Daylight Savings Time and the FLSA: Replayed

by Michael Haberman November 6, 2017

Tweet We have returned to Standard Time in most of the United States. For many that means that they get that extra hour of sleep. For some, it means they should get an extra hour of pay. I wrote this post last year at this time, but it is still relevant. If you had employees […]

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Future Friday: Will the daily commute always be there?

by Michael Haberman November 3, 2017

Tweet I do a webinar on the subject of telecommuting, where I extol the virtues of telecommuting. At one time telecommuting seemed to be the major trend of the “future of work.” However, with recent moves by IBM, Yahoo, Honeywell and Aetna to make employees come back to the office, one might wonder if telecommuting […]

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Halloween is over but this stuff is still scary- The Carnival of HR

by Michael Haberman November 2, 2017

Tweet For the Halloween version of the Carnival of HR, the host, Mike VanDervort, asked us to submit “scary tales of HR.” Mike said: I suggested that people share a story about a scary HR practice or manager issue that they had to deal with in the past.  As is the norm for the Carnival,  […]

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ISM Number Two: SexISM Replayed

by Michael Haberman November 1, 2017

Tweet I originally wrote this back in 2009. Based on the headlines not much has changed.  Sexism is the second part of my series on ISM’s in Human Resources in the United States. According to Wikipedia “Sexism, a term coined in the mid-20th century,[1] refers to the belief or attitude that one gender or sex […]

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Losing out to a lover does not mean you were discriminated against

by Michael Haberman October 31, 2017

Tweet Does a man, who does not get promoted or get an increase, because his boss gives them to his lover, have a claim for discrimination? According to one court, the answer is “NO”. The case Mr. Clark, who worked for an electric company, “… claimed that his supervisor discriminated against him by favoring another […]

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Would you be better in HR if you held a job outside of HR?

by Michael Haberman October 30, 2017

Tweet In the certification classes, one of the key competencies that are considered necessary for someone to be a successful human resources professional is business acumen, that knowledge of how the business really operates. This business acumen can be learned in two ways, through study or through experience. Drucker’s advice Peter Drucker, management guru deluxe, […]

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Future Friday: What role does HR play in Cybersecurity?

by Michael Haberman October 27, 2017

Tweet When I talk to my certification students about HR’s role in dealing with technology in the workplace, I ask them to tell me how HR is involved with IT. I often get puzzled looks and some amorphous comments about enforcing policy. HR is the group that deals with the fallout of people violating policy. […]

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ICE enforcement will make the business world slippery for some

by Michael Haberman October 26, 2017

Tweet I listened to a speech by Thomas Homan, the Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), that he gave to the Heritage Foundation. He made it clear in his message that ICE will be stepping up their efforts in order to enforce the immigration laws of the U.S. There is certainly a […]

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Courts weigh-in on whether or not breaks are to be paid

by Michael Haberman October 25, 2017

Tweet I find it amazing sometimes the extent to which employers go to try to get around rules. The Fair Labor Standards Act says that, while breaks are not required for nonexempt hourly employees, if an employer allows breaks then they must be paid if they are twenty minutes or less in length. The concept […]

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California offers New Parent protection outside of the FMLA protection

by Michael Haberman October 24, 2017

Tweet For you California readers, and employers who have employees in California, you need to be aware of a new law that will be effective January 1, 2018. This new law, called the New Parent Leave Act, extends coverage of an existing California law, the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), and the federal Family and […]

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