Happiness As Precursor To Success: Employee Perks That Will Change Your Corporate Culture

by Michael Haberman November 12, 2014

Tweet Today’s post comes from my friends at SocialMonsters.org   The traditional model of success is all wrong, says researcher, educator and author Shawn Achor in his book “The Happiness Advantage.” While we used to think that once we were successful—at work, at home, at life—then we would be happy. But, the opposite is in […]

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Indiana Supreme Court Upholds “Right-to-Work” Legislation: A signal to other states?

by Michael Haberman November 11, 2014

Tweet I just held a class on Labor Law and one of the concepts we discussed was “right –to-work”. Many people confuse “right-to-work” with “employment-at-will.” Simply put, EAW is a common law concept that says that employers and employees both have a right to terminate their working relationship at any time for any reason, as […]

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Is your wellness program illegal according to the EEOC?

by Michael Haberman November 10, 2014

Tweet With pronouncements such as “sitting is the new smoking” and the surge in Type II diabetes, wellness programs have become very popular today. Many companies see multiple benefits to wellness for both the employee and the company. But there is a dark side to these plans declares the EEOC and they have declared some […]

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Future Friday: Finding talent via the Internet of Things

by Michael Haberman November 7, 2014

Tweet Using the Internet today to find people is not a surprise to anyone. Everyone knows about Linked In and Twitter and other social media sites in addition to the job boards. However, the Internet of Things is a different animal, a potentially very different way of finding the people that fit our needs exactly. […]

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Two tips on how to improve your employees’ memory

by Michael Haberman November 6, 2014

Tweet For companies that doing any training the use of the time and the idling of productive work is an expensive proposition. We would like the time spent in training to be productive and this means having employees remembering what they are trained on. That can be difficult if you are training employees all in […]

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Heads up! The minimum wage is now $10.10 per hour

by Michael Haberman November 5, 2014

Tweet We have seen the headlines. We have heard the news stories. We have seen the protests. It has happened, the minimum wage will increase as of January 1, 2015, at least for some workers. Federal Contractors It would be nice if there was one standard that all contractors had to conform to, but unfortunately […]

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I read lawyer blogs and newsletters so you don’t have to

by Michael Haberman November 4, 2014

Tweet There you have it, just one more way I save you time and money by helping you make better use of your time! I hope you enjoy that value for visiting my blog. Kidding aside, I thought you might be interested in some of the things that I read that I think are important […]

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Performance Management Made Easy

by Michael Haberman November 3, 2014

Tweet As many of you know there is a huge argument about performance appraisal and whether we should eliminate it or not. I come down on the side of “not.” I think people want to know how their boss perceives their work. Easy method A student in my PHR prep class sent me an article […]

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Future Friday: Monitoring employee well-being by testing their sweat

by Michael Haberman October 31, 2014

Tweet I know there were probably some “ewww” responses to this headline, but there are some excellent possibilities for this technology. Think safety, productivity, and saving lives. Diagnosing with sweat According to Susan Scutti, in Medical Daily, a person’s sweat is a cornucopia of information about the body. Although mostly water, sweat also contains tiny […]

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The NLRB creates another test for Independent Contractor Status

by Michael Haberman October 30, 2014

Tweet If you have been paying attention (here, here and here) the U.S. government has been cracking down on the use of independent contractors. In a big move to restrict “mis-classification” of employees as independent contractors the USDOL and the IRS have been stringent is applying the rules for determining independent contractor status. Now the […]

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