Three Key Issues about Employee lawsuits

by Michael Haberman September 15, 2016

Tweet Daniel Schwartz, an attorney with the firm Shipman & Goodwin, LLP, is an attorney I have read for a number of years. He has been blogging for 9 years and has consistently produced great content. In a post he did the other day he talked about frivolous, or not so frivolous, lawsuits. I wanted […]

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Inspiration for Wednesday

by Michael Haberman September 14, 2016

Tweet I am reading a book about the difference between fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. I makes me think, but I think this quote sums the book up. The book is Mindset The New Psychology of Success. You can find a link below.    

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The ADA and Entrepreneurial start-ups

by Michael Haberman September 13, 2016

Tweet I know that many start-ups don’t consider human resources related laws when they are getting started. They focus on getting their product or service up and running, whether they have the suppliers they need and of course the potential market. If they consider HR at all it is in the realm of payroll. Most […]

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From the Archive: Make September 11th Safety Day!

by Michael Haberman September 11, 2016

Tweet This past Sunday was the 15th anniversary of the destruction of the twin towers in NYC and the Pentagon in Washington. I published this post in 2008 because I had been telling clients and students that one of the best ways to commemorate that day was to find a way to save lives. That […]

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Future Friday: The key to learning is unlearning

by Michael Haberman September 9, 2016

Tweet I had a conversation with Alex Hagan, a futurist out of Australia, and we were discussing learning. I asked Alex which futurists he pays attention to and he said that he doesn’t really read many futurists. Rather he prefers to read and learn from parallel or even non-related industries. We agreed that learning from […]

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Don’t be a dupe for someone else’s ill will

by Michael Haberman September 8, 2016

Tweet I have run across the term “cat’s paw” several times in the past, including just recently. It comes supposedly from an old Aesop’s fable that was adapted by Frenchman Jean de La Fontaine under the title Le Singe et le Chat that appeared in the second collection of his Fables in 1679. It tells […]

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Guarding against retaliation is a much more active process now!

by Michael Haberman September 7, 2016

Tweet In an August 29, 2016 press release the EEOC announced it final enforcement guidance on how retaliation is to be handles. As they announced retaliation is the most frequent claim of discrimination and exceeds 45% of claims of discrimination. As one of the three documents produced states “Federal equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws prohibit […]

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Independent Contractors and the National Labor Relations Board

by Michael Haberman September 6, 2016

Tweet We all know that the US Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service dislike the use of the Independent Contractor classification. Now the National Labor Relations Board has weighed-in as well and, guess what, they don’t like it either. Improper classification can lead to an unfair labor charge According to Richard J. Reibstein  […]

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Have a relaxing Labor Day thanks to Grover Cleveland

by Michael Haberman September 5, 2016

Tweet President Grover Cleveland in an election year, was looking for a way to appease the labor unions (gee imagine a politician doing such a thing). Thus right after the Pullman Railroad  strike was settled (not in favor of the union by the way) Cleveland had a law rushed through Congress and he signed it […]

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Future Friday: Will it be the older generations that drive the Gig economy, not the Millennials?

by Michael Haberman September 2, 2016

Tweet I revealed to someone the other day that I had turned 65 this past July. He asked me if I was retiring soon. I told him I had no intention of retiring. I have been working since I was 15 and I have held some job almost continually since then. Retirement would be boring.  […]

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