Being Thankful for Others on Christmas Eve

by Michael Haberman on December 22, 2017 · 0 comments


Originally published in 2014 I think this is still relevant today. This is in place of Future Friday. 

Despite the fact that many, many people in the U.S. have Christmas Eve off there are still many that work. Many of them are on duty to provide the rest of us with essential services. Many of them are there for our safety.

Some are there to help us with the simpler things like coffee, last minute groceries or a meal because we didn’t feel like fixing it ourselves. Regardless, we need to give thanks to all employees working Christmas.

Make sure, if you benefit from the fact that someone is on duty, to give them an extra thanks., perhaps a larger tip than usual or some unexpected gesture (a nice one please.) Maybe you can bake some goodies and drop them off at the local fire station around the corner as a “thank you” for being there.

If you know anyone in the military that is stationed away from their home make sure you let them know how much their sacrifice is appreciated.

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