Job search with the applicant in mind

by Michael Haberman March 12, 2015

Tweet I was contacted last week by a young man named Stefan Mancevski who is a co-founder of a new website for searching for a job. He wanted to tell me about the new company he was involved with, JobHero, which he said was designed to help the job seeker in a way no one […]

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What exactly does “exempt” mean?

by Michael Haberman March 11, 2015

Tweet The Fair Labor Standards Act tells us we have two types of employees, non-exempt and exempt. Unfortunately these terms are not very explanatory and people often get them confused. Let me see if I can explain. Exempt from what? Basically according to the FLSA the term “exempt” me “you don’t have to pay’ and […]

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A great resource for hiring veterans

by Michael Haberman March 10, 2015

Tweet I come from a family with a lot of military service in its history going back to the Civil War up to present day. Being in a military family can be tough. Being a veteran can be tougher, especially with PTSD. An unemployed veteran has even more stress. A great resource There are many […]

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What do you do when your pregnant employee is too big?

by Michael Haberman March 9, 2015

Tweet What do you do when you have a pregnant employee who has gotten to the point of being too large, in your opinion, to do her job? There are several answers to this question you just have to be sure your pick the right one. According to the EEOC one company did not. The […]

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Future Friday: How to distinguish between Fads, Micro Trends, Macro Trends and Megatrends

by Michael Haberman March 6, 2015

Tweet In my sessions on 7 Steps to being a practical HR Futurist I tell people that they need to be watching trends in their industry and in their targeted employee population. In the HR literature we talk about the necessity of paying attention to trends in demographics, economics, and legislation. I was reading an […]

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Job blackmail is not the quickest way to a girl’s heart

by Michael Haberman March 5, 2015

Tweet Over the history of mankind men have tried multiple ways to woo women. Obviously many have been successful, but some have not worked. In today’s modern workplace threatening a woman’s job is not a route to success. No hearts are won with blackmail. A recent case The EEOC just published a press release that […]

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Why it is important to have multiple ways to report harassment

by Michael Haberman March 4, 2015

Tweet When you craft your harassment policy there are two important aspects of the policy that many companies miss. First is there has to be a way for someone to report the harassment. Secondly that reporting method has to have alternatives available for the person reporting the harassment. Let me explain why that is important. […]

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Why Office Setup Plays a Large Role in Employee Happiness

by Michael Haberman March 3, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at By the end of the 1960s, human resource professionals had already discovered the link between office design and the productivity of employees. Soon after that, it was apparent that workplace happiness played a direct role in worker retention. With people spending one-third or […]

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The “new” rule for who is a spouse

by Michael Haberman March 2, 2015

Tweet As I have told classes and blog post readers the changing nature of relationships in the US will alter the framework and definitions we have in the workplace. Up to this time those changing definitions only applied to some states and to federal contractors under Executive Orders administered by the OFCCP. As of February […]

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Future Friday: An important study on the Future of Work

by Michael Haberman February 27, 2015

Tweet Rather than offering my opinion on some aspect of the Future of Work I wanted to make you aware of a 2014 report that I find fascinating. I think it is a study that each of you should read, and re-read, and re-read until its main points sink in. It will make you think. […]

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