In a hostile environment it is not the intent but the effect that is important

by Michael Haberman January 21, 2016

Tweet In a case out of the Tenth Circuit court in Kansas we learn that courts are not to interpret the intent of what someone says but the effect of what they say to determine if a hostile environment exists. What do you think? If you were, or are, an African-American employee and you worked […]

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Can you prohibit employees from taking photos at work?

by Michael Haberman January 20, 2016

Tweet The answer, like many in HR, is it depends on the circumstances. If you ask the NLRB they will tell you “No” if it interferes with an employee’s rights under the National Labor Relations Act. In fact recording of any kind, photographic or voice, has to be allowed baring some valid legal or business […]

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Discrimination Guidance

by Michael Haberman January 19, 2016

Tweet ISIS and the ongoing state of affairs in the Middle East are almost daily headlines in the news. The US Presidential debates have also broached the subject of Syrian refugees. For many people these are emotional topics that could have negative repercussions in the workplace depending on your employee population. The EEOC reminds us […]

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Does gray hair make a difference? From the archive.

by Michael Haberman January 18, 2016

Tweet I originally published this at this time last year. During that year I have heard more and more from friends about the age discrimination they feel they have been subjected to in their attempts to find work. Therefore I wanted to republish this since the subject is still relevant. In a recent post writer, […]

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Future Friday: Not everyone can work from Starbucks

by Michael Haberman January 15, 2016

Tweet I have written a lot about the future of work and the changing nature of the workforce. Article after article, mine included, talk about future workers desiring flexibility and being able to work from wherever they desire. Many people already do and they make up what is becoming known as the “gig” economy, that […]

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Not changing your mind on an employee’s resignation could be illegal

by Michael Haberman January 14, 2016

Tweet Usually when an employee resigns the employer accepts it and that is the end of the situation. Occasionally an employee will change their mind and ask if they can rescind their resignation. Many companies have policies against taking people back, after all they left for a reason, but some companies will take an employee […]

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5 Performance Management Trends that are Shaking Up HR

by Michael Haberman January 13, 2016

Tweet This is a guest post from Stuart Hearn, who holds views very similar to mine on performance management. I happy to know that a new approach to performance management it taking hold. Outdated performance management processes are coming under fire for being inefficient, hugely time consuming and for not adding any real value. Employees […]

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Safeguard Your Workplace Against Crime & Violence

by Michael Haberman January 12, 2016

Tweet I published a post about “Things to do in active shooter situation” last month. Here is another post from my friends at about security at work.  It is getting dark earlier, which means employees are often leaving work when it is dark – a safety concern, for sure. Take steps to implement a […]

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One big secret to staying employed

by Michael Haberman January 11, 2016

Tweet I was sitting at my local Starbucks this weekend. I started chatting with acquaintance, who I met as another customer, as he was waiting for his drink. He mentioned that he was looking to change jobs. He made the comment that at age 55 it was difficult to even get an interview, let alone […]

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Future Friday: The Independent Contractor will NOT rule by 2020

by Michael Haberman January 8, 2016

Tweet I and numerous other people have written about the “gig economy”, “free agent nation” or whatever you want to call it, numerous times. As we get into 2016, and 2020 is a mere four years away, the likelihood of there being a major shift in the direction of a high percentage of independent contractors […]

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