HR Advice On the First Day of Fall

by Michael Haberman on September 23, 2011 · 1 comment

I have not done a “Five for Friday” in awhile, so here it it. I have selected five out standing blog posts that will provide you with HR advice on the first day of Fall.

First up is Kris Dunn (@kris_dunn), The HR Capitalist. He writes about the Global Trend Voted Most Likely to Bite HR Pros in the #$#… I have decided not to tell you what it is, you will have to read about it. And if you have a young workforce you had better read about it. I have been telling my clients and students that they had better be paying attention. You need to as well. So click the title and read what he is talking about.

Second is Laura Schroeder( @WorkGal on Twitter), writing at the Compensation Cafe, about Brains in Jar. Yeah, caught my eye too. But this is a story you have to read. You think you know a thing or two about employee recognition? Think again.

Third we have Kim Urban ( @KimUrbanMSHR) who writes at Kim’s HR Potpourri. She tells us how to determine your inside sales employee’s exempt status. Although she addresses this for California it is actually excellent advice for everyone.

Fourth, is from HR Management. A brief post gives us The top 5 overrated buzzwords in HR. Just as “seat at the table” has become over used (and hated) these words are getting there as well. You may want to revist your vocabulary list and see what is now to be avoided.

And lastly I return to Kris Dunn again. He gives us Here’s How to Use Social Media for Retention Purposes… he makes an excellent point about HR’s use of social media. Of course part of the reason I returned to this is because my picture is in his post… but that is a minor point.

So read up and do some learning.. or as we say in the South.. Do some readin’ so you can do some learnin’.

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Kim Urban September 27, 2011 at 11:25 am

Hi Mike:

Thank you so much for including me in your “Five for Friday” list of outstanding HR blog posts. I am truly honored to be in such great company.

The generosity I receive from the online HR community is astounding. You all rock!

Thank you again!!

Kim Urban


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