Future Friday: The future worker is a contractor or is it?

by Michael Haberman June 19, 2015

Tweet A great deal has been written about the future of work in what has been called the “on-demand” or “gig” economy. The use of independent contractors has been deemed to be the way of the future. It appears however, that not everyone is bought into the concept. Contractors who considered themselves employees have filed […]

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Can an employer restrict employees from leaving their work station?

by Michael Haberman June 18, 2015

Tweet The answer to that question is a qualified “maybe” or “maybe not.” Generally it is a given that an employer can control, if they want, when an employee can leave a work station. However, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has offered a different interpretation that restricts an employer’s ability to have this restriction. Watch […]

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A quick tip to keep you and your employees on their toes

by Michael Haberman June 17, 2015

Tweet As I do my reading a consistent theme is that you need to be a constant learner in order to be successful. Futurist James Canton mentions it as one of the keys to future success as well. To be a constant learner you need to be a consistent learner. But how do you do […]

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June Employee Law Blog Carnival

by Michael Haberman June 16, 2015

Tweet Ok I have some phrases I want you to identify: The 5-0-4. Dinged for OffCon “6-factor” “clogged drain” Applomodation case derivative sovereign immunity Get any of these? If you did you are better than I am. To learn these terms and more head over to Lawffice Space where Phil Miles has put together a […]

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Saying “I am sorry” is protected in 36 states

by Michael Haberman June 15, 2015

Tweet Research has shown that telling an offended party that you are sorry defuses many situations, whether it is in a personal relationship, a malpractice suit or even in a discrimination lawsuit. Yet many people are hesitant to say “I’m sorry” because they feel that will be perceived as an admission of guilt. Fortunately, in […]

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Future Friday: Will there be an Uber HR be in our future?

by Michael Haberman June 12, 2015

Tweet You have to have been hiding from the news or social media not to have heard of Uber, the car service where all the drivers are independent contractors. That model of providing a service is becoming more widespread and becoming an increasingly popular way of working for many people, across three generations. I wonder […]

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HR in the 21st Century: Make Life Easier for Your Employees

by Michael Haberman June 11, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at SocialMonster.org.    When it comes to keeping your employees happy, bi-monthly potlucks and a warm pot of morning coffee just won’t cut it anymore — especially if you’re staffed with a group of millennials (and most companies are or will be soon, as millennials […]

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From the Archive: Forget their Weaknesses, Improve their Strengths

by Michael Haberman June 10, 2015

Tweet I am away on some personal time so I wanted to repost this from November 2013. It was pretty well read, which means that others found it interesting, you might too. It is a general consensus these days that performance appraisal is broken. Managers hate to deliver them, employees hate to get them and […]

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From the Archive: 8 Things Successful People do to be Successful

by Michael Haberman June 9, 2015

Tweet As I am taking some personal time I wanted to republish this post from December of 2013. Even though it was originally published the day after Christmas it was still pretty well read and the advice is still very relevant. As we end this year you may be searching for guidance for the next […]

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From the Archive: Five great quotes on Leadership

by Michael Haberman June 8, 2015

Tweet While I am out on some personal time I wanted to republish this post from last year. As we see candidates starting to vie for a presidential bid we need to evaluate leadership potential. I personally think there is a dearth of leadership in the world today. That shortage has been documented. I wrote […]

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