Future Friday: Texting as the new HR tool

by Michael Haberman April 10, 2015

Tweet If you are in HR or business management do you use a text message as a tool to communicate to, engage with and recruit your employees or potential employees? If you are not you may want to rethink that. Studies show that teens send sixty (60) or more text messages a day. Yeah, but […]

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Hey Employer don’t look to the USDOL for help

by Michael Haberman April 9, 2015

Tweet I recently attended a seminar conducted by the law firm Fisher & Phillips. During the presentations attorney Matt Simpson told us about some changes that the US Department of Labor has instituted that appear to be very anti-employer.  This was reiterated in an article written by attorney John E. Thompson that appeared in TLNT. […]

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Improve your leaders to improve your employees

by Michael Haberman April 8, 2015

Tweet In The Effective Executive Peter Drucker wrote that “the distance between the leaders and the average is constant.” That is a pretty powerful statement if you think about it for a minute. It focuses attention away from the employees and onto leaders. Often we look at the poor performance of employees as the source […]

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Case for Paid Sick Leave: Why It’s Necessary

by Michael Haberman April 7, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is from SocialMonsters.org Earlier this year, President Obama proposed legislation that would give workers seven days a year of paid sick leave. And a desperate need for paid sick leave exists — 39 percent of workers today are currently going without, according to The Washington Post. What’s even more disturbing is that […]

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Do you have a policy against distracted driving?

by Michael Haberman April 6, 2015

Tweet We had a grisly death in my area the other day; a head on collision that took the life of one woman driver. Her car crossed the midline and crashed into the oncoming car. The police don’t know what caused her to veer into the oncoming lane of traffic but they suspect distracted driving. […]

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Future Friday: Statement of the Obvious?

by Michael Haberman April 3, 2015

Tweet I came across an article entitled WHY MILLENNIALS UNDERSTAND THE FUTURE OF WORK BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. I suggest you read it. It is brief and does help understand a segment of the current and growing workforce. As I read the article in Fast Company it also struck me as a statement of the […]

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Worried about being a “bossy women”? Get over it!

by Michael Haberman April 2, 2015

Tweet As I was flipping through some of my news feeds I came across an article entitled Women Scared To Appear Bossy, Assertive. It was a Déjà vu experience for me. I attended a seminar yesterday and sat at a table with six women, a CFO, an attorney, 3 HR managers and a counselor. As […]

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The Bottomline on Pregnancy Discrimination

by Michael Haberman April 1, 2015

Tweet If you have been paying attention to HR related news at all recently you know that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued a ruling on a pregnancy discrimination case. It has been interesting reading the various interpretations that have been published by various law firms. The case The case involved a […]

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How Do I Improve Morale? Encourage Employees to Give Back

by Michael Haberman March 31, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is courtesy of SocialMonsters.org According to the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), 50 percent of companies offered pro-bono services in 2013 showing an increase of 34 percent from 2010. In addition, 59 percent of companies offered paid-release volunteer programs during the same period, showing a 51 percent increase from 2010. Fostering a […]

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Caregivers are protected from associational discrimination

by Michael Haberman March 30, 2015

Tweet I have written a couple of times about associational discrimination as you can find here and here. What is associational discrimination you ask? Basically it is when and employee suffers some job discrimination because of their association with someone who is protected. This protection is received under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act […]

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