How About This For Recruiting in the Future?

by Michael Haberman on August 16, 2010 · 0 comments

In a newsletter from the World Future Society I came across the following piece of information.

“Mobile devices are enabling new spontaneous connections in real-world settings, including love connections. One day soon, your phone will play matchmaker, recommending that you introduce yourself to someone nearby whose online profile displays tastes or passions similar to yours. Impossible? An iPhone application called Serendipity is currently being commercialized by MIT researchers.” From an article written by Erica Orange entitled “Mining information from Data Clouds” in the July-Aug 2009 issued of The Futurist.

Well if works for finding romantic connections why not work for finding new employees? You can carry around your resume on your phone, with your job interests. Recruiters can have job profiles on their phones and be searching for matching candidates. An introduction is made and by “bumping” your phones a resume is transfered.

What do you think? Cool or creepy?

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