A little RESPECT goes a long way: A SHRM Atlanta Report

by Michael Haberman on April 22, 2015 · 1 comment

Paul Meshanko teaches the value of respect  in the workplace.

Paul Meshanko teaches the value of respect in the workplace.

Aretha Franklin sang about it, but at the SHRM Atlanta conference this week Paul Meshanko talked about it. Meshanko, a speaker, writer and consultant talked about the neuroscience of respect. Here are some of the facts he gave us about the subject:

  1. Respect biologically primes the brain for performance.
  2. Respect releases three drugs; serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine.
  3. Respect is based on attention.
  4. Respect brings esteem.
  5. Respect is not tolerance. Tolerance is a passive state, respect is an active state.
  6. Disrespect immediately injures and impairs your employees.
  7. Disrespect causes 12% of employees to leave and another 25% take their frustration out on customers.

Benefits of Respect

Meshanko also told us the benefits of respect in the workplace. These include:

  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • It helps attract, engage and retain high quality talent.
  • You get greater innovation and learning
  • You get better communication patterns
  • Your culture is perceived as being more inclusive

From a monetary perspective respect makes a great deal of sense.

Meshanko convinced the audience that a good business case can be made for training, supporting and selecting for respect in the workplace. Perhaps you may want to consider it for your place as well.

If you want to follow the Twitter conversation on Paul Meshanko’s presentation search for @PaulMeshanko and #SHRMatl2015.

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