A lesson in overtime pay

by Michael Haberman March 5, 2019

Tweet Two employers learned a lesson in understanding the rules of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The FLSA requires that non-exempt employees receive overtime pay based on their “regular of pay”. Unfortunately, many employers don’t understand that term. Regular rate of pay is not the hourly figure that the employee was hired at, it is, […]

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USDOL announces a new compliance tool

by Michael Haberman February 27, 2019

Tweet   The U.S. Department of Labor is definitely trying to be more helpful to employers. They have released a new compliance tool that will make it easier for employers to determine if they are doing the right things when it comes to overtime, proper pay and other issues from the Fair Labor Standards Act. According […]

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Finding workers from Generation Z

by Michael Haberman February 26, 2019

Tweet When you talk to older HR people and executives about the workers in the upcoming generation of workers, those known as Generation Z, the assumption is that you will need some high tech, whizbang, method to reach these workers who have been connected online all their lives. That assumption may stop many companies from […]

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The Importance of Storytelling In HR and Business Retold

by Michael Haberman February 22, 2019

Tweet I came across an article this morning in Forbes called What Are The Top 10 Soft Skills For The Future Of Work? written by Adi Gaskell, a self-identified “Free range human”. One of the top 10 skills he discussed was storytelling. He felt that this was particularly important in the technology-laden future. I agree with him! I […]

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What you should do about that EEOC complaint that happened during the shutdown

by Michael Haberman February 20, 2019

Tweet It would be nice to think that during the partial shutdown of the Federal government that ended January 26th, that employers stopped discriminating and employees stopped filing complaints. However, that was not the case. Since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was one of the agencies not funded during the shutdown that world was […]

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A Little History of Presidents Day Replayed

by Michael Haberman February 19, 2019

Tweet I meant to post this yesterday, but the holiday got in the way. Originally posted two years ago. Today is President’s Day, a Federal holiday. The origin of the day was the celebration of George Washington’s birthday, February 22nd. Although an unofficial observance at first, it was made an official holiday in 1879 by […]

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Future Friday: Are you prepared for a long life?

by Michael Haberman February 15, 2019

Tweet We have all heard the trope that “60 if the new 40.” Those of us that are 60 or older are happy to hear that. That is causing problems for employers, however. An older worker that sees themselves as being younger is going to be less inclined to move into retirement. This will cause […]

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Sexual harassment by a nonemployee confirmed by a Federal court

by Michael Haberman February 13, 2019

Tweet When I train about sexual harassment or discuss it in a class, one area I mention is that companies can be liable for harassment from a nonemployee. The example I give most often is a delivery person who “flirts” with the receptionist that is receiving the packages. That is not a difficult example to […]

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Should a new minimum wage come with some education?

by Michael Haberman February 12, 2019

Tweet The push for a new minimum wage of $15 per hour is starting to gain some traction. Recently the state of New Jersey joined the small number of states and municipalities that now have a $15 per hour minimum wage. The new wage is not going to be enacted until 2024, so it does […]

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Future Friday: Common Ground

by Michael Haberman February 8, 2019

Tweet We are now in a state of workplace being where we have five generations working together. The challenges for leadership, particularly HR leadership, is how to develop communication that reaches the maximum number of people.  Richard Bailey, the president of HP’s Americas region, writes in Fast Company,  I have found that every generation in the […]

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