Future Friday: The effect of technology is different than many expected

by Michael Haberman January 6, 2017

Tweet I woke up this morning to the news announcement that Macy’s was going to move forward on their layoffs and store closings as a result to this lackluster Christmas season. Macy’s says it is eliminating more than 10,000 jobs and plans to close 68 stores after a disappointing holiday shopping season. ”Macy’s Inc. pointed […]

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ICE has an impact on a Buffalo company beyond the weather

by Michael Haberman January 5, 2017

Tweet It is not unusual to hear that Buffalo, New York has been affected by ice in the winter time. I am sure all of us have seen pictures of wind-driven ice caked on the landscape around Buffalo. In this particular case however, it is not ice that is the problem, rather it is ICE […]

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New Year and a New Administration but the basics still apply

by Michael Haberman January 4, 2017

Tweet It is a new year, 2017. As of January 20th we will have a new administration. Does that mean the world of HR is going to be different? There certainly will be some changes with Republicans in control of the Federal government. The FLSA rules may not go into effect the way they were […]

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The Naked Truth about Independent Contractors

by Michael Haberman January 3, 2017

Tweet My guess is that most people picture the world of exotic dancers as a lucrative one. Apparently, that is not a good guess. In a lawsuit filed in December 2016 dancers in a Florida club alleged that the owners had improperly classified them as independent contractors and had not paid them either the minimum […]

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Off for the Holiday

by Michael Haberman December 23, 2016

Tweet I have taken off for the holiday. Enjoy your time off, if you have it. Know I appreciate you if you do not.

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From the archive: Accommodating the “hard of hearing” employee

by Michael Haberman December 22, 2016

Tweet I have not fully recovered my hearing loss from a year ago, either that or age or the sins of listening to loud music have finally caught up to me. Regardless many workers have trouble with hearing. Here is what you can do to help you and them. I recently had some illness related […]

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From the Archive: So What? Improvement through questions

by Michael Haberman December 21, 2016

Tweet Timeless advice never gets dated. For that reason I am republishing this post from December 2015. As you are preparing for 2017 you may want to consider this advice. I try to improve myself all the time because, frankly, I need it. For this reason I am reading Think Smarter by Michael Kallet. The […]

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From the Archive: Future Friday: Boomerang employees becoming a strong trend

by Michael Haberman December 20, 2016

Tweet Originally published in December 2015 this post is as relevant today, if not more so than it was then. Rehiring former employees is turning is turning out to be a strategy to make up for talent shortages. One of the big trends in employment for 2016 and beyond is the boomerang employee. As tenures […]

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How a long-lived marriage is like a great employee relationship

by Michael Haberman December 19, 2016

Tweet Yesterday on December 18, 2016 my wife and I achieved our 45th wedding anniversary. We are planning a celebration for a warmer time of year. In thinking about it though, I noted that there are many similarities between a good marriage and having a good employment relationship. See if you agree. Have to grow […]

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Future Friday: The new Uber employee may not be one for long

by Michael Haberman December 16, 2016

Tweet I came across an article called The Rapid Rise of Robots Replacing Workers, written by Edwin Smith in Raconteur. Smith reports that in England a recent court decision has declared that Uber drivers are employees and not independent contractors. This is similar to many court decisions here in the United States. How does this […]

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