Got that new job—now what?

by Michael Haberman on September 16, 2013 · 1 comment


Find her on Linked In

Find her on Linked In

Three months ago I asked my wife to blog about her job search effort after having her position eliminated on her 25th anniversary with her company. It was a very popular post. Since then there have been several requests for a follow up. Here it is.

Got that new job—now what?

By Sherry Haberman

This post is a follow up to the one I wrote about 3 months ago as I was embarking upon the journey of finding a new job after working for the same company for 25 years!  One thing I forgot to mention that I did, and everyone SHOULD do, is that on the very day when my job was eliminated I called my financial advisor, Doug Roberts at  It was reassuring, to say the least, to hear from Doug that we would be ‘ok’ for a while.  If you don’t already have an advisor to help you with your financial future I highly recommend doing so, because the peace of mind it brings, particularly on that day, was priceless.

Finding a job became my job

In the previous post I talked about making a job of finding that next job!  And it worked for me!  The recruiter who ‘found’ me did so within about a week after I wrote that post, so it was about 3 weeks into my search.  But not only that, he found me literally within ONE HOUR of me posting my resume on  The process of WINNING that job still took another 3+ weeks because I was not the only candidate and the company that I now work for, required quite a number of interviews via phone and in person up through CEO of the business for which I work.   During those 3+ weeks however I did not sit on my laurels and HOPE that the job would come through.  Like a good “sales person” I made sure my pipeline was full in order to insure that there would be at least one good opportunity that would gel in the end.  In fact when it came down to it, I had 2 great offers either of which would have provided about a 20% salary increase over my old job.

Goals are critical

In the last blog post I talked about the importance of sitting down and listing what your goals are for your next position.  For me those played a key role in my decision about my ultimate choice.  While company #2’s offer was a great one, and I was a PERFECT fit for the job, there were 2 things on my wish list that that job did not include, so I put that company off for nearly 2 weeks waiting to learn IF I would receive an offer from company #1.  I’m glad I did, as the company that I now work for fulfilled all of my wishes and more!!  I had planned to negotiate for an extra week of vacation if need be, but it turned out that wasn’t necessary, the vacation benefit was already a good one.   

So what did I do once I landed the job??

  1. I asked to start my new job one week AFTER accepting the job to give myself a break from the job search ‘work’. 
  2. I updated my LinkedIn Profile with my new job title and responsibilities. Since then I’ve added a few new ‘skills’ too as I’m learning some new software programs on the new job too.
  3. I turned OFF my resume on the job sites.  This has definitely reduced the calls and emails from recruiters.
  4. I let former colleagues know about the quick success that was achieved.  With many of them facing a similar fate in the wake of the company’s bankruptcy many have said they were encouraged by that news.
  5. One comment I received to my previous post was to not forget to keep up with LinkedIn and continue to help others once I started work.  I have definitely done this, and continue to pass along potential job opportunities to others as they come my way if I know of others that are qualified.
  6. FINALLY—I contacted my Financial Advisor again!  We sat down and reviewed my entire benefits package together BEFORE signing all the paperwork.  We reviewed any choices that I needed to make that could impact our overall financial future plan.  He helped me, as he always has, with recommendations for the best allocation of the investments in my new 401K.  Since part of our savings plan includes always increasing our savings a bit every time we have an increase in salary I was HAPPY to be able to do so with the nice new salary!

Several years ago, I was rewarded with a substantial bonus after working very hard on the implementation of with my previous company.  The bonus presented me with the opportunity to buy myself an iPad.  iPads can be engraved on the back, and mine is engraved with ‘Hard Work Pays Off’.  And I’m happy to say that it surely did!!

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Greg September 17, 2013 at 8:47 am

First congratulations on the new role and all the best for continued success. Thanks for the follow up post. For many, they read and are envious of your success but I hope it serves to inspire and provide hope to those still in search of their next great opportunity. It is still a tough market and your encouraging words may be just the thing to help,someone out.


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