Carnival of HR The Humor at Work Edition

by Michael Haberman on August 5, 2010 · 0 comments

Drew Tarvin, who is a humor consultant (yep, that is a real job) is the host of this early August issue of the Carnival of HR. There is quite a collection of blog posts, some dealing with humor, some not. (Mine doesn’t.) Here is a sample:

  • Become Unnoticeable to Be Noticed – Getting noticed in the corporate world means doing the “non-sexy” work exceptionally well.
  • Don’t Pick My Pocket Just Because I’m Female – Wo(ah)man, that’s not right–even in female dominated professions men are still paid disproportionately more money.
  • Everyone has their own Trevor – Why “your cat not letting you do your work” is no longer a good excuse.
  • Five Ways to Disarm an Angry Mob – AKA delivering not-necessarily-happy news. Does not cover how to create the angry mob.
  • Getting the Most Out of International Assignments – Improving the value of international assignments regardless of currency, except Monopoly money.

And much, much more. The Carnival can be found at Carnival of HR: Humor at Work Edition so check it out and do some learning.

Hey, you might even find a chuckle or two….

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