Future Friday: The next great HR position

by Michael Haberman December 5, 2014

Tweet The next great HR position is going to require someone who has a multi-functional background and may in fact not be filled by someone from HR. According to writer Anne Fisher, in an interview with Peter Martin, workplace strategy director for Asia at real estate company CBRE, said that the next great HR position […]

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Can you keep your HR lady from moonlighting as an exotic dancer?

by Michael Haberman December 4, 2014

Tweet At Christmas time, or for that matter anytime, employees often take on second jobs to supplement their income.  Known as “moonlighting” these are often part time or seasonal jobs. The question often becomes can I, the employer, prohibit my employees from working a second job. Naturally the answer is “it depends”, so let’s explore […]

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NLRB declares taking care of employees violates the NLRA

by Michael Haberman December 3, 2014

Tweet Yes, you read that right. The National Labor Relations Board has declared that trying to do right by your employees is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act, specifically Section 8(a), subsections 1 & 5. Well, maybe I have taken a bit of license in making that statement given that the NLRB did […]

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Understanding the “Why” in your HR policies

by Michael Haberman December 2, 2014

Tweet My granddaughter has been in town for the holidays. Since she had to take a few extra days off from school to make the trip, she had to bring homework. We were sitting at Starbucks and she was doing her math homework. I was not sitting at the same table thus I had the […]

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Are old ways of treating employees coming back?

by Michael Haberman December 1, 2014

Tweet I used to work for a company that treated its employees well. We had profit sharing and everyone got a ham at Christmas time along with a bonus check. I don’t know if they still do that or not, but I would like to think they do. I read an article the other day […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

by Michael Haberman November 27, 2014

Tweet   I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day!    

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If you have not updated your handbook this year you are way behind

by Michael Haberman November 26, 2014

Tweet Let’s face it we all know that the employee handbook is a valuable document to every employer there is. We also know that it is a document that, due to neglect, can get your company in trouble. If you have not updated your handbook your are behind the times. New issues There are a […]

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Retaliation is not only illegal it is just stupid

by Michael Haberman November 25, 2014

Tweet Employers do a lot of things wrong. As an optimist I hope that most of these errors are errors of omission and not errors of commission, as my friend Jon Hyman has once said. As a realist I realize that there may be more intentional wrong-doing than I would like. One area that it […]

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Being a Workaholic is not the same as being engaged

by Michael Haberman November 24, 2014

Tweet How many of us know someone who proudly proclaims they are a workaholic? Perhaps some of you reading this post feel that way about yourself. Some claim it is because they are really engaged in their work. That may be true but a recent study showed that there is a difference between being engaged […]

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Future Friday: What if your office drove you to work?

by Michael Haberman November 21, 2014

Tweet I am not talking about a car pool here. I am talking about your office, at least a part of it, actually picking you up and driving you to work while you sat and worked. Would you be interested? With the advent of driverless vehicles that may become a possibility. The commute to the […]

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