A Book Review of Social Networking for Career Success

by Michael Haberman on June 16, 2011 · 0 comments

Let me start off by saying this is an aggravating book. Social Networking for Career Success is aggravating because Miriam Salpeter has written,  a book so full of useful information and tips that I was constantly having to put the book down and go try the tips on my computer. A very good kind of aggravation to have. This book is written primarily for the job seeker, but it was certainly useful for me as a consultant and would be valuable for EVERYONE trying to expand their professional network.

Miriam makes a very reasoned case for why social media is the new “norm” for job search and she provides tips for getting started. This is especially good for people who have little knowledge of LinkedIn and envision Twitter as a way to tell people where you are going to have lunch. She helps you understand why job search today is all about “Brand You.” Brand You was actaully an idea promoted by Tom Peters in the late 1990’s. I bought into it then and I strongly believe in it now. Miriam will convince you as well.

In the meat of the book Miriam guides you through the use of LinkedIn and Twitter for the purposes of networking, research and actually locating jobs you will be interested in. She tells you how to best present yourself and how to make yourself interesting to recruiters. Given how many recruiters use social media to find candidates it behooves you to know this.

Let’s face it folks it is no longer your dad’s job search. In fact it is not even the same job search you may have conducted two years ago. Do yourself a favor and put your hands on a copy of this very readable and very informative book.


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