Are you ADA decisions “job related and consistent with business necessity”?

by Michael Haberman August 28, 2014

Tweet The Americans with Disabilities Act and the ADA Amendment Act require employers avoid medical and disability conditions in the interview process. Most larger employers know that, even though they run afoul of the law more than they should. Most smaller employers may not be aware of the prohibition and subsequently they make mistakes all […]

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Want to be more productive? Take a break!

by Michael Haberman August 27, 2014

Tweet The image of the head down employee toiling away for hours on end is a fairly typical one in business. Taking a break has long been recognized as an important component of the work day. Union contracts from the early days to the present always have a two break schedule written to them. The […]

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Is AGE the hidden area of discrimination?

by Michael Haberman August 26, 2014

Tweet I heard an interesting and quick discussion on whether Silicon Valley is ageist. We all know that Silicon Valley is not very diverse, or to use today’s language it is not “inclusive.” It is primarily White or Asian male under the age of 30. The two presenters also noted that there is not a […]

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Why you should take vacation

by Michael Haberman August 25, 2014

Tweet Labor Day is one week away. It generally signals the end of the summer. That means you have this week to get that summer vacation in. Of course if you are reading this it is probably too late. That means you will most likely trudge along and suffering from the same thing that 42% […]

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Future Friday: One Big Reason Predictions are Important

by Michael Haberman August 22, 2014

Tweet “Imagine a future.” To me those are important words for every HR professional to keep in mind. That process can help you anticipate, plan and create a better world for yourself and your company. But how do you do that? Let me explain. Situational Futuring Futurist Thomas Frey wrote an interesting essay on a […]

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Five great quotes on Leadership

by Michael Haberman August 21, 2014

Tweet I personally think there is a dearth of leadership in the world today. That shortage has been documented. I wrote about it in Future Friday: Leadership is going to be a corporate black hole. I would suggest you read this, but rather than be totally negative again I thought I would offer some inspiration […]

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Lessons on Talent from Theodore Roosevelt

by Michael Haberman August 20, 2014

Tweet Theodore Roosevelt was known for his bold leadership during his presidency. He is considered to have had one of the most successful and talented administrations. A major reason for his success was because of his emphasis on the people he collected around him. From the beginning Theodore Roosevelt was heavily involved with personnel issues […]

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Why Going Green Is a Great Idea in the Workplace

by Michael Haberman August 19, 2014

Tweet This post courtesy of my friends at While you might think that the only green your employees care about relates to how much money they make, it turns out that workers also are passionate about companies that are green in terms of the environment. In fact, businesses that are eco-friendly tend to have […]

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Why it is important to understand proximate versus ultimate causes in HR

by Michael Haberman August 18, 2014

Tweet As I was reading The World until Yesterday, by Jared Diamond, I came across a discussion of proximate and ultimate causes. Diamond’s explain made me think of HR and the importance of understanding the differences of these two terms. Proximate cause definition Proximate cause is often used in terms of negligence. According to the […]

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Future Friday: 7 Steps to being a practical HR futurist

by Michael Haberman August 15, 2014

Tweet Last week I promised the publication of my 7 Steps to being a practical HR futurist, based on the hour presentation I have done several times. I became interest in the future a long time ago. I was a fan of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov as a kid. After getting into […]

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