Why you are more likely to be in a car accident than be kidnapped

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Tim Crockett of Pioneer Consulting Group with co-host Bill Ramsey

Tim Crockett of Pioneer Consulting Group with co-host Bill Ramsey

That title is a quote from the President and Founder of Pioneer Consulting Group, Tim Crockett. Pioneer Consulting provides risk assessment and security services around the world for many companies, CNN among them. Tim was the guest the other day on the Bill and Mike on the Mic show at Dreamland Radio.

As an HR professional I asked Tim about the concerns a company should have about sending employees overseas, especially to places that are appearing far too often in the news today. Having spent 12 years in the British Special Forces Tim is well acquainted with places that have higher than ordinary risk. In this podcast he gives us some tips and pointers about being safer everywhere.

Listen to this 20 minute podcast, especially if you have HR responsibility for expatriates.

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