From the archive: Halloween The Carnival of HR

by Michael Haberman October 31, 2018

Tweet I thought it was apropos to replay this Carnival of HR on Halloween. Enjoy these scary stories from last year. For the Halloween version of the Carnival of HR, the host, Mike VanDervort, asked us to submit “scary tales of HR.” Mike said: I suggested that people share a story about a scary HR […]

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From the archive Five mistakes: Incompetent employees are the business’ fault

by Michael Haberman October 29, 2018

Tweet I think this is always good to revisit. I am helping with a situation that is not all that uncommon. I am sure this has happened to you as well. A manager wants to let someone go. Naturally, there is no documentation. So I ask the question “Why?” “Because he is incompetent, he just […]

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How to Decide If Agile Innovation Is Right for Your HR Team

by Michael Haberman October 25, 2018

Tweet This post is brought to you from my friends at If your company is looking to adopt agile methodology practices, you’re not alone. Almost a quarter of all IT teams now employ an agile approach at scale, according to a recent Forrester survey. Agile innovations are appealing, because they empower companies to have […]

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Wednesday wisdom from Tom Peters

by Michael Haberman October 24, 2018

Tweet I am a big fan of Tom Peters and I have to admit I am dismayed when I mention his name and people don’t know who he is. In my opinion, he is as influential as a management guru as is Peter Drucker, but then again there is another name many people no longer […]

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The decision on what salary level is appropriate to be considered exempt is delayed

by Michael Haberman October 23, 2018

Tweet Back in December of 2016 the Obama administration effort to raise the salary level which defined eligibility for exempt status from $23,660 to $47,476 per year, or $455 to $913 per week. That was brought to a halt in late November 2016 by several lawsuits, and as yet has not been decided. The USDOL […]

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Future Friday: More encouraging news from AI

by Michael Haberman October 19, 2018

Tweet In an effort to learn more about AI (artificial intelligence) I listen to a variety of webinars on advances in AI. I listened to one today presented as part of the MIT Sloan series. The speaker was Phillip Gerbert of the Boston Consulting Group and moderated by Julia Kirby of Harvard. Gerbert was discussing […]

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How are lactating mothers protected in the workplace?

by Michael Haberman October 18, 2018

Tweet For some reason, there has been a spate of articles posted in various outlets about lactating mothers. I am not sure what the cause for this is, perhaps some employer is engaging in wrongdoing or some untrained manager has denied someone the opportunity to express breast milk. Who knows? Whatever the reason, it is […]

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Are we making strides in age discrimination?

by Michael Haberman October 15, 2018

Tweet I want to applaud for a TV commercial they are running called “The box”. In an era where age discrimination is still rampant, makes a statement that being an older employee is not the career death knell that many older workers feel it is. Watch this commercial below and see if you […]

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From the Archive Future Friday: Hey HR now is the time to push for AI!

by Michael Haberman October 12, 2018

Tweet I listened to another AI type of webinar today, also from the MIT Sloan Management group. The speaker was Mary Lacity Walton Professor of Information Systems and director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence at the University of Arkansas. She was talking about Planning for the Human-Digital Workforce. During the presentation, she said that there were […]

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Is an obese employee protected by the ADA?

by Michael Haberman October 11, 2018

Tweet At some time or another most HR professionals have probably been faced with the question of whether or not an obese employee is covered by the ADA. The answer as often happens is “maybe”. Unfortunately, as our population gets heavier this may become more of a problem. Morbid obesity The EEOC provides some guidance by […]

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