Future Friday: The future of work definitely involves Artificial Intelligence

by Michael Haberman on October 7, 2016 · 1 comment

Artificial Intelligence if already making an impact on the world of work.

Artificial Intelligence if already making an impact on the world of work.

As you know I am out in San Francisco attending the Dreamforce conference, Salesforce.com’s annual conference. There are some amazing things going on in the world of CRM’s and one of them involves artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Many companies

As I have written before, AI is becoming much more common. Last year I wrote about IBM’s Watson, their version of AI. Salesforce.com has just released their version, called Einstein. Their AI is used to help companies do a better job of predicting which customer is going to be the better customer. It also guides marketing and sales efforts to find, inform and close sales more successfully than what has been done in the past.

One fear

Some people have the fear that AI will displace humans in jobs and indeed that may come to pass. One number I heard in one session is that there will be one million fewer sales jobs by 2020 due to the increase in effectiveness brought about by AI. The ones who remain will be more successful and wealthier.

I will expand on this subject after doing more studying on it, but for now I can assure you that the future of work will definitely include AI because between Einstein and Watson it is already here.

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James Cooper October 9, 2016 at 5:33 pm

This is very true. With the evolution of big data and data analytics, it is only a matter of time when every field of work with use some aspect of artificial intelligence. At KunbaHR – an online HR Management Solution firm (https://www.kunbaHR.com) we focus on analyzing the data as much as gathering it to allow the HR Professionals and Managers insight into what is valuable and what can be learned from the data.


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