Repost of a #SHRM17 interview with Ryan Estis on Rethinking HR

by Michael Haberman May 8, 2017

Tweet I am reposting this interview with Ryan Estis, who will be speaking at #SHRM17 this year. Ryan is a dynamic and exciting speaker that I think you should NOT miss.  One of the most popular presentations at the SHRM conference in Washington, D. C. in 2016 was that of Ryan Estis, speaking about Rethinking […]

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From the Archives- Future Friday: Five Future Facts You Need to Know

by Michael Haberman May 5, 2017

Tweet I am on vacation therefore I have reached back into the archives to bring you an interesting post with important information. This was originally posted on May 23, 2014. Here are some interesting projections into the future that I ran across. Some of these are projections for the year 2030. The year 2030 is […]

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Still on vacation- but not here

by Michael Haberman May 4, 2017

Tweet Tweet

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From the Archive: Millennials may not be the radicals you think

by Michael Haberman May 3, 2017

Tweet A recent LinkedIn survey showed that Millennials may not be the radical employees that everyone keeps talking about. Here are some of the findings. Despite the image we have of the under 30 crowd Millennials may be better dressed than their predecessors in Gen X. Eleven percent wear suits or “career” clothing compared to […]

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Seven Tips on the Value of Vacations

by Michael Haberman May 2, 2017

Tweet I am on vacation.  In the meantime I have reached back into the archives to find a post on the value of vacations. This, now edited version, originally appeared on July 4, 2012. We are coming into the vacation season. I am a big believer in vacations. I always came back fully recharged so I […]

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The Remote Revolution: Solutions to Empower Next-Gen Workers

by Michael Haberman May 1, 2017

Tweet Today’s post is from my friends at Remote working is on the rise. In fact, large enterprises like IBM are now expanding their remote-work program, even as more startups embrace a remote-first foundation, Quartz reports. The shift is no surprise — not only are companies looking to boost productivity by reducing the need […]

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Future Friday: Can we offset job losses with wage insurance?

by Michael Haberman April 28, 2017

Tweet With the discussion of job losses due to technology becoming a stronger topic of discussion usually comes with the suggestion of some form of income replacement. A guaranteed income, taken care of by a tax on employers, is touted as a way of protecting workers who lose their jobs due to technology advancement. Some […]

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A revision: What is the fate of the increase in the exempt level salary increase?

by Michael Haberman April 27, 2017

Tweet I wrote this post on April 10th. Since then there has been yet another change. The hearing on this is now delayed until June 30th. The Trump administration has pointed out to the court that the Department of Labor does not yet have a leader. Daniel Acosta has yet to be confirmed by the […]

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A Lesson from Drucker: Managing your boss

by Michael Haberman April 26, 2017

Tweet From the Archive:   Everyone has a boss. Many of us have several. Often we would like to have better ones, but if you can’t trade in the boss you can attempt to make the ones you have better. How do you do that? Peter Drucker has some guidance for that process. The boss […]

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How Promoting Exercise in the Office Can Drastically Increase Productivity

by Michael Haberman April 25, 2017

Tweet Today’s post is written by Robert Brown. Robert writes about running, quality footwear and other sports related topics for Runabees – a website dedicated to running and quality footwear. When he is not running or writing, he is relaxing at home with his family and friends. If you are like many of us who spend […]

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