Scanning the Environment: HR Technology Part II

by Michael Haberman on October 7, 2011 · 0 comments

Yesterday I introduced you to the work of Kyle Lagunas, who writes for Software Advice. Today I am going to point you to another aspect of his work. This is on mobile applications for the HR professional. So here is Part 2 of Scanning the Environment: HR Technology.

This time around Kyle introduces us to five mobile apps for mobile recruiting. As Kyle says “As you know, there’s a lot of buzz about social recruiting and mobile recruiting lately. We’re seeing a lot of mobile apps and tools emerge for recruiters on the go, and not a convention goes by without 10,000 references to how important social media is becoming. But are these trends just buzz – or will they become a permanent part of every recruiter’s toolbox?” He introduces us to 5 apps which include:

  1. Job Science
  2. Instant Customer
  3. Global Recruiting Roundtable
  4. The Hire Syndicate Pro
  5. JobSpeek

In addition to providing information on these five apps, Kyle also gives us some guidance on using social media in todays recruiting world. His three tips are very sound.

  1. You need a strategy.
  2. Don’t bombard, engage.
  3. Keep the social in social media.

So check out Kyle Lagunas’ Social & Mobile Recruiting: Beyond the Buzzwords.

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