A method for paying overtime to salaried non-exempt and a webinar announcement

by Michael Haberman September 1, 2016

Tweet With the changes in the overtime rules that have been instituted by the U.S. Department of Labor effective December 1, 2016 companies are scrambling to make changes to employees currently classified as exempt that will be changed to nonexempt. One of the ways that many companies are handling this is to change everyone to […]

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Celebrating a decade of blogging: HR Observations at Omega HR Solutions

by Michael Haberman August 31, 2016

Tweet I published my first blog post on August 31, 2006. So today closes out a full decade of writing about HR. 2000 That is the number of posts. Most have been mine, some have been guest posts. I originally started out just to try out blogging as a way of getting more exposure for […]

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The state of Talent Management: A Podcast with Ira Wolfe

by Michael Haberman August 30, 2016

Tweet Ira Wolfe is a long term friend in addition to being a well-known author and speaker. He talks about the future of the workforce. So when Ira contacted me to be a guest on his podcast show Geeks, Geezers and Googlization I readily accepted. He wanted to talk about the state of talent management. […]

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Even the Department of Labor screws up the FLSA

by Michael Haberman August 29, 2016

Tweet For all of you struggling with the new overtime regulations don’t feel bad that you may find this difficult to deal with implementing. The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) is actually a pretty complicated law. The nuances of the regulations and the interpretations by the DOL and the courts add yet another level of […]

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Future Friday: Can you develop the skill of envisioning the future?

by Michael Haberman August 26, 2016

Tweet On the way to work have you ever thought about a conversation you are going to have later in the day? You thought about how it would likely go, but then also thought of another direction or two the conversation could take? If you have then you have the beginning skill of what it […]

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Three HR posts for Thursday

by Michael Haberman August 25, 2016

Tweet As I occasionally do I point out some interesting and informative reads to you in order to educate you and give you a break from my writing. Today, I have three great posts that cover training, ergonomics and the changing workweek. #1 The first post comes from Kristine Sims at Constangy, Brooks, Smith and […]

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Zika is more than just a disease, it is also potentially a huge HR issue

by Michael Haberman August 24, 2016

Tweet According to an article in the New York Times upwards of 200,000 Americans were expected to visit Rio for the Olympic Games. In addition to seeing great sporting events and watching the U.S. team win 121 medals (American women won enough medals to have finished third as a country) the visitors were also exposed […]

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Job hunting in a digital age: It is about your reputation

by Michael Haberman August 23, 2016

Tweet I have written a couple of times and had many a conversation wrapped around the concept of “reputation capital.”  When offered this guest post on the subject and the process of the job search I decided I wanted to post this infographic. The author, Vera Reed, is a freelance writer, an elementary school teacher and a […]

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Lessons in Marketing for HR: From the Archive

by Michael Haberman August 22, 2016

Tweet As I sit here planning my fall schedule I have put on my calendar that I will be attending #DreamForce16 in October in San Francisco. I get a lot out of attending and I am looking forward to it again. I was reminded of this post from last year where I attended some off-campus […]

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Future Friday: Is your HR department designed with humans in mind?

by Michael Haberman August 19, 2016

Tweet I came across an article titled Do people really matter when we design workplaces? Written by Steve Maslin it is directed toward architects and designers. He says that often the first reaction to that question is “of course” and to some it is indeed, but to others Maslin says that often he has found […]

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