From the Archive – Future Friday: The explanation of the future is about prediction and not certainty

by Michael Haberman January 5, 2018

Tweet Many people have been writing about predictions for 2018. I wanted to republish this post from last September as a reminder that there is nothing certain in those predictions. This past week Hurricane Irma ripped through the Southeast, wreaking mass destruction and havoc. Many people in the Southeast are not able to read this […]

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FLSA issues for 2018

by Michael Haberman January 4, 2018

Tweet As we enter into a new calendar year there are a lot of Department of Labor issues employers should be concerned with in handling employees. I am not going to cover all of them, but I do want to talk about several. Employee classification One of the biggest issues of 2017 will continue to […]

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What will you be reading in 2018?

by Michael Haberman January 3, 2018

Tweet I read a great deal. Articles, news stories, periodicals, newsletters, and blogs are the methods of my learning and the fodder for my own blog posts. I also read books. I try to read a variety of books, not just business or HR books. I am of the school of thought that the more […]

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Happy New Year in 2018

by Michael Haberman January 2, 2018

Tweet A new year has flipped over on the calendar. New goals have been set. New diet and exercise regimes have been set. New work habits have been promised. Some of us have experienced new joy, some of us have experienced tragedy. An unknown philosopher has said “The past cannot be changed. The future is yet […]

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From the Archive: The biggest megatrend for the next decade

by Michael Haberman December 28, 2017

Tweet I published this earlier this year. As we head into another year I thought I would replay it. A megatrend is a large trend that deals with large-scale change. As I wrote in Future Friday: Can you tell the difference between Fads, Micro Trends, Macro Trends, and Megatrends? “Megatrends are the long-lasting, years in […]

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Being Thankful for Others on Christmas Eve

by Michael Haberman December 22, 2017

Tweet Originally published in 2014 I think this is still relevant today. This is in place of Future Friday.  Despite the fact that many, many people in the U.S. have Christmas Eve off there are still many that work. Many of them are on duty to provide the rest of us with essential services. Many […]

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From the archive: A Christmas lesson from Dickens

by Michael Haberman December 21, 2017

Tweet I have published this before, but as I reread A Christmas Carol each year I think the lessons should be repeated all the time.  One of my favorite books is A Christmas Carol. Most of us know it by the many movies that have been made, some well done, the others not so much. […]

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Christmas Party Harassment Ends a Career

by Michael Haberman December 20, 2017

Tweet With all the headlines about harassment today, I thought I would republish this story of how harassment at a company Christmas party ended badly for an HR manager.   There is no lack of horror stories associated with holiday parties. Since this is the Monday before Christmas I will tell you a short one that […]

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7 Steps to Take the Villain Out of Business: A Replayed Lesson from Scrooge

by Michael Haberman December 19, 2017

Tweet I think that this is an important lesson for all of in HR to remember. There are more “good guys” than there are bad. When I was in college I had no desire to be in the “business” world. I wanted to be an academic. I thought it was “nobler” than the base business […]

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From the archive Seven ways working for a good company is like having a good marriage

by Michael Haberman December 18, 2017

Tweet Today my wife and I have been married 46 years. Two years ago I published this post and I thought it was still apropos, so I am republishing it. Today is my wedding anniversary! Now you may think was does this have to do with anything in HR? As I have reflected on my […]

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