Finding your passion: A lesson from Jason Silva

by Michael Haberman August 11, 2016

Tweet We talk all the time about passion. We tell people to find out what they are passionate about and work in that area. I had a discussion last night with two friends and we did a podcast on Angela Duckworth’s book Grit The Power of Passion and Perseverance. She uses the word right in […]

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Disparate impact issues may be the big “Gotcha”

by Michael Haberman August 10, 2016

Tweet Everyone knows about discrimination. Everyone in HR can identify cases of disparate treatment. Those are cases where someone is treated differently specifically because of a protected characteristic, such as age, sex, or disability. HR is good at making sure those cases don’t happen, or if they do they are taken care of in short […]

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Unobtrusive Ways to Keep Tabs on Remote Employees

by Michael Haberman August 9, 2016

Tweet Today’s post is provided by my friends at SocialMonsters.ogr Up to 90 percent of the U.S. workforce says they would like to telework at least part of the time, according to research compiled by Meanwhile, Fortune 1000 companies around the world are rapidly adjusting their business model around mobile employees. Remote employees are […]

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OSHA uses “shaming” to try to get a company to follow safety rules

by Michael Haberman August 8, 2016

Tweet If you have read my blog before you know I am big on safety in companies. Having been in charge of safety at a plant before and having to deal with employee injuries I take safety seriously. So I found it interesting that OSHA has now added the practice of “shaming” to its penalties […]

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Future Friday: Is there a lesson in Pokémon Go for motivating employees?

by Michael Haberman August 5, 2016

Tweet The Pokémon Go craze is in the news practically every day. It is almost impossible to go anywhere without spying someone walking around trying to catch Mewtoo, Dragonite, Psyduck or one of the other creatures in the game. As I observe this behavior and how quickly it caught on it made me wonder if […]

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Dealing with an a$$hole boss

by Michael Haberman August 4, 2016

Tweet I am getting more emails all the time from pleading for advice on how to handle an a$$hole boss. I am not quite sure how I got the “Dear Abby” label since most of what I write is geared toward employers. I don’t mind answering these because I am distressed that people get treated […]

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Summer Safety Tips for Construction Workers: A guest post

by Michael Haberman August 3, 2016

Tweet We are deep in the throes of summer, so the heat is remarkable in many areas of the country. Additionally, this month new OSHA regulations and fines go into effect. It is best to be aware. Matt Rhoney offered this post that deals with both of these topics. I hope you learn the lessons […]

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Can you ban political discussions in the workplace?

by Michael Haberman August 2, 2016

Tweet We are but three months away from knowing who will be the new chief executive in the White House. Given the political discourse to date that could end up being a long three months. Both sides have been vocal, physical at times, and most workplaces would not be the appropriate forum for those kinds […]

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Are Millennials responsible for the increase in harassment claims?

by Michael Haberman August 1, 2016

Tweet In a report put out by the EEOC they purport that there has been an increase in harassment in the workplace and that it remains a persistent problem. Harassment is up in all areas from sexual harassment to age harassment. They provide a number of reasons for why they think this problem exists. I […]

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Future Friday: Have we forgotten about the future? Advice for HR professionals

by Michael Haberman July 29, 2016

Tweet If you read my blog on Fridays you know that I address the future of work and the future of HR. I embrace Futurism. I have developed a program to teach HR about becoming futurists. Why? I think it is critical to the success of business. That is why I read with interest Mike […]

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