Future Friday: Older workers switching to “anticipatory careers”: A revisit

by Michael Haberman March 23, 2018

Tweet If you thought your older workers are going to go silently into retirement you need to be rethinking that. According to writer Richard Eisenberg workers over 50 are going to have multiple options that will keep them in play for many years after what would be the normal retirement age. Anticipatory careering One option […]

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Great ideas to prevent employees from clocking in for one another: A guest post

by Michael Haberman March 22, 2018

Tweet   Today’s post was written by Fredrick Cameron. Previously I published his post Have you ever thought of adding games to the company culture? This post talks about a problem that many organizations have struggled with in the past. Nearly US$400 million is lost to time clock abuse in the US annually. Trust your employees? […]

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Personally, I want my flight attendants to be safety conscious!

by Michael Haberman March 21, 2018

Tweet Like many of you, I realize that there are inherent risks in an airplane flying. As a result of these risks, if someone had pointed out a safety problem, I would appreciate a crew member being responsible enough to investigate the problem if it had been pointed out to them. That does not appear […]

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The EEO-1 Report is due by March 31st

by Michael Haberman March 20, 2018

Tweet March Madness basketball and St. Patrick’s Day are not the only events that you need to pay attention to in the month of March. If you are a private employer with 100 or more employees you have a report due to the EEOC by March 31st. This is the same report that used to […]

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Are drug companies and safety experts shaking in their boots?

by Michael Haberman March 19, 2018

Tweet I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about drug testing. I mentioned attitudes toward drug testing were changing as a result of the legalization of marijuana in a number of states and jurisdictions. He told me his company was considering such a move because they are in a number of […]

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Future Friday: A thought for the day

by Michael Haberman March 16, 2018

Tweet “The workplace has always been a fluid concept, from factories and workshops, to offices and coffee shops. This trend of a workplace being anything anywhere, according to the needs of the times, is set to continue – with the virtual office simply the next logical step.” -Paul Clarke, Head of UK at unified communications […]

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Ways to Honor Star Employees on a Tight Budget

by Michael Haberman March 15, 2018

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at Socialmonsters.org.  Many businesses go through lean times, but that does not mean you have to put recognition on hold. Consider the following options for rewarding employees that are beneficial for your business, budget, and staff. Work/Life Balance If your business model supports it, offering […]

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Why it is important to your job to get enough sleep

by Michael Haberman March 14, 2018

Tweet As we just passed the weekend where daylight savings time came back I thought some facts about the importance of sleep on performance were in order. I have struggled the last couple of days, staying up later, mostly because my biological clock had not readjusted. I have written some similar posts in the past, […]

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How much do you really trust the government?

by Michael Haberman March 13, 2018

Tweet The US Department of Labor is trying to become a much friendlier agency when dealing with employers, really they are. They have reinstituted opinion letters, where employers can reach out to the USDOL and get information about a situation, that handled incorrectly could result in a lawsuit. These opinion letters can then act as […]

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Can you get by toxic office politics?

by Michael Haberman March 12, 2018

Tweet I was sitting around the having a conversation with friends the other day about workplaces and the “office politics” that often soured people’s view of the workplace. I found that it is not only businesses that have this problem. One of my friends, an ex-pastor, said that the church he was associated with was […]

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