HR Podcasts?

by Michael Haberman on January 21, 2008 · 0 comments

More and more podcasts are being done and becoming more popular. (For those of you who are not quite sure of what a podcast is click here for the Wikipedia definition.) As I was reading a blurb this morning I was suddenly struck with the idea that many HR departments may be missing an opportunity to communicate with and connect to their Gen X and Gen Y employees. Weekly announcements, updates in benefits, reinforcement of corporate culture, anything you may want employees to know you might be able to put on a podcast.

Obviously you can’t make it the only form of communication. Most of your Baby Boomers won’t listen to often. (I am not sure I have listened to one. After all I do not have an Ipod.) But think about your employee groups, who might? Would it be worth looking at this method of communicating?

I wonder if anyone is doing that currently as a communication tool with employees? If you are respond and let us know.

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