No Great Ideas: But Great Referrals

by Michael Haberman on October 12, 2010 · 0 comments

I had a great idea, but lost one resource I was going to use. Once I find it again I will post on the subject of Non-competes. But in the meantime I read two great posts that you NEED to read.

The first is about the best COMMON SENSE explanation of the Paycheck Fairness Act I have read. Stephanie Thomas writing at the Compensation Cafe takes the emotion out of the subject and uses examples to explain how this will affect your workplace. You MUST read this. The “Commonsense” Bill and Its Nonsensical Implications. She is consistently a good writer and well worth putting on your “must read” list.

The second blog post is one that makes you really think. In The One-Eyed HR Professional in the Land of the Blind… Paul Herbert uses an HG Wells story to talk about the downside of imposing your opinions on others. (And admit it, HR often does that.) I am still mulling this post over. Perhaps it will also make you go “hmmm” too. (And for those of you that like Kurt Russell without his shirt on there is a picture.”

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