An Alternative History of Thanksgiving

by Michael Haberman November 23, 2016

Tweet I have written several blogs referencing a book called The Wisest One in the Room (see below). In this book the authors talk about alternative viewpoints and how people see the world through different lenses. We may see the same thing yet not see the same thing. As I was looking for a YouTube […]

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From the Archive: Four Myths about Holiday Pay under the FLSA

by Michael Haberman November 22, 2016

Tweet   I am taking some time off this week. So you get this post from the archives. As we enter into the holiday time of the year I thought it would be constructive to address some myths about holiday pay. There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings that have developed about how and […]

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From the Archive: The incredible importance of “Thank you”

by Michael Haberman November 21, 2016

Tweet I am taking some time off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. So I selected this post from earlier in the year.  My friend Paul Hebert and I frequently disagree on issues surrounding engagement and motivation. When Paul leaves a comment on a blog post I pay attention. He is one smart guy who has been […]

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Future Friday: Are we moving to a less global world?

by Michael Haberman November 18, 2016

Tweet On November 7, 2016 I wrote a post for Blogging4Jobs called What Would HR Look Like In a Less Global World? In that post I wrote about the fact that there is a developing trend that indicates the world is moving away from the global “we are all one big world” view that has […]

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Antitrust prohibitions in HR?

by Michael Haberman November 17, 2016

Tweet We all have heard of the prohibition on price fixing in business that is monitored by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. Businesses are prohibited from discussing and colluding on prices of goods and services. In the US price fixing can be prosecuted as a criminal act under the Sherman Antitrust […]

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What the heck is vicarious liability and why should you care?

by Michael Haberman November 16, 2016

Tweet Many of us are probably aware of the meaning of vicarious, especially as it applies to pleasure. Watching TV or reading a book allows us to vicariously enjoy or experience what the characters are doing, but how does that relate to the term liability? Vicarious comes from the Latin vicarius meaning substituted, thus vicarious […]

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How could the Trump Presidency affect employers?

by Michael Haberman November 15, 2016

Tweet I have already heard a webinar and read a couple of articles on how Trump’s presidency will affect the world of employment. The changes that occur will happen due to a change in focus, a change in policy and a change in personnel. Changes in Personnel According to numerous pieces there are nearly 4000 […]

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The number of hours worked and the gig economy?

by Michael Haberman November 14, 2016

Tweet This blog post is a Monday Musing. I was reading a post about the gig economy and how more and more people are employed by it. From that I thought about writing a post on the fact that I feel we have always had a gig economy, but as I investigated more I got […]

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Future Friday: The future is in understanding people’s experiences

by Michael Haberman November 11, 2016

Tweet “Our ability to understand people’s experiences will be key to the future of our companies” so said Mike Walsh, the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century. For Walsh the workplace of the future is not one where people have been displaced, rather they are where data and […]

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The Value of a Devil’s Advocate in HR

by Michael Haberman November 10, 2016

Tweet In the Roman Catholic Church, from the year 1000 until 1978, fewer than 450 people were canonized as saints. In 1978, Pope John Paul II removed the use of a promotor fidei whose job it was to question why that individual should be made a saint. As a result, in the 38 years since […]

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