Workers living paycheck to paycheck on the rise and that is a problem

by Michael Haberman August 24, 2017

Tweet On my way driving to downtown Atlanta I heard a report from consumer activist Clark Howard. He was reporting that the rate of workers living paycheck to paycheck is up to a new high. Additionally, the number of workers saving money is at a new low. This jives with a new study by CareerBuilder […]

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5 Safety Resources For Employees Who Drive

by Michael Haberman August 23, 2017

Tweet Today’s post is from my friends at In lieu of driverless cars our safety in our cars and trucks relies on our human drivers. Some of are not doing that great. Here in my home state of Georgia, we have had over 900 traffic fatalities so far this year. Some of these fatalities […]

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From the archive: The importance of having the right supervisor

by Michael Haberman August 22, 2017

Tweet I have been receiving emails from workers who have read my blogs asking me what they can do about a horrible supervisor. That prompted this repeat of a post from 2016/ As a long time HR practitioner I have learned that most companies get in trouble not for what HR does or for what […]

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Celebrating the Solar Eclipse

by Michael Haberman August 21, 2017

Tweet I am taking time off this afternoon to watch the solar eclipse. Just because I can! In Atlanta I will be able to see the sun blocked 97% by the moon. Given my age I will not live long enough to see another one come this way. So it is a once in a […]

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WOW, some very expensive FMLA mistakes you don’t want to make.

by Michael Haberman August 21, 2017

Tweet Jeff Nowak, friend and attorney, is a specialist in dealing with the Family and Medical Leave Act. I have referenced him a number of times and today I am referring you to a specific blog post of his. Reduce or eliminate ambiguity In his post Poorly Implemented FMLA Policies and Procedures are Killing Employers. […]

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Future Friday: The biggest megatrend for the next decade

by Michael Haberman August 18, 2017

Tweet A megatrend is a large trend that deals with large scale change. As I wrote in Future Friday: Can you tell the difference between Fads, Micro Trends, Macro Trends and Megatrends? “Megatrends are the long-lasting, years in developing, things that shift the world.” Gartner has identified three technology megatrends, as they reported in Gartner […]

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From the Archive: One secret to understanding people better

by Michael Haberman August 17, 2017

Tweet I was able to read and finish a book on a flight to a conference in Las Vegas last week. The book is Dave Kerpen’s The Art of People. It is a very readable book chocked full of pretty sound advice. The subtitle of the book is “11 Simple People Skills That Will Get […]

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HR Carnival – Summer heat

by Michael Haberman August 16, 2017

Tweet I have not hosted an HR Carnival for about a year. I am happy to do it again. There are some great posts in this edition. I did not specify a theme but most of them seem to have a leadership theme. Hmmm… I wonder what that may be related to? So without further […]

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That maximum leave policy you have is now no good

by Michael Haberman August 15, 2017

Tweet Many companies have leave policies that invoke a 12 month limit on the leave, after which the employee on leave is terminated. I have worked with long-term disability policies that had similar provisions. If you have such a policy you may want to rethink it, the EEOC just settled a case that shows they […]

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Some top “Have you” questions to ask yourself

by Michael Haberman August 14, 2017

Tweet I am a big fan of Tom Peters, especially of the book featured in the picture. As you can tell from the tabs I found a lot of his statements interesting and blog post worthy. In fact I have written many a blog post using something from this book as inspiration. When I picked […]

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