Fake it until you make it

by Michael Haberman November 17, 2015

Tweet Everyone has those days at work when they just don’t really want to… be sociable, be happy, be friendly, be interested…(fill in your term), but you have to. This is especially true in HR. People come seeking advice and you have to be interested or show concern. You have to attend a meeting and […]

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Pregnancy does not eliminate promotion

by Michael Haberman November 16, 2015

Tweet Since 2011, according to the EEOC, they have filed over 45 lawsuits involving pregnancy discrimination and have recovered over $3.5 million as well as instituting programs and follow up on the companies involved. Being pregnant does not mean less capable As many husbands who have dealt with a pregnant wife know most pregnant women […]

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Future Friday: Collaboration and the era of cognitive computing

by Michael Haberman November 13, 2015

Tweet Back in September I wrote a post called Future Friday: The future of work is all about collaboration. I talked about how technology has changed the act of collaboration by providing a variety of tools to make it easier for people to work together. Then I attended the #IBMInsight conference in October. There I […]

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The Dilemma of Predictive Analytics for HR

by Michael Haberman November 12, 2015

Tweet My attention was caught by an article entitled Most Swans are White: Living in a Predictive Society by Thomas Davenport. Having just given a class in which I discussed the concept of “black swans” this piqued my curiosity. It turns out the article was actually the forward to the book Predictive Analytics: The Power […]

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How to keep from struggling in your working life

by Michael Haberman November 11, 2015

Tweet Many of have struggled with our “purpose” in life. We have struggled with answering the question “Are we in the right job?” I certainly have. Part of me wants to write. As a result of that I have been following a writer by the name of Jeff Goins for several years. I have been […]

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Corporate Climbing & Other Team-Building Adventures

by Michael Haberman November 10, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by SocialMonsters.org.  When people have a personal connection with their co-workers it reduces conflict, improves productivity and creates a more stable work space for everyone. While team-building activities can be helpful, larger adventures get co-workers out of the office and out of the mindset of work activities. Suddenly […]

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Bad news to start your week with

by Michael Haberman November 9, 2015

Tweet Safety compliance, or more correctly, lack of compliance is about to get VERY expensive. Snuck into the Budget Agreement passed by Congress and signed by the President on November 2nd was a provision that allows OSHA to increase fines by as much as 82%! This means, according to an announcement by the law firm […]

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Future Friday: Cognitive computing and the value of data

by Michael Haberman November 6, 2015

Tweet I had the good fortune to be invited as a “futurist” to the #IBMInsight conference in Las Vegas in late October. Along with about 30 others we were exposed to some of the amazing things IBM is doing with what they call “cognitive computing.” The conference had several themes wrapped around the power of […]

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Office parties and nonexempt employees

by Michael Haberman November 5, 2015

Tweet In addition to the post yesterday about holiday pay I thought I would address the issue of holiday parties since many of you may be having a holiday party this year Here is some quick advice on holiday parties and pay when dealing with non-exempt employees. Do employees have to attend? Most holiday parties […]

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Four Myths about Holiday Pay under the FLSA

by Michael Haberman November 4, 2015

Tweet As we enter into the holiday time of the year I thought it would be constructive to address some myths about holiday pay. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings that have developed about how and what people must be paid. Much of this comes from the past practices that people learned from […]

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