The importance of reading to your personal well-being and development

by Michael Haberman July 30, 2015

Tweet I am not going to go on a tirade here about reading. It is important. Here is an excerpt from Tom Peter’s book The Little BIG Things that makes his statement, presented just as it was in the book. Read! Read Wide! Surprise Yourself With Your Reading Picks! Read Deep! Read Often! Out-READ the […]

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Why it is important to hire the best people and not just talent

by Michael Haberman July 29, 2015

Tweet We all know that the big drive in today’s business world is to hire the best “talent’ around. But did you know that it is important to hire the best people as well. Research has shown that your behavior is impacted by the behavior of the people you surround yourself with. Who you work […]

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Will you fail the economic realities test for independent contractors?

by Michael Haberman July 28, 2015

Tweet Does your organization use independent contractors on a regular basis? If yes, then you are likely to have your relationships challenged. In mid-July the USDOL Wage and Hour Division issued a new interpretation of what being an independent contractor means. They have made no secret of the fact that they are clamping down on […]

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Getting rid of the performance review process? Not really!

by Michael Haberman July 27, 2015

Tweet Accenture made news recently by announcing they were getting rid of performance evaluation. The world rejoiced (or so it seemed) as Accenture joined a list of other notable companies to “rid the world of performance evaluation!” The problem is they are not really getting rid of performance evaluation. No more Annual process What Accenture […]

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Future Friday: The coming conflict between flextime and the FLSA

by Michael Haberman July 24, 2015

Tweet In early July the US Department of Labor announced changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act that will radically alter the number of workers who will no longer be considered exempt. As of the moment the projected minimum salary level is anticipated to be $50,440. (You can learn more here.) At the same time […]

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The New Proposed FLSA Regulations and What They Mean for Employers

by Michael Haberman July 23, 2015

Tweet On June 30, 2015 the United States Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Division released to the public proposed regulations for the revision of the Fair Labor Standards Act. These proposed regulation changes were published on July 6, 2015 in the Federal Register. They will be available for public comment until September 4, 2015. […]

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3 Employee Perks That Make the Office a Better Place

by Michael Haberman July 22, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you from my friends at When it comes to finding the best talent, employee perks are often one of the first things (behind pay) that potential candidates consider. Whether it’s offering the latest technology or having flexible vacation policies, candidates want to work somewhere that offers a unique […]

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Did you know that race has more protection than other classes?

by Michael Haberman July 21, 2015

Tweet Most people in a business situation feel they are protected from discrimination by an employer because of Equal Employment Opportunity. This is not true. The coverage provided by EEO is limited by the size of the company to companies with 15 or more employees. This protects smaller businesses from being sued in all protected […]

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Working for your supervisor may be stressful but it is not a disability

by Michael Haberman July 20, 2015

Tweet One of the more interesting cases I have come across lately involves an employee who claimed a disability due to the stress she experienced working for her supervisor and having to deal with Human Resources. The accommodation she was seeking was first an extended medical leave and then permanent reassignment to a different department. […]

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Future Friday: Repetition may spell the end of your job

by Michael Haberman July 17, 2015

Tweet I am currently reading Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford. Martin is a software development entrepreneur who has been in computer design and software development over 25 years. Working in Silicon Valley he has seen the effect of automation and robotics on the world of work. The subtitle of his book is Technology […]

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