How HR Can Help Employees Handle Natural Disasters Again

by Michael Haberman September 11, 2017

Tweet Hurricane Irma is currently making a disaster of Florida and Georgia. Houston, Texas is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. There are yet other storms predicted for this season. Several years ago I was offered this post by Erin Palmer from Villanova University. It is timely given the recent hurricane, tropical storm, floods and earthquake we […]

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Future Friday: Workforce of the future does not like unattractive and non-innovative

by Michael Haberman September 8, 2017

Tweet All industries are dealing with the issues surrounding attracting and retaining Millennials. One industry in particular provides us with clues to issues that may be applicable to all industries. Old and unattractive The hotel industry, specifically the luxury hotel industry, is facing a challenge of attracting and retaining millennial customers. According to Carlos Martin-Rios […]

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The Obama era overtime changes are finally dead, maybe

by Michael Haberman September 7, 2017

Tweet On the last day of August a federal judge, Judge Amos Mazzant, seemed to settle the Obama administration’s attempt to alter the salary levels necessary to consider an employee exempt from being paid overtime. Or did he? A bit of history As you may recall, about this time last year companies were gearing up […]

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3 Ways to Protect Your Company Reputation from Negative Rumors

by Michael Haberman September 6, 2017

Tweet This post comes my friends at There are some good lessons for HR in this post. Last year, Samsung’s reputation was going down in flames, as reports of its Galaxy Note7 suddenly catching fire sabotaged a launch that was meant to give the company momentum going into the holiday sales season. The crisis […]

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Another case of Stupid HR

by Michael Haberman September 5, 2017

Tweet Just a reminder this is not the HR function. This is about human resources actions done without thought. This happens in a small business on occasion and especially if a husband and wife work in the business together. The situation A chiropractor hired a woman to be a massage therapist for his chiropractic practice. […]

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Future Friday: Will be learning be delivered on-demand?

by Michael Haberman September 1, 2017

Tweet Today we teach employees in a very different way than it is likely to be delivered in the future. We often take the school model to deliver learning opportunities. We put employees in classroom settings and talk about things the need to learn. Often these classroom sessions last an hour, a day, a week […]

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Happy Birthday to my blog!

by Michael Haberman August 31, 2017

Tweet In 2006 I stuck my toe in the waters of HR blogging. At that time there were far fewer HR related blogs. I didn’t have much of a voice then, and I am not sure how much I have now. I did not make it on the most recent list of Top 100 HR […]

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5 Tips on Educating Your Workforce without Spending Too Much: A Guest Post

by Michael Haberman August 30, 2017

Tweet Today’s guest post is from freelance blogger Helen Eagleton.  Your employees are one of your most critical assets, and well-trained employees are vital if you want your business to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, businesses often cut back on employee training to make ends meet, and this can have a detrimental impact on your company. […]

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The Pros and Cons of Having a Company Car for Small Business

by Michael Haberman August 29, 2017

Tweet Today’s post is from my friends at Social While many different types of small businesses can benefit from having a company car, there are a number of things ownership should consider before making such a purchase. A mom-and-pop bakery, for example, that makes a lot of deliveries may find it useful to invest […]

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Another case of Stupid HR actions

by Michael Haberman August 28, 2017

Tweet First let me make it clear that by saying “stupid HR” I am not pointing a finger at the HR department, most the time. Generally I am pointing out an action taken by a company that is an illegal action. In this example it is a “stupid HR” action taken by the president of […]

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