Social Media at SHRM 2012

by Michael Haberman on June 29, 2012 · 3 comments


The Smart Bar was the place to learn Social Media at SHRM12

This conference was all about Social Media, at least for many of us. I was there as part of a large contingent of bloggers invited to participate and spread the word. Curtis Midkiff, Jr., the Director of Social Engagement for SHRM, lead a concerted effort to focus on the value of social media in HR. A large area called the HIVE was created to inform and teach interested HR people about social media. The Smart Bars within the Hive were staffed by extraordinary bloggers who have large presences on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media paths. They instructed people on how to get started and why they needed to be doing it. Many of them found out it is not all that hard to do and can pay big dividends.

Many of the bloggers also gave talks on various aspects of social media. I am sure I will miss and offend someone but they included:

The famous Laurie Ruettimann, Kris Dunn, China Gorman and Jim Stroud also made appearances. And the Fistful of Talent Pros made a presentation in the Hive.

Of course there were several lawyers who were offering advice on how Social Media can potentially get you in trouble and what policies you need to have to protect yourself.

Jerry Seinfeld even mentioned social media in his stand-up routine. “Tweet? Why do we need to tweet? What is tweeting?”

Despite the naysayers the effort was apparently successful. During the conference a lot of people signed up and I understand the traffic during the conference was burning up the airways.

The lesson in this is that SOCIAL MEDIA IS HERE TO STAY. Jump aboard or you will be left in the past.  

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Dave "theHRCzar" Ryan June 29, 2012 at 9:11 am

Yes Mike social media is here to stay. Another thing that was overheard a lot in the hive and the bloggers lounge is that a lot of people read Omega HR Solutions blog. So you are part of those folks who help drive social media in a big way.

On a personal level it was great visiting with you and sitting around the table shooting the breeze. I must tell you though, I was awfully tired after I ended up walking to the airport, because no one would give me a ride.


Michael Haberman June 29, 2012 at 9:33 am

Thanks Dave. It was a pleasure meeting you. I did think of you shlepping your bags to the airport and had a change of heart, but I could not find you. 🙂


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