A Spring Social Carnival

by Michael Haberman on April 25, 2013 · 0 comments

HR-Carnival-649 x 350The Spring Carnival of HR was published and it has a SOCIAL THEME. It has ELEVEN POSTS about social media and HR. Including one that says “Social media is not going to cure the following recurrent HR ills: crappy candidates, being the policy police, lack of an HR seat at the table or the general lack of respect HR gets.” I am not going to tell  you which one, you will have to discover that on your own. My post on “Who do you associate with on a regular basis?” is included in this section.

It is not just all social. There is a current of analytics as well. On of these talks about the fact that it is time to embrace “little data.” An interesting contrast to all the headlines blaring “big data.”

Then there are for posts on different subjects, including one on how what a CEO learned latter while in HR.

The carnival ends up with several interesting Infographics including one on how the cloud is threatening HR. Who can resist that one?

So for great reading go visit Visions of HR by clicking A Social Carnival of HR.

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