Future Friday: Rays of Hope for the Future

by Michael Haberman on November 30, 2018 · 0 comments

The future is bright because the coming generation is bright.

It is easy to sit in an office, looking outside at a cold, overcast sky and feel somewhat dismal. Listening to the news will certainly not perk you up either. So it is nice to come across an article that shows the future and the future of work is not as bad as you may feel it is. An article in the CIO Journal of the Wall Street Journal lists the winners of the annual Inclusive Innovative Challenge, hosted by MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy. The author of the article, Irving Wladawsky-Berger, said: “There remains, even in this news cycle, firms committed to tapping technology’s ability to connect–and not divide–people and build–and not threaten–jobs and other economic activities.” I agree it is nice to see optimism and progress.

While there are many good endeavors on this list, my favorite is BLITAB, which has developed the first ever Braille tablet, enabling blind users to access online, digital information. Given the problems that U.S. companies have with website access following the ADA protocols, this may be a big stride forward.

Read about these start-ups. I think you will come away amazed and as optimistic as was I.

The future does look bright.

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