Future Friday: Repetition may spell the end of your job

by Michael Haberman July 17, 2015

Tweet I am currently reading Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford. Martin is a software development entrepreneur who has been in computer design and software development over 25 years. Working in Silicon Valley he has seen the effect of automation and robotics on the world of work. The subtitle of his book is Technology […]

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Three keys to being a great leader

by Michael Haberman July 16, 2015

Tweet It is amazing where you can pick up nuggets of wisdom. I was reading a brief article from lifehacker on how to be an amazing party guest. (Yes, I know you think I am probably already an amazingly interesting guest, but I try to keep my game up.) The author, Heather Yamada-Hosley, offered three […]

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Another Case of Stupid HR

by Michael Haberman July 15, 2015

Tweet In Minneapolis the EEOC announced they reached a deal with a company accused of firing a veteran with a service related disability. The press release from the EEOC said “a Plymouth, Minn., Roto Rooter location denied an employee who returned from the Iraq War with service-related disabilities reasonable accommodations to enable him to return […]

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3 HR-Approved Gifts to Give Expectant Employees

by Michael Haberman July 14, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by SocialMonsters.org Forty-seven percent of working women are afraid to tell their boss they’re pregnant, according to a poll by Care.com. The poll didn’t reveal men’s workplace anxiety about becoming fathers, but there are plenty of reasons why expectant parents of both genders might be stressed — including […]

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Blatant Ageism

by Michael Haberman July 13, 2015

Tweet In an age where most Millennial employees change jobs on a rapid schedule most employer would be happy to get someone that stays 5 years, especially if that employee had a good work ethic. What about an older worker that could produce a good 5 years of work with good work ethic? Would they […]

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Future Friday: Has the future of work been dealt a setback?

by Michael Haberman July 10, 2015

Tweet In the past several years there has been a great deal written about the changing world of work. Tom Peter’s talked about it when he discussed “You, Inc.”; Dan Pink wrote about it in Drive! and I have written about it numerous times in my Future Friday posts. We have seen the reference to […]

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From the archive: Performance Evaluations “The GREAT EVIL”?

by Michael Haberman July 9, 2015

Tweet On July 8, 2015 I conducted a webinar on performance reviews for HRDirect.com. In that webinar I mentioned that today many people were calling for the end to performance reviews. I was reminded of this post, which I wrote and published on April 22, 2010. I think it is still relevant today. Periodically performance […]

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How HR Managers Can Help Employees Continue Their Education

by Michael Haberman July 8, 2015

Tweet Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at SocialMonsters.org Investing in your employees and helping them continue their education isn’t always an easy process. Offering employees these benefits has many rewards. For instance, a study by Spherion Atlantic Enterprises found that 61 percent of respondents who continued their education said they were […]

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Independent contractor versus employee: “Control” is the issue

by Michael Haberman July 7, 2015

Tweet In a widely publicized decision in June 2015 the California Labor Commission declared that an individual that drove for Uber was not an independent contractor but was an employee and subsequently owed for mileage, tolls and interest on her car. (Interestingly they did not pay her wages for hours worked, but that was mostly […]

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According to the NLRB it is “OK” to be a racist on the picket line

by Michael Haberman July 6, 2015

Tweet The Charleston shootings of June 2015 have certainly raised the profile of “racist” activities. But not all racist activities are deplorable if one is to interpret a decision by an NLRB Administrative Law Judge correctly. The Case In a union dispute in Findlay, Ohio striking workers had formed a picket line in front of […]

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