Highlights from the Illinois SHRM Conference

by Michael Haberman on August 6, 2014 · 0 comments

Jennifer McClure at the Illinois SHRM State Conference

Jennifer McClure at the Illinois SHRM State Conference

I had the good fortune to be a speaker at the Illinois SHRM State Conference that was held in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. The Illinois State Council did a fantastic job on putting this council together. They had three fantastic keynote address presented by retired FBI agent Jeff Lanza, who talked about how to maintain employee and corporate integrity. Jim Knight, the CEO of Hospitality on Point, talked about a Culture that Rocks. Rounding out the keynoters was Jennifer McClure, the president of Unbridled Talent, who spoke about the Future of HR: Delivering Competitive Advantage through Innovative People Strategies. In addition to these keynoters there was a line-up of session speakers that was top notch, including many people I follow on a regular basis, such as Dwane Lay, Crystal Miller, Jeff Nowak, Doug Shaw, Jeff Waldman, Paul Hebert, Robin Schooling, Dave Ryan, Donna Rogers, Broc Edwards and many more. 


The hashtag for the conference was #ILSHRM14. If you would like to review that on Twitter you will see the many comments. In addition to the comments on the conference presenters you will also find comments on a presentation by Jeff Pon from SHRM. He was there to present on the new SHRM certification. He got more questions than he could handle. I am still not sure we, meaning me, are fully aware of why things are being done and thus are still unhappy. But they are proceeding.


Here are some of the highlights that I have taken from the Twitter feed. I hope this will prompt you curiosity to investigate these speakers further. A special shout out to Sabrina Baker and Julie Rischmiller for putting together such a fine conference.

Part of becoming more creative involves unlearning some of the things that we’ve been led to believe about ourselves.

The 5 beats of : Introduction, The Inciting Incident, Raising the Stakes, The Main Event, The Resolution.

Top 3 challenges for execs: retaining & rewarding employees, hiring the best talent, creating a culture that supports them.

Leadership skills necessary for future : business acumen, cultural agility, creativity, influence/inspiration.

Stay clear of brand narcissism. Not every great candidate wants to work for you…or already knows about your cool workplace.

The size & profits of an organization doesn’t necessarily mean that the HR budget is BIG. be resourceful!

People join brands. They leave individuals. Per significant research, relationship is the #1 reason ee’s go or stay.

Position your brand to be tattoo-worthy. People who ink their bodies with the company brand are committed

Ask, if our employees were volunteers would you treat them differently?

Immediate supervisors are the single biggest reason people leave.

3C employees Competent, character, culture. Competence weakest- all the training in the world doesn’t make up 4 bad

People perform better when they are watched. Want to know what they are like watch for 3 hrs.

We accept mediocrity. By accepting we encourage it.

Team members behave like they’re in the memory making business.

create emotional attachments with people. Customize it for them. Create differentiated service.

The most successful businesses have a shared mindset among all team members. Bolstered by performance discussion

Why is one the most important questions you can ask as you try to improve.

Approvals in standard process are always a waste. Amen!

Multiitasking is bad. You lose 40% productivity switching between tasks.

per provide ethical scenarios in the interview to determine answers. Also use silence.

If you want ethical behavior then the leaders must be the example. They must walk the talk. Per

It is the leaders fault that culture drifts and allows unethical behavior.

People, once they step over the line to unethical behavior don’t step back. Per Lanza

According to Lanza people become unethical little steps at a time. Starts by cutting corners.

According to John Hudson the demise of HR makes good press but is not reality.

Those are just some of the highlights. If you get a chance check out the work of these speakers.

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