The Top 9 Posts at Omega HR Solutions

by Michael Haberman on June 16, 2014 · 0 comments

Top posts for Omega HR

Top posts for Omega HR

Today’s post is a list of the top nine posts for Omega HR Solutions.  I thought since others have found them interesting you might as well and may have missed them in the past.

Number 9

One big reason to have coffee in the workplace– The lesson here is never underestimate the power of coffee in HR.

Number 8

Employee Birthdays: Recognition or No? – Who knew saying “happy birthday” could be so fraught with danger.

Number 7

Telecommuting dealt another blow – The significance of Yahoo’s actions were important to a lot of people.

Number 6

Performance Appraisal: How Often Is Enough?- An older post that shows the ongoing importance of the topic of performance evaluation. Despite calls for the death of performance appraisal people still want to know about it.

Number 5

Being an Abusive Boss can get you Fined by OSHA – This is a topic that has taken on new importance with the recent agreement between OSHA and the NLRB that allows longer times to file complaints.

Number 4

Will Wearing Red Improve Your Interview Results?– People want to know what will give them an edge in getting a job.

Number 3

The Top Five Soft Skills Necessary for the HR Professional– Despite what many people think most HR professionals do want to do a better job.

Number 2

Handling half days off: Exempt vs. Nonexempt – This continues to be a problem area of FLSA compliance.

And the Number 1 most popular post

Why Unions Are Bad For Companies, Employees and Customers – Read the comments and you will see how charged this topic is still today. I even revisited it two years after it was first posted.

There you have the 9 most read posts at Omega HR Solutions. If you have not read them before I hope you will take a look.


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