What Are You Doing Today That Will Be Worthless Tomorrow?

by Michael Haberman on March 23, 2011 · 1 comment

We have all read about the rapidity of change, probably ad nauseum by now. But I read a post today that quoted a Manpower study that said something to the effect that even though jobs are starting to come back they will not be the same jobs that workers left. Different skill sets will be needed. This then led me to ask the following questions.

  1. What are you doing today in your job that you were doing 5 years ago? Are you doing it the same way? Why?
  2. What are you doing today in your job that you were not doing in your job 5 years ago? Why? Due to changes in technology?
  3. What do you think you are doing in your job today that will be obsolete in another 5 years? Again, is this going to be due to technology? Or will this be because the field has changed dramatically?
  4. What do you think you may be doing in your job 5 years from now? Is it different from what you were doing 5 years ago? Why? Why not?

That fourth question may be difficult to answer. Heck, all of them may be difficult, but I want you to think about number four in particular. This is your future. What are you doing today to be prepared to deal with it? Have you thought about how the field of Human Resources is going to change due to:

  • Technology
  • World events
  • Demographics
  • Changing view points
  • Changes in legal structures
  • Changes in the economy and company structures

If you haven’t you should. I have no answers for you. I am interested in hearing yours. Maybe we can have some of these discussion at HREvolution 2011 in Atlanta.

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