Union-busting goats?

by Michael Haberman July 13, 2017

Tweet It is one of those stories that you chock up to fake news. Except it isn’t. A union has filed a grievance against a group of goats. Yep, goats! Work humans don’t want to do In order to clear a plot of woodland on Western Michigan University a group of goats was hired to […]

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Networking is NOT just about outside connections or finding a new job

by Michael Haberman July 12, 2017

Tweet One of the themes from #SHRM17, the HR conference held in New Orleans, was connecting.  Steve Browne, HR leader extraordinaire, talked several times about the need for HR people to expand their sphere of contacts. He told everyone to reach out and meet someone new as they were standing in line in front of […]

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The trend to ban salary history in the hiring process expands

by Michael Haberman July 11, 2017

Tweet In the attempt to promote gender pay equality several states and municipalities have made it illegal to ask job candidates about their salary history. Previously Massachusetts, New York City and Philadelphia have enacted legislation to prohibit asking for salary history as part of the interview process. Now San Francisco has joined the ranks, to […]

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Have you ever thought of adding games to the company culture?

by Michael Haberman July 10, 2017

Tweet Employee engagement is all the rage in companies. It is critically important. This guest post by Fredrick Cameron talks about how engagement can be enhanced by using games.  How do you engage your employees at the office? How do you keep them motivated in an conventional environment that doesn’t always provide challenges? Working a […]

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Future Friday From the Archive: Will it be the older generations that drive the Gig economy, not the Millennials?

by Michael Haberman July 7, 2017

Tweet Since I am celebrating my birthday today I decided to pull from my archive of blog posts for today. I revealed to someone the other day that I had turned 65 this past July. He asked me if I was retiring soon. I told him I had no intention of retiring. I have been […]

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The “New” DOL working toward being balanced toward employees and employers

by Michael Haberman July 6, 2017

Tweet Prior to 2010 the U.S. Department of Labor served both the employees of the country by suing employers engaging in incorrect practices and employers by offering interpretations of the law regarding the employers situations. In 2010 the DOL, under the Obama administration, ceased these opinion letters in favor of broad administrative statements. The also […]

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Holiday Pay for the 4th of July: A Primer on Pay

by Michael Haberman July 5, 2017

Tweet This was originally posted on July 5, 2011.  I was reminded of this post by someone else finding it and posting a link to it on their blog. If someone is interested I thought you might be too. The Fourth of July Tuesday of this week. Private Sector rules It is the (week) of the holiday. […]

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Happy Fourth of July

by Michael Haberman July 4, 2017

Tweet Happy Birthday U.S.A Tweet

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The Best Team Building Outings For Your Employees

by Michael Haberman July 3, 2017

Tweet Bonding with your employees can boost morale and build a tight-knit community within your company. The more your employees feel like part of a community, the more they will care about the work they do. Plan a unique and fun company outing that will let employees decompress from the stress of the workplace and […]

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Future Friday: Is there a Chief Happiness Officer in your future?

by Michael Haberman June 30, 2017

Tweet In my reading I came across a discussion of happiness and productivity. The article, Rethinking Physical Workspace Helps Improve the ‘Human Experience’ for Employees, Says JLL, quoted results of a survey conducted by an office design and real estate firm. The quote that caught my eye was: Nearly 70 percent of participants agreed that […]

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