Two Carnivals for the Price of One

by Michael Haberman November 20, 2014

Tweet Two carnivals were published yesterday that you should pay attention to. If you don’t know what a blog “carnival” is it is a, generally, monthly collection of blog posts compiled in one place by someone who volunteers their time and effort to put everything in a readable and coherent format. I have done it […]

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The NLRB and the EEOC are primed to sue you for using social media in the hiring process

by Michael Haberman November 19, 2014

Tweet The use of social media has been used for finding candidates for several years. It is an excellent tool for finding both active and passive candidates. But its use comes with some potential downsides because the government doesn’t like you using it. Exposed to more than a résumé Apparently the government’s dislike of the […]

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Is Sexism at work in the Labor Market?

by Michael Haberman November 18, 2014

Tweet The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced some interesting unemployment figures the other day. They announced that the rate of unemployment for men has dropped below that of women for the first time since 2006. Is this evidence of sexism being in action in the workplace? The Facts The unemployment rate of men in October […]

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Sometimes you have to give yourself a kick in the seat of the pants

by Michael Haberman November 17, 2014

Tweet It is Monday morning. You are waking in order to go to work, yet you don’t really want to. You are just not motivated. Your boss is a pain. He/she is not “motivating” enough. The work is interesting enough, but having to face another day in that 8 to 5 drudgery with that “suck […]

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Future Friday: The future of HR according to John Boudreau

by Michael Haberman November 14, 2014

Tweet I had the good fortune to catch a webinar that was presented by the Harvard Business Review entitled Workforce Analytics of the Future: Using Predictive Analytics to forecast talent needs. It featured John Boudreau, who is a professor at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and the Research Director at Center […]

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The Trend to Increase Minimum Wage Continues- Is the FLSA next?

by Michael Haberman November 13, 2014

Tweet The recent midterm elections not only brought about a change in the balance of power in Congress it also continued a trend that has been developing. This is the trend of increasing minimum wages in state laws. Five states had voters that voted to increase their state minimum wage. Additionally two cities, both in […]

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Happiness As Precursor To Success: Employee Perks That Will Change Your Corporate Culture

by Michael Haberman November 12, 2014

Tweet Today’s post comes from my friends at   The traditional model of success is all wrong, says researcher, educator and author Shawn Achor in his book “The Happiness Advantage.” While we used to think that once we were successful—at work, at home, at life—then we would be happy. But, the opposite is in […]

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Indiana Supreme Court Upholds “Right-to-Work” Legislation: A signal to other states?

by Michael Haberman November 11, 2014

Tweet I just held a class on Labor Law and one of the concepts we discussed was “right –to-work”. Many people confuse “right-to-work” with “employment-at-will.” Simply put, EAW is a common law concept that says that employers and employees both have a right to terminate their working relationship at any time for any reason, as […]

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Is your wellness program illegal according to the EEOC?

by Michael Haberman November 10, 2014

Tweet With pronouncements such as “sitting is the new smoking” and the surge in Type II diabetes, wellness programs have become very popular today. Many companies see multiple benefits to wellness for both the employee and the company. But there is a dark side to these plans declares the EEOC and they have declared some […]

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Future Friday: Finding talent via the Internet of Things

by Michael Haberman November 7, 2014

Tweet Using the Internet today to find people is not a surprise to anyone. Everyone knows about Linked In and Twitter and other social media sites in addition to the job boards. However, the Internet of Things is a different animal, a potentially very different way of finding the people that fit our needs exactly. […]

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