In Wage and Hour lawsuits it is not just the company that gets sued!

by Michael Haberman February 4, 2015

Tweet Many people think that when the Department of Labor or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) comes after a company for a violation it is just the company that gets sued. Unfortunately that is not the case as demonstrated by just such a recent situation. Company president sued too A recent press release from […]

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The Best Resources for Veterans and Their Families

by Michael Haberman February 3, 2015

Tweet There was a very sad case in the news the other day. A female veteran killed herself and her three young children. I am saddened when I read such a story. Perhaps she might have been helped by one of these resources that is described in this post  from my friends at Perhaps by […]

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Don’t make fun of the “cripple”, it will cost you!

by Michael Haberman February 2, 2015

Tweet There is an insurance company commercial that points out “that words can hurt you” despite an old saying. A company in Illinois found that out the hard way this is a true statement, in this particular case the word “cripple.” Their lesson cost them $15,000. The case The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) brought […]

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Future Friday: Supermobility

by Michael Haberman January 30, 2015

Tweet We have all heard about the ever increasing importance of mobile devices in the workplace. The issue of BYOD (Bring your own device) policies is a present and growing issue for many companies. The issues surrounding mobile devices are going to get larger and more complex due to supermobility. Supermobility In a post by […]

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Does gray hair make a difference?

by Michael Haberman January 29, 2015

Tweet In a recent post writer, entrepreneur, and consultant Rebecca U. Harris asked the question “Can gray hair be a business issue for women?” Her answer was of course “Yes” as mine would be. However, I don’t agree with her statement about it being an issue for men. Men don’t like it either Harris makes […]

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4 Team Building Activities That Give Back to the Community

by Michael Haberman January 28, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at For a company’s morale, it is important to periodically host team building exercises. To build an engaging rapport and trust between employees, leaders should consider connecting team building with an emphasis on charitable organizations. Here are four ways to team build and give […]

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Two reviews of HR solutions for small businesses (continued)

by Michael Haberman January 27, 2015

Tweet Yesterday I reviewed a solution for doing reference checks easily and inexpensively. Today I review a solution for conducting performance reviews easily and inexpensively. JuvodHR JuvodHR was created by Peter Spevacek and Susan Mravca because tools to help hire, manage and review employees were not available to small companies. Most solutions were geared toward […]

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Two reviews of HR solutions for small businesses

by Michael Haberman January 26, 2015

Tweet In my HR experience I have found there are two activities that small businesses don’t do particularly well. These are reference checking and performance evaluation. I was recently introduced to two solutions that I feel work very well for small and midsized businesses. I will review them in order of how they would occur […]

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Future Friday: The future of retirement is in danger!

by Michael Haberman January 23, 2015

Tweet A just released report indicates that the retirement life for a large part of the population, around the world, is going to be dire in ten to thirty years. The report indicates that people are not saving for a number of different reasons. The future of our employees lives are in danger. Should HR […]

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Three pieces of environmental scanning for HR professionals

by Michael Haberman January 22, 2015

Tweet One of the important aspects of being an HR professional is that you are aware of the world around you. Having been in that role I know that in reality it is tough to do the ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING that is necessary to fulfill this obligation. We get so caught up in the day-to-day work […]

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