Future Friday: The future of work definitely involves Artificial Intelligence

by Michael Haberman October 7, 2016

Tweet As you know I am out in San Francisco attending the Dreamforce conference, Salesforce.com’s annual conference. There are some amazing things going on in the world of CRM’s and one of them involves artificial intelligence or machine learning. Many companies As I have written before, AI is becoming much more common. Last year I […]

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A recruiting lesson learned from marketing

by Michael Haberman October 6, 2016

Tweet I have said several times that HR can learn a lot from marketing, especially when it comes to clarity of message and branding, but I never thought about applying the concept of the sales funnel to the recruiting process at least not as I learned it yesterday while attending a session hosted by InsideView […]

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What women bring to the table: A lesson learned

by Michael Haberman October 5, 2016

Tweet I am in San Francisco this week to attend the Dreamforce conference. Unfortunately, yet fortunately, I am on the Expo only ticket, which means that I am not allowed in the main conference until Thursday. This is a fortunate event in that I had the chance to attend sessions hosted by #InsideView, a marketing […]

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Medicare Part D Announcement Due

by Michael Haberman October 4, 2016

Tweet The Medicare Part D notice deadline is approaching. Notices must be provided to all Part D eligible individuals who are covered under, or eligible for, an employer’s prescription drug plan — regardless of whether the coverage is primary or secondary to Medicare Part D. “Part D eligible individuals” are generally age 65 and older or […]

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From the Archive: Marketing Tips for the HR Department

by Michael Haberman October 3, 2016

Tweet Today I am in San Francisco attending the Dreamforce conference held annually by Saleforce.com. While my wife is the full attendee I am attending on a “free” ticket that unfortunately for me restricts my activities. Fortunately for me there are alternative sessions I can attend. InsideView hosted two days of sessions that were marketing […]

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Future Friday: The future of work is NOT leisure- From the Archive

by Michael Haberman September 30, 2016

Tweet I am taking the day off today and spending time with family members in California. I decided to repost something from the archive for today. I am an optimist about jobs being created in the future. I see that we are inherently workers and if we don’t have a job we will create a […]

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Which industries do you think are hit the hardest by FLSA violations?

by Michael Haberman September 29, 2016

Tweet With the December 1, 2016 deadline for changes in the new overtime regulations a great deal of attention is being focused on the Fair Labor Standards Act. A recent study conducted by TSheets, using Department of Labor data, looks at industries that are hardest hit by wage and hour violations. Top industries Not surprisingly […]

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New I-9 coming in November

by Michael Haberman September 28, 2016

Tweet According to attorney Jennifer Parser of Poyner Spruill LLP the USCIS has announced that a new I-9 form will be published as of November 22, 2016. At that point employers will need to switch forms and stop using the current I-9 form. Not using the proper form is a violation of the law and […]

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Lack of Supervisory Training costs a company $277,565

by Michael Haberman September 27, 2016

Tweet As an HR consultant I often find that companies often provide the least amount of training to the one group of employees who most need it, supervisors. I am not talking technical skills I am talking people skills. Most people are promoted into supervisory positions because they are often technically talented. By giving them […]

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Is the camera on your laptop a security risk?

by Michael Haberman September 26, 2016

Tweet We use the cameras on our laptops and our phones and other mobile devices a great deal. Pictures for Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest and more are post every day. Videos are recorded for those sites and more at an ever increasing rate. People use those cameras for live-streaming as well. People are using them […]

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