offering my opinion on some aspect of the Future of Work I wanted to make you aware of a 2014 report that I find fascinating. I think it is a study that each of you should read, and re-read, and re-read until its main points sink in. It will make you think. […]

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Did you know giving money for healthcare is illegal for small businesses?

by Michael Haberman February 26, 2015

Tweet Did you know there is a little known provision of the Affordable Care Act makes it illegal for employers with fewer than 50 employees to give them money to buy healthcare? Yes, those situations where a small business doesn’t have health insurance coverage but offers their employees some money so they can go to […]

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An Updated View: Should Smokers be a Protected Category?

by Michael Haberman February 25, 2015

Tweet In April 2013 I first wrote this post which appears below, though now with revisions. The reason for this revised version is found in an article by legal writer and attorney Tiffany Robertson of WeComply. In her article she asked the question Is Refusing to Hire Smokers Workplace Discrimination? Robertson points out that the […]

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Avoiding Employment Taxes is not a wise business strategy

by Michael Haberman February 24, 2015

Tweet All businesses realize that they have to pay attention to the US Department of Labor, in things like the Fair Labor Standards Act and OSHA, and to the EEOC, in areas such as discrimination. Every business also realizes that the IRS also pays attention to their activities. But did you know that the Department […]

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Is retaliation such a big deal?

by Michael Haberman February 23, 2015

Tweet The Merriam-Webster definition of retaliation is either “repay an injury in kind” or “to return like for like, especially to get revenge.” It comes from the Latin word “retaliare” which meant to pay back in kind. Originally it was used in both a positive and negative way, but today it only has the negative […]

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Future Friday: Is the future of your job in your values and your morality?

by Michael Haberman February 20, 2015

Tweet When people discuss the future of work naturally the subject of robots and artificial intelligence is discussed. Most people agree that many jobs will be taken over by robots and AI but the world is divided on whether these machines will think and thus be able to do the rest of human work. The […]

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The Employment Law Blog Carnival- It is OSCAR time!

by Michael Haberman February 19, 2015

Tweet Actually it is not Oscar time, but this carnival has 17 great “Kick-Ass” lines from an assortment of action movies. I have to admit I have seen every one of these movies and recognized each and every line. Eric Meyer of The Employer Handbook has assembled a great collection of blog posts and tied […]

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