Three excellent HR reads for Thursday

by Michael Haberman April 14, 2016

Tweet I could not think of any single topic to write about today, so I thought I would point you to three blog posts written by others that I thought you might find interesting. Jon Hyman – Winter is coming … for the FLSA’s salary test A very astute attorney, Jon Hyman, writes about the […]

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Finding a Work-Life Balance That Works for You

by Michael Haberman April 13, 2016

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at Is a work-life balance out of reach? A recent Ernst and Young survey revealed that 24 percent of American working employees said that their work-life balance is getting harder to manage. While many workers may think a healthy work-life balance is unattainable, we […]

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Want your employees to improve? Treat them like they do on The Voice.

by Michael Haberman April 12, 2016

Tweet My wife and I are fans of the singing competition show called The Voice. It is a show on which competitors display their talent in hopes of being selected to participate in a competition in order to become “The Voice” at the end of the show. It is not unlike the selection process companies […]

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How are you doing applicant tracking?

by Michael Haberman April 11, 2016

Tweet I have spent a large part of my career involved in recruitment, working in a corporation and advising clients on the process. I am frequently asked if I have a recommendation on the best software to track applicants. There are still a good number of companies using spreadsheets and email folders to keep track […]

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Future Friday: Is there a future solution for HR in crowdsourcing?

by Michael Haberman April 8, 2016

Tweet I was reading an article on crowdsourcing and it prompted a thought about crowdsourcing and its use by HR professionals. Many HR professionals are single or small departments that may struggle with handling innovation or even thinking through new ideas. Many of us may have a network of contacts we use to ask questions, […]

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Napping at Work: Why You Should Finally Implement AND Regulate it

by Michael Haberman April 7, 2016

Tweet I am a big fan of napping. I have written about napping several times, such as “Yawn”: Lack of Sleep and the Benefit of a Power Nap. This guest post, written by Jared Lichtin, appealed to me and I agreed to publish it. He presents a product that companies like Facebook and Nestle are […]

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How to Attract Candidates With an Entrepreneurial Spirit

by Michael Haberman April 6, 2016

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at  Research by global performance management consulting company Gallup in 2015 found the best entrepreneurs are born with innate characteristics that drive them toward outperforming their peers and achieving success. Not everyone born with entrepreneurial spirit goes on to form their own businesses, though, […]

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What can you do with a disloyal employee?

by Michael Haberman April 5, 2016

Tweet It is a safe bet that most companies have, at some time, had an employee or two that they considered to be disloyal. In most cases the penalty for disloyalty most often applied is termination. Unfortunately today the National Labor Relations Board may disagree with you and that may embolden your employees. This was […]

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The power of belief!

by Michael Haberman April 4, 2016

Tweet I am not talking about belief in an all-powerful being or beings residing somewhere other than earth. I am talking about belief in yourself. Numerous writer have talked about the power of self-belief. I have read Earl Nightingale , Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Napoleon Hill, and one of my favorites Denis Waitley.  Waitley said […]

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Future Friday: The Rise of Virtual Reality

by Michael Haberman April 1, 2016

Tweet The subject of virtual reality has come up in a number of discussions lately. I was interviewed by a writer on the use of virtual reality (VR) in the workplace. I have noticed a commercial that shows a doctor studying a VR image of a heart on his way to surgery. There have been […]

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