Understanding the “Why” in your HR policies Replayed

by Michael Haberman September 4, 2018

Tweet I thought this replay would be a good one.  My granddaughter has been in town for the holidays. Since she had to take a few extra days off from school to make the trip, she had to bring homework. We were sitting at Starbucks and she was doing her math homework. I was not […]

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Future Friday: Will trends cancel each other out?

by Michael Haberman August 31, 2018

Tweet We have all read that there is an ever-increasing number of teleworkers, those workers not resident in an office, rather working from home primarily. My wife is just such a worker. She has just returned, however, from a “summit” meeting of all of the other teleworkers in the company. She enjoyed it. She said […]

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My Blog has become a teenager! It turns 13!

by Michael Haberman August 30, 2018

Tweet Back when I started my blog I was hoping I could have a bit of a voice in the HR world. I believe I have done that. I may not be world famous but I am known around the world. I am very grateful for those of you that read what I write. THANK […]

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Here is a chance to give you input on the future salary levels to be an exempt employee

by Michael Haberman August 29, 2018

Tweet Remember back at the end of 2016 when the Department of Labor proposed a new minimum salary level that was to used determine whether an employee could be considered exempt? As you may recall that salary level was set at $47,476 per year and was to take effect on December 1, 2016. As we […]

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Are you resourceful?

by Michael Haberman August 28, 2018

Tweet People add value to their positions by being resourceful. People add value to their families by being resourceful. People add value to themselves by being resourceful.  Being resourceful is a way to stay employed. One of my favorite authors, Harvey Mackay, wrote a recent piece on being resourceful. He tells the story of a […]

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Recording time for ALL employees may be the best protection against wage and hour charges

by Michael Haberman August 27, 2018

Tweet I conducted a webinar the other day on the top five wage and hour violations that companies commit. These include misclassification as exempt employees resulting in overtime not being paid. Employees complain and an investigation ensues, employees get their pay and the company pays fines and penalties. I am going to suggest a fix […]

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Future Friday: The important thing about the gig economy is the flexibility

by Michael Haberman August 24, 2018

Tweet In a recent study by Randstad shows that the gig economy is still not the full-time development that many were predicting. Some people like it but others are still uncomfortable with the concept. The findings The findings from the Randstad study, as reported in FE News by Amanda Akien, are: 44% of gig workers […]

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For want of a chair: Mistakes made in an ADA case

by Michael Haberman August 23, 2018

Tweet Sometimes you just wonder what people are thinking.  A recent ADA case demonstrates what I mean. The situation An employee was working in a long-term temporary position and had been for several years. He had a kidney condition that was getting worse, but he was able to continue to work with an accommodation. He […]

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Does allowing telecommuting make it more difficult to fire employees?

by Michael Haberman August 22, 2018

Tweet The answer like the majority of questions in HR is “It depends” as articulated in an article by Daniel Schwarz of Jackson Lewis in his discussion of the case Hostettler v. College of Wooster, in the 6th District Court of Appeals (Ohio.) The case According to Schwarz, the employee in question was suffering from […]

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Who doesn’t keep time records?

by Michael Haberman August 21, 2018

Tweet In my consulting career, I have never run into companies that don’t keep time records for their nonexempt employees. Apparently, there are some companies that don’t and that spells trouble for employers. Violation of the FLSA Not keeping time records for people who have to be paid on the basis of their time worked […]

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