Helping Workers Survive the Heat

by Michael Haberman May 30, 2019

Tweet Here in the Southeast we have now hit a week where temperatures have exceeded 90 degrees Fahrenheit. As I drive from location to location I watch workers toil in the heat to complete many different outside jobs. Should you be protecting these workers and insuring they don’t wilt or collapse under the intense heat? […]

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Top 10 Technology Skills Every HR Professional Needs Today: A Guest Post

by Michael Haberman May 29, 2019

Tweet Today’s post is authored by A. P. Samuel, the founder – editor of, that offers online video-based training in the areas of IT, Communication, and Business Skills The tedious job of an HR professional in today’s modern disposition spans across a multitude of responsibilities tied around human engagement administration and management of organizational […]

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Not Going to the SHRM19? How about if I offered you a discount?

by Michael Haberman May 28, 2019

Tweet I have attended many SHRM conferences. I will be in Las Vegas in June to attend #SHRM19. I would like you to join me. I have written in the past the importance of attending. What I said was: When you attend a conference you are there to learn. The sessions this year look spectacular. […]

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Future Friday: Workers pretty optimistic about their future

by Michael Haberman May 24, 2019

Tweet That headline may be somewhat surprising to you. It was to me. I have gotten used to reading the doom-and-gloom of may dystopian writers. However, a major survey by the Harvard Business School and Boston Consulting Group, as reported in Personnel Today, a fairly high level of satisfaction in many different countries. Prospects have […]

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How to Properly Manage Underperforming Employees?

by Michael Haberman May 20, 2019

Tweet Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. He enjoys writing and providing insight of the marketing industry based on both practice and theory. Did you know that over 50% of the U.S. workforce feel disengaged? This further leads to serious workplace underperformance […]

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Future Friday: Improvements versus Jobs

by Michael Haberman May 17, 2019

Tweet In a recent report economists Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo in an important new paper (pdf), explain that the future of workers may depend on how technology advances productivity. Big technological advances that really advance worker productivity may cost workers their jobs initially, but in the long run, provide opportunities for workers to make more […]

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Millennials vs. Generation Z: How Do They Achieve Success in the Workplace?

by Michael Haberman May 15, 2019

Tweet There’s a brewing battle of a sort in many companies today—one that’s known as Millennials vs Gen Z in the workplace. To be clear, there isn’t any violent competition between these two cohorts, but it’s got more to do with their generational differences that manifest in their working style. As a recruiter, it pays […]

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The EEOC has a new Chairperson

by Michael Haberman May 14, 2019
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Tweet My friend Eric B. Meyer, a respected attorney and doubly respected blog writer of The Employer Handbook, reports that the EEOC has a new chair and as a result a quorum. This means that some progress may be made by the EEOC in some areas, such as sexual harassment. Rather than trying to recreate […]

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The US Wage and Hour Division Reaffirms what it takes to be an Independent Contractor

by Michael Haberman April 29, 2019

Tweet In an opinion letter recently issued by the Department of Labor, the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) answer an inquiry about whether workers providing services in a virtual marketing marketplace were employees of independent contractors. The analysis the WHD administrator went through is interesting to read. It is a somewhat different analysis the IRS […]

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Overcoming the Inertia of Vacation

by Michael Haberman April 22, 2019

Tweet In physics one of Newton’s basic laws is that of inertia, that is a body at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an external force. That is what happened to me when I went on vacation. I suspended my blog while I was on vacation and I have not gotten back […]

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