Future Friday: Employees habits will provide data to employers

by Michael Haberman on April 11, 2014 · 2 comments

Will everyone be wearing such a device in the future?

Will everyone be wearing such a device in the future?

I and others have written a lot on wearable devices and how they may be used in the future. Here is one other possible use.

Quantified Self

Quantified Self or QS is a termed used to describe people keeping track of their activities and behaviors. Although the term is relatively new, coined in 2010 by Wired, the activity of tracking your behavior and activities is an old one. Ben Franklin was well known for recording what he was doing. Recently the tracking of ones activities and behaviors has become aided by technology.

Wearable devices, mostly geared toward health related activities, measure distances walked, sleeping patterns, as in the FitBit; calories burned, speed, heart rate and more. Right now most of these are done for personal reasons. But what would keep this information from being collected by employers at some point in the future?

Currently employees can be tracked by GPS devices and data can be collected from smart phones by employers. In the future other devices will also measure effectiveness of employees.

It is even conceivable that such data would be collectable on prospective employees. That would certainly make it easier to determine who is really competent and those tht only think they are.

How many of you use QS in your daily lives? I use a FitBit and a heart rate monitor and a scale. I also track my whereabouts by use of FourSquare. What do you use?

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