The “gig” economy takes another blow

by Michael Haberman February 9, 2017

Tweet Uber, the darling of the gig economy, and the model on which many other companies established themselves, has been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive practices. Oops. Admission In the settlement with the FTC, Uber has admitted to substantially inflating the earnings possibilities for drivers who go to work for them. According […]

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If your OSHA 300 log from last year is not on the bulletin board… OOPs

by Michael Haberman February 8, 2017

Tweet The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires that employers post, for all employees to see, their safety record from last year. That was supposed to be posted on February 1 and is to remain up through the end of April. If you had more than 10 employees and are not in the exempted […]

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Two for Tuesday + One

by Michael Haberman February 7, 2017

Tweet I am pointing out to you two blog posts by a prolific writer and attorney. I follow her (among others) for updates from a legal angle. Robin Shea, with Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP, publishes the firm’s daily blog Employment and Labor Insider. She has been publishing what she calls Trumpdates. It is […]

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Did you know you can get sued for emotional distress under the FLSA?

by Michael Haberman February 6, 2017

Tweet We probably all know that, as an employer, you can get sued for back wages, unpaid overtime, and misclassification under the Fair Labor Standards Act, but did you know those suits can also claim emotional distress? Let me explain. The situation The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals heard a case where an employee and […]

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Future Friday: Will Universal Basic Income come to be?

by Michael Haberman February 3, 2017

Tweet As people talk about the increased use of technology, especially automation and robotics that will replace workers, they point out that if people are out of work they will not be making any income. This will not allow them to afford the basics of life, let alone the increased leisure time they will have […]

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The “why” in performance evaluations

by Michael Haberman February 2, 2017

Tweet Consulting guru Alan Weiss writes, in his February newsletter,  that “We often believe that praise will help people solidify improvements and continue to grow, and critique will often correct poor performance and help people to do better.” That is often the underlying assumption in performance discussion, even the appraisal event. However, Weiss goes on […]

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Want to fill your jobs 14 days faster? Watch your language!

by Michael Haberman February 1, 2017

Tweet According to a study by Textio, a company that uses big data to write better job listings, companies are making critical word choices that often help attract, or repel, job candidates. Are you making some of these mistakes? Jobs going unfilled The impetus for this study was an article in the New York Times […]

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What the heck is “retroactive leniency” and why does it matter?

by Michael Haberman January 31, 2017

Tweet This falls into the category of “you learn something every day.” When I came across this post by attorney Richard Meneghello, of the law firm Fisher Phillips, my first thought was this had to do with forgiving something done in the past. I wasn’t too far off. Excuses for misconduct In his post, No […]

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Talking about an employee’s medical condition

by Michael Haberman January 30, 2017

Tweet I am sure most everyone with “HR” in their title knows that it is improper to talk about an employee’s medical condition. However, not everyone understands that and many people are prone to talk about other people without much provocation at all. However, not even many HR people know that talking about an employee’s […]

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Future Friday: People brighter than me

by Michael Haberman January 27, 2017

Tweet The universe of people brighter than me is wide. The older I get and the more I read, I realize how little I know and how I lack in creativity. Today I want to point out two young writers, both students, who published in LinkedIn. I thought you might find them interesting as they […]

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