Two New Executive Actions on Pay that Federal Contractors Must Heed

by Michael Haberman April 10, 2014

Tweet One April 8, 2014 President Barak Obama signed two Executive actions that require Federal Contractors to abide with new pay rules. Failure to abide with these orders could result in loss of all federal contracts the company has and at minimum will increase scrutiny of the company by the OFCCP. Federal contractors are any […]

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Two very interesting posts to read Midweek

by Michael Haberman April 9, 2014

Tweet Here are two very interesting posts that I highly recommend you read. The first is from Kris Dunn, considered to be a superstar in HR by many. He is also a sports fiend so much of his writing is related to sports. But don’t dismay this one is fascinating and deals with ageism. Read […]

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If the NLRB allows employees to telecommute so can you!

by Michael Haberman April 8, 2014

Tweet Working remotely is a solution many organizations have considered to accomplish a number of goals. “Telecommuting” suffered a setback when Yahoo altered the way they did business and called all their remote workers back to the main office. But despite the move by Yahoo more and more organizations are moving to remote working on […]

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In HR is competence or likeability more important?

by Michael Haberman April 7, 2014

Tweet   In a world where HR professionals strive for more and more credibility you would hope that competence would be the prime factor for selecting the best and the brightest. Unfortunately in this more modern world of video conference and webinar presentations it appears another factor is as important, if not more so, than […]

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Future Friday: HR job titles of the future?

by Michael Haberman April 4, 2014

Tweet The name “human resources” has long been derided as a bad term to describe what is actually done in terms of handling people within an organization. People object to being called resources. Of course we could always call it the “Human Assets Management” department but some how I don’t think that would be any […]

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40 Big reasons you want to have your wage & hour issues in order

by Michael Haberman April 3, 2014

Tweet   It is no secret that the Obama administration has made wage and hour issues key on their platform. The President’s edict to the Department of Labor to rewrite the Fair Labor Standards Act in order to expand the number of people eligible for overtime is the most recent. Announcements from the USDOL about […]

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HR and the Art of Nudgery

by Michael Haberman April 2, 2014

Tweet   If you “nudge” someone you move them just slightly. It is generally done as a reminder or a way to alter behavior, as when my wife nudges me in the middle of the night because of my snoring. She wants me to alter my position ever-so-slightly to changing my breathing pattern. We nudge […]

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Protecting Your Office from an HR Data Breach: Tips for Tax Season

by Michael Haberman April 1, 2014

Tweet   Today’s post is a very timely guest post from the folks at Tax season is here, and over the next few weeks, you will be transmitting absolutely every financial detail about your company and its employees over the internet. Protecting this information is critical, and you need to ensure that you and […]

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Tales of Bad Performance Reviews

by Michael Haberman March 31, 2014

Tweet   I am not generally one of those performance review bashers. I genuinely believe that the performance review is a valuable tool, that when done well, provides a coaching opportunity that is usually desired by an employee. But over the last couple of days I have heard a few stories that just demonstrated what […]

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Future Friday: Is Women in STEM jobs a problem that will take care of itself?

by Michael Haberman March 28, 2014

Tweet   There has been a great deal of news coverage about the number of women in STEM occupations of late. STEM, for those of you who have not seen this coverage stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The stated problem according to this coverage is that not enough women pursue careers in these […]

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