Wage and Hour lessons- Damn this stuff gets complicated!

by Michael Haberman May 17, 2016

Tweet Rather than subjecting you to my writing today I am going to expose you to the writing of four excellent attorneys who also write great blog posts. The common theme to these four posts is wage and hour issues. This is important with the new exempt regulations looming on the near horizon. Minimum wage […]

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One secret to understanding people better

by Michael Haberman May 16, 2016

Tweet I was able to read and finish a book on a flight to a conference in Las Vegas last week. The book is Dave Kerpen’s The Art of People. It is a very readable book chocked full of pretty sound advice. The subtitle of the book is “11 Simple People Skills That Will Get […]

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From the Archive: Future Friday: Does telecommuting cause a digital divide?

by Michael Haberman May 13, 2016

Tweet I am traveling today, so I bring this commuting post from the archive. I have written a number of times that the part of the future of work is both telecommuting and a free-agent workforce. More and more companies are using or allowing a greater freedom in telecommuting. More companies are using independent contractors […]

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From the Archive: Millennials may not be the radicals you think

by Michael Haberman May 12, 2016

Tweet I am in Las Vegas today at the Thrive 2016 conference. One of my duties there is to chair a panel discussion on Millennials in the workplace. Thus I thought I would republish this post from the archives.  A recent LinkedIn survey showed that Millennials may not be the radical employees that everyone keeps […]

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From the Archive: Travel Time and Your Non-exempt Employee

by Michael Haberman May 11, 2016

Tweet I am away this week. Since I am traveling I was reminded that air travel may be more difficult to deal with under the new FLSA regulations. You may have employees who traveled as exempt employees who will now be reclassified as non-exempt employees. The rules for paying them become more complicated, you had […]

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From the Archive: A Dose of Drucker

by Michael Haberman May 10, 2016

Tweet I am away this week, so I pulled several posts from the Archive. I like this one in particular.  Peter Drucker was considered by many, and still is well after his death in 2005, the Dean of Management consulting. He is actually considered to be the inventor of the modern concept of management. I […]

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From the Archive: Wage and Hour lawsuits are on the rise and costly

by Michael Haberman May 9, 2016

Tweet With the changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act due at anytime now, I thought while I was away this week I would rerun this post.  If you have had the misfortune to be at home during the week and you watched daytime television you have seen the many commercials for attorneys advertising their […]

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Future Friday: How to become a futurist

by Michael Haberman May 6, 2016

Tweet Next Thursday, May 12, 2016 I will be presenting at the THRIVE 2016 Annual Conference, in Las Vegas, NV. I join some of the industry’s top professionals for this powerful conference on strategic HR performance management. I will be presenting my presentation that I have done several times called “7 Steps to becoming a […]

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The EEOC issues a fact sheet on bathroom access

by Michael Haberman May 5, 2016

Tweet At a client’s the other day we had a discussion about the use of bathrooms by people not the sex listed on the door. In this particular case it was a situation of mistaken identity of a woman in men’s clothing. They were wondering what to do. EEOC issues guidance On May 2, 2016 […]

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Bad HR is Expensive HR

by Michael Haberman May 4, 2016

Tweet There is a line in the movie Master and Commander: Far Side of the World where Captain Jack Aubrey says to the ship surgeon, Stephen Maturin, “Stephen it makes me so low when you talk about the service like that.” That sums up how I feel when I have to report about poorly done […]

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