Future Friday: The future for the young may be in the old

by Michael Haberman January 2, 2015

Tweet If you are a young person looking for a job or if you are a parent helping a child decide on a career you may want to have them look at working with an aging population. There will be plenty of opportunity in dealing with the over 65 crowd. By the way that is […]

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Happy New Year!

by Michael Haberman January 1, 2015

Tweet I hope you have a prosperous, healthy and fulfilling NEW Year.

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Five Tips for Self-Improvement on New Year’s Eve

by Michael Haberman December 31, 2014

Tweet New Year’s Eve is seen by many as a time for renewal, a time for establishing new goals, a time for laying the groundwork for new habits. Here are some suggestions for how you might make yourself a bit smarter in the New Year that starts tomorrow. Ways to get smarter Thomas Oppong, the […]

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Predictions for HR Compliance in 2015

by Michael Haberman December 30, 2014

Tweet As I mentioned in yesterday’s post today’s post is about my predictions for the coming year in the area of HR legislation and regulation. So let me pull out my crystal ball and begin. Legislation As we all know the Republicans took control of Congress with the midterm election in November. This means that […]

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A Report Card on my HR Predictions for 2014

by Michael Haberman December 29, 2014

Tweet This time last year I made the following predictions on what would happen in HR compliance in 2014.  After each prediction I make a comment on what actually occurred. Read it and tell me how you think I did. Midterm Elections The year 2014 is a midterm election year. It is a big one. […]

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Merry Christmas

by Michael Haberman December 25, 2014

Tweet Christmas has many different meanings. To me it is a time of family, giving, caring, relaxation and having some fun. I hope each of you enjoy the holiday the best you can.

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Being Thankful for Others on Christmas Eve

by Michael Haberman December 24, 2014

Tweet Despite the fact that many, many people in the U.S. have Christmas Eve off there are still many that work. Many of them are on duty to provide the rest of us with essential services. Many of them are there for our safety. Some are there to help us with the simpler things like […]

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A Christmas lesson from Dickens

by Michael Haberman December 23, 2014

Tweet I published this last year, but I liked it and I decided to repost it. I think the lessons are as valuable today.  One of my favorite books is A Christmas Carol. Most of us know it by the many movies that have been made, some well done, the others not so much. We […]

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Do Service Awards Still Matter?

by Michael Haberman December 22, 2014

Tweet This is a sponsored blog post written by Jenny Watkins of the Terryberry Company.    I read an article the other day on service awards, and if I’m being honest, it kind of ticked me off.  The author starts out: “No worker has ever received an engraved plaque that read ‘Thanks for keeping your […]

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Future Friday: Looking forward to SHRM Atlanta and 7 steps to being a practical HR Futurist

by Michael Haberman December 19, 2014

Tweet I have a presentation that I have done several times called “7 Steps to becoming a practical HR futurist.” I think it is important for Human Resources professionals to have an eye toward the future. And I am happy to announce that I will be presenting that as a session at the 25th Annual […]

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