Did you know that National Origin discrimination covers American born workers?

by Michael Haberman August 18, 2015

Tweet In a somewhat unusual case a judge decided that the EEOC was justified in its claim that an American company was discriminating against American workers on the basis of national origin. Puzzled? Let me explain. Harder on Americans A Georgia farm was accused of having standards for American workers that were higher and more […]

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How did reclassification costs workers their jobs?

by Michael Haberman August 17, 2015

Tweet As governments increase the pressure on companies to insure that workers are properly classified as employees and not independent contractors there is bound to be some casualties in the process. The company Zirtual was just such a casualty. Reclassification With the US Department of Labor’s “Memorandum of Understanding” they are signing with willing states […]

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Future Friday: Beware the SWOT Analysis

by Michael Haberman August 14, 2015

Tweet Everyone has generally heard of the SWOT analysis where you look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is often recommended for new HR directors who are taking over new positions or departments. It is a look at your present situation and therein lays the danger according to one futurist. Think outside yourself […]

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How to respond to a Glassdoor review and the growth of Rateocracy

by Michael Haberman August 13, 2015

Tweet I went out to dinner the other night with friends. In deciding where we were going to go every option was first run through Yelp, the rating site for restaurants. Many people do the same thing. Today many employees go through the same kind of process when deciding where they may want to work. […]

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Six blog posts every HR person and business owner should read

by Michael Haberman August 12, 2015

Tweet I have an admission to make. I enjoy reading what lawyers write. Not all of them, but three lawyers in particular. They make this “lawyer stuff” interesting. I read many more than these three, but they in particular make it fun. I have selected two posts from each lawyer that I think present information […]

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Throwing a Company Party at Home? Prevent an HR Nightmare With These Tips

by Michael Haberman August 11, 2015

Tweet This post is from my friends at SocialMonsters.org Hosting a company party can be a great way to get to know your co-workers on a new level and help bring about unity in the workplace. However, certain HR concerns can come up when meeting outside the office. There are various safety and legal precautions […]

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If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, but is not a duck where can it go to the bathroom?

by Michael Haberman August 10, 2015

Tweet Transgenderism and gender identity have been in the news a great deal lately. The EEOC’s position is that an individual is whatever they identify as being when it comes to gender. For most people that works when it comes to hair and clothing but what about going to the bathroom? Some people get very […]

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Future Friday: Helping CEOs change

by Michael Haberman August 7, 2015

Tweet The changing job of the CEO is being discussed a lot these days. Companies and boards have come to realize that the CEO is a key player in attracting and retaining the talent needed to take the company into the forefront of their industry. But CEOs need to change in order to do that […]

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What is so special about September 30th? Do you know the answer?

by Michael Haberman August 6, 2015

Tweet There are actually a lot of HR folks or business managers that do not know the answer to this question. However, if you have an employee population of 100 or more, or 50 employees and a government contract, then you know that September 30th is the date on which your EEO-1 report is due. […]

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Not completing I-9 forms costs one company over $600,000

by Michael Haberman August 5, 2015

Tweet When working with smaller companies I often find a good number of them do a very poor job of complying with the paperwork requirement of Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986. This is the law that requires every employer to insure that the employee they hire has the legal right to work […]

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