September Carnival of HR

by Michael Haberman on September 25, 2017 · 0 comments

I generally try to post the Carnival of HR on the day it is published. I have done several and it takes a lot of work, so I want to reward the person taking the time and effort to bring this information to us. Well, I missed by a couple of days but here it is.

Katee Van Horn, at her blog site, published this month’s set of blogs. In September’s Carnival of HR- Current Events  Katee was looking for a theme of current events. In the last couple of weeks, hurricanes were prominent and diversity issues captured the news media. I had a hurricane theme in mine as did Robin Schooling. Katee herself submitted a post on listening, which we seem to be short of in this country lately.

So follow the link above to educate yourself and see how others see HR in the current events.

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