The USDOL is looking for ideas and there is a deadline of February 25th

by Michael Haberman February 17, 2015

Tweet As you know many of us in HR and business complain about the regulations that the DOL develop and enforce based upon legislation that has been passed.  The U.S. Department of Labor is looking to be “smarter” as they say and they are soliciting ideas on a set of questions. Their appeal to the […]

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The USDOL is getting ready to disrupt your workplace!

by Michael Haberman February 16, 2015

Tweet For those of you that don’t know the Fair Labor Standards Act has been taken into the “shop” for an overhaul. Last revised in 2004 many people (unions and the current administration primarily) think it is time to raise the salary level to be considered an exempt employee. It is time for HR to […]

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Future Friday: Beyond Google Glass in the world of HR

by Michael Haberman February 13, 2015

Tweet When Google Glass first came out people were very interested. Naturally there were naysayers and there have been many announcements that Google Glass is dead. On the other hand there were fans and pronouncements that Google Glass is alive and kicking. I thought it could be a great tool for the Human Resources professional […]

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The Valentine HR Carnival is waiting for your love

by Michael Haberman February 12, 2015

Tweet This month’s version of the HR Carnival is up and ready for reading. Hosted by Robin Schooling at her new site,, it is a great collection of recent blog posts that cover a variety of subjects. She has published posts that cover why people like working in HR to leadership issues to successful […]

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Who CAN you fire for their social media activity?

by Michael Haberman February 11, 2015

Tweet Most people in business have heard of the clamp down on companies firing employees for their use of social media. This is a result of the work of the National Labor Relations Board who says they are protecting the right of employees to engage in “protected concerted activity” as detailed in Section 7 of […]

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Are measles protected by the ADA? What do you think?

by Michael Haberman February 10, 2015

Tweet We have all heard about the resurgence of measles in the US, starting at Disneyland in California, but now spreading across the US. A recent case was reported in New York City. Since many people, especially Millennials were not vaccinated for it when younger some employers have expressed some concern about measles having an […]

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Documentation needs to go beyond the actual event?

by Michael Haberman February 9, 2015

Tweet A recent report out of Australia points out something that companies under American law should also be aware of, the importance of continued and thorough documentation. Behaving badly Most good HR departments understand the importance of documenting all the performance issues and poor behavior that leads up to an employee being terminated. Whether they […]

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Future Friday: How will you handle your public reputation?

by Michael Haberman February 6, 2015

Tweet We are all aware of sites that allow consumers to rate restaurants or stores, like Yelp, or sites that allow candidates and employees to rate companies, like Glassdoor. But have you thought about the possibility of having sites that allow everyone to rate everything? How would that effect you as an HR professional if […]

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Ignoring OSHA regulations can be costly in many ways

by Michael Haberman February 5, 2015

Tweet In a previous position I was responsible for safety in a manufacturing plant. We were strict on safety, yet accidents happened. I always felt bad for the employee and for the employee’s family. Losing a finger, hurting a back, damaging a hand not only limit your ability to work but it also significantly changes […]

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In Wage and Hour lawsuits it is not just the company that gets sued!

by Michael Haberman February 4, 2015

Tweet Many people think that when the Department of Labor or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) comes after a company for a violation it is just the company that gets sued. Unfortunately that is not the case as demonstrated by just such a recent situation. Company president sued too A recent press release from […]

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