From the Archive: Can You Fire the “Temptress”?

by Michael Haberman June 7, 2017

Tweet My post yesterday about discrimination and stupid HR reminded me of this case also involving potential discrimination and stupid HR, however, with a different outcome.  What happens when a husband and wife work at the same place and the husband (the boss) starts being tempted by another female worker? Well when the wife finds […]

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Turn your hood around; you might be able to see your mistake.

by Michael Haberman June 6, 2017

Tweet I occasionally report on Stupid HR situations. The EEOC told the story of one such situation, in a recent press release titled Downhole Technology to Pay $120,000 To Settle EEOC Suit for Race-Based Harassment and Retaliation. The company reaction to an employee’s claim qualifies as “stupid HR” in my opinion. Not a joke If […]

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Wage retaliation is a big “NO-NO”

by Michael Haberman June 5, 2017

Tweet Occasionally I receive a comment on a blog from employees seeking help on their deplorable working situation. Some of them are pretty bad. They deal with not just unknowing bosses who make mistakes that result in incorrect pay, but they also deal with some bosses who are purposely steal money by illegally withholding pay. […]

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Future Friday: Redefining how we see this crazy world

by Michael Haberman June 2, 2017

Tweet In certification education material students are taught the acronym VUCA. VUCA was created by the US Army War College to describe the period of time around the end of the Cold War. It stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. Its common usage started in 1990 and now applies to almost any organization and […]

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A land of immigrants

by Michael Haberman June 1, 2017

Tweet I just finished watching a two-part show on the History Channel called America: Promised Land. I found the show fascinating as it discussed the immigrant nature of the population and the trials and tribulations those immigrants had in coming to America. Given the current sentiments wrapped around immigration policy it was a very interesting […]

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What happens when an employee refuses to sign a discipline notice?

by Michael Haberman May 31, 2017

Tweet I get asked this question more than I would like. I was reminded of this when I read a post by attorney Jeffrey Stewart of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus PA. He was providing advice to clients that is very similar to what I have told clients and students in the past. Our advice is […]

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Sick leave law in Georgia? This law has “no teeth.”

by Michael Haberman May 30, 2017

Tweet Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed into law sick leave legislation that for the most part creates almost nothing. Senate Bill 201 creates a requirement that Georgia employers allow employees to use sick leave for family members. However, the provisions are not very strict and employers cannot be help responsible for not following this […]

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Tribute to the Fallen

by Michael Haberman May 29, 2017

Tweet Memorial Day is meant to pay tribute to the many who have fallen in defense of this country. An amalgamation of many memorials following the Civil War the day was established in 1967 as an official Federal holiday. According to Wikipedia: On Memorial Day, the flag of the United States is raised briskly to […]

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Future Friday: Older workers switching to “anticipatory careers”

by Michael Haberman May 26, 2017

Tweet If you thought your older workers are going to go silently into retirement you need to be rethinking that. According to writer Richard Eisenberg workers over 50 are going to have multiple options that will keep them in play for many years after what would be the normal retirement age. Anticipatory careering One option […]

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From the Archive: The importance of reading to your personal well-being and development

by Michael Haberman May 26, 2017

Tweet There is a discussion on my Facebook page about whether or not men read. I had to repost this. I think reading is critical to your personal development. So does Tom Peters.   I am not going to go on a tirade here about reading. It is important. Here is an excerpt from Tom […]

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