Improving solutions for Talent Acquisition

by Michael Haberman June 14, 2016

Tweet What do you get when you cross a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and an interest in the talent acquisition space? The answer is Jonathan F. Kestenbaum, who is the Executive Director at Talent Tech Labs. I had the opportunity to meet with him this past week at Talent Tech Labs in New York City. The […]

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How a Purpose-Driven Brand Can Motivate Employees

by Michael Haberman June 13, 2016

Tweet When it comes to a job, sometimes employees are just in it for the paycheck, the time off and the benefits. After all, we all need to sustain ourselves in our daily lives, as well as provide for our families. But some people are in it for more. With many studies showing people as […]

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Future Friday: Is the future of the gig economy more regulation?

by Michael Haberman June 10, 2016

Tweet A great deal has been written about the “gig” economy, including things that I have written such as here and here. It has its proponents and its opponents. The proponents say it is going to free workers to have more control over their lives and add more freedom to their day. The opponents say […]

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How to go from Influencer to decision-maker: Why I am planning on visiting the vendors at #SHRM16

by Michael Haberman June 9, 2016

Tweet The SHRM national convention will be held in Washington, D.C. this month from June 19th through the 22nd.  I am once again attending as an official blogger.  This is now my fifth year in that role and it has been fun. I learn a lot, especially in the marketplace and that is why I am planning of […]

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Unlocking the compensation secret vault: An interview with Chris Bolte of Paysa

by Michael Haberman June 8, 2016

Tweet One of the great secrets in HR for both companies and for candidates is “what is someone worth?” Why is that question asked? The answer is companies want to know what they need to pay someone, either as a new hire or in order to forestall having them leave. Employees want to know that […]

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A #SHRM16 Interview with Joel Cheesman on Ratedly

by Michael Haberman June 7, 2016

Tweet I am publishing this as a #SHRM16 post because it involves a fellow HR blogger, in fact someone that was considered the NUMBER ONE HR blogger in the world. According to one source, his blog Cheezhead was getting 50,000 unique visitors per month in 2010. As comparison mine gets about 16,000 a month currently. […]

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A #SHRM16 Preview: An Interview with Jeff Carpenter of Caveo

by Michael Haberman June 6, 2016

Tweet One of the many pleasures of being on the Blogging Team for #SHRM16 is the opportunity to talk to interesting people. As I perused the speaker list I came across the topic Aligning Learning and HR to Deliver Maximum Business Impact. Given the emphasis that SHRM puts on the HR competency of Business Acumen […]

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Future Friday: Who is helped by a reduced workweek?

by Michael Haberman June 3, 2016

Tweet A study coming out of Australia has indicated that a reduced workweek of optimally 25 hours per week helps workers over the age of 40 in terms of their mental functioning. An analysis of this research suggested that workers would benefit by working fewer days or fewer hours per day. They wondered if this […]

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The Coaching Habit: A book review

by Michael Haberman June 2, 2016

Tweet As part of my consulting I am often asked “What is the best way to say this?” or “How do I talk to someone?” or even more directly “I need help in being a better coach.” Thus, when I was offered the opportunity to review a book on coaching I accepted. The book The […]

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FMLA, Termination and the ADA: From the Archive

by Michael Haberman June 1, 2016

Tweet I am helping a client deal with a FMLA situation. It is causing them a great deal of heartburn, which reminded me how difficult dealing with the Family and Medical Leave Act is. Thus I wanted to republish this post from earlier this year to perhaps answer some questions. Thanks to Jeff Nowak for […]

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