Thought Provoking Reading: Four Great Posts from Last Week

by Michael Haberman on August 22, 2010 · 0 comments

Here are some very though provoking reads on a variety of HR subjects. Made me go hmmm… perhaps they will with you as well.

Where’s MY Pay Czar? Why We Need a Total Rewards Audit of Congress by Ann Bares
Accountability for Congress…

Like It or Not, HR is PR…(and 5 ways to prove it) by Kris Dunn
Yes, you in HR you need to be a PR pro or at least take some lessons..

Which Managers Are Responsible for the Reality of Your Culture? All it Takes is One Question…by Kris Dunn
It is a great question.. you can develop a usable persona from the answers.

Are Job Descriptions Illegal? Here Are 9 Reasons Why They Should Be by Lou Adler
A thought that has divided the profession. I am still formulating my response to this one.

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