Future Friday: Pushing the minimum wage

by Michael Haberman June 20, 2014

Tweet Earlier this week in a podcast I talked about the near future of HR. Just in case you thought I was blowing smoke I present to you a statement from the current Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez. It is entitled: Statement by US Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez on mayors’ resolution calling for an […]

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Why it is important for employees to understand about timekeeping

by Michael Haberman June 19, 2014

Tweet I overheard an interesting conversation this morning, or at least it was to an HR geek. I was in a medical office and heard several nurses talking about when they clock-in. The conversation went something like this: The scenario Nurse 1 “Did you find out why I got in trouble?” Nurse 2 “Yes, you […]

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The Near Future of HR: A Podcast by Mike Haberman

by Michael Haberman June 18, 2014

Tweet As I have mentioned before I am now one of the co-hosts of a new podcast show called Naked HR Radio. On that show we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of HR. This week I am the interviewed guest and I am talking about some of the “bad” at least […]

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Forcing employees to worship violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

by Michael Haberman June 17, 2014

Tweet I am going to make this brief. Forcing “religion” on employees violates their rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Even when the religion is made up. Where did this come from? Here are the particulars: A company named United Health Programs of America required employees (according to the EEOC) to “worship” […]

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The Top 9 Posts at Omega HR Solutions

by Michael Haberman June 16, 2014

Tweet Today’s post is a list of the top nine posts for Omega HR Solutions.  I thought since others have found them interesting you might as well and may have missed them in the past. Number 9 One big reason to have coffee in the workplace- The lesson here is never underestimate the power of […]

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Future Friday: Here is our future

by Michael Haberman June 13, 2014

Tweet This is a brief post today. I just wanted to give you some ideas of what your future will look like according to Ray Kurzwell.  He has been hired by Google so they must think he knows something. By the early 2020s, we will have the means to program our biology away from disease […]

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Are you aware the Feds are about to rattle your world?

by Michael Haberman June 12, 2014

Tweet Most of you have heard the uproar in the press about minimum wage. Some of you may have heard the stuff about changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act and other wage and hour issues. I wanted to set the record right about these things. Federal Contractors First… none of this stuff has been […]

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Diversity is more than outward appearance

by Michael Haberman June 11, 2014

Tweet “Business is about people intelligence.” That is a powerful sentence. If comes from an article written by Glenn Llopis. He talked about it in terms of leadership, I want to address it in terms of Human Resources. Diversity is not how people look Once 20 years ago I was sitting in a class on […]

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Did you fall into HR?

by Michael Haberman June 10, 2014

Tweet I have been in HR so long my first job actually predated the name of “human resources.” We called it Personnel Administration and SHRM was ASPA, the American Society for Personnel Administration. I remember watching the controversy around getting rid of a tried and true name to go to a name that recognized employees […]

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Inaugural Podcast of Naked HR Radio

by Michael Haberman June 9, 2014

Tweet   In concert with the Dreamland Radio Network I, and my co-host Bill Ramsey, have launched Naked HR Radio where we be exposing you to the good, the bad and the ugly of HR. We are not going to shy away from a topic because it may seem “too edgy.” At the same time […]

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